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Silver Wind High

[Owner:][Koho Ai] *Lets see what we can do here *cracks neck* Here we go....


Silver Wind High.
Top Secondary School in the Silver Wind District.
Known for it's highly skilled teachers and top honor students, Silver Wind High is open for all sorts of creatures. May you be a vampire, a werewolf, a creature of the night,'gifted', or a normal human, you all are welcome and none will be turned away from an education at this Prestigious School.

Rule 1: Please control your spelling and grammar mistakes, but if someone catches one fix it if you can or have someone else with better grammar and spelling skills to fix it. Be sure to ask kindly though and not be disrespectful.

Rule 2: NO GOD MODE! You can control your characters and your characters only. Do not force another persons character to conduct an activity that they normally wouldn't approve of.

Rule 3: Do not make your character overpowered. We will not accept those who believe their characters cannot be damaged physically or mentally. Also, your character may have special abilities, but they will be checked before posted on the Character page and if I deem them to be god like (to powerful) then I will ask kindly that you take some of their powers away for this rp.

Rule 4: Allow everyone to post if everyone happens to be in the same RPG Room. Don't go off on a posting rant just because someone isn't on. Were not all in the same timezones. For instance, I'm currently in Afghanistan.

Rule 5: If problems occur between characters or players please talk it among yourselves or bring it to me and I'll help sort out any dilemmas that may possibly occur. 

[>.< If, for any reason, you don't follow these simple rules, I may have you banned from this RP or under critical watch for any other breaking of the rules.]

Silver Wind High students...
1. [Lord Josmar] as Vincent Mareena
2. [Talos Cyrion] as Icene
3. [XxTsomexX] as Anessa Locke and Jacob Harper
5. [Kiss My Sass] as Sally Mustang and Max and Matt Mustang
8. [Rat Hacker] as Ace of Spades
10.[Vampire Princess Twilight] as Twilight DeLucca the 'Vampire Princess'.

Silver Wind Student Bios

Silver Wind High Teachers...

1. [Talos Cyrion] as Jerome Lysine

Silver Wind Teachers Bios

Rp Pages Inside The School

Silver Wind Hallway<--hallway scenes start here!!!
Silver Wind Cafeteria
Silver Wind Library
Silver Wind Music Room
Silver Wind Science Lab(Bio. & Chem. are both held here! ^^)
Silver Wind Art Class
Silver Wind Dark Magic Class
Silver Wind Cooking Class
Silver Wind Gym

Rp Pages Outside The School

Outside Silver Wind
silver Wind beach
silver Wind mall
silver Wind hospital
silver Wind park
Silver Wind Skate Park
silver Wind tracks
silver Wind Residential area
Silver Wind Forest
Silver Wind Diner

People's Homes((Add Your home here))

Non-Rp Pages Related To The Wiki

Silver Wind High Announcements!!. I will be announcing the start of the RPG when the time is right on this page so watch it for necessary updates.

Silver wind fan art You may post fan art here if you so desire.

Silver Wind Activity This will be used to keep track of your characters location and if you change locations please and this page is updated after wards inform me of the change.

It is: Summer Vacation until further notice.

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2007-10-17 [Iruvielle]: i read them, they're REALLY good!!!

2007-10-17 [~*Crimson Rose*~]: *nods* yesh

2007-10-17 [neofox08]: thnx i worked on those when i was still goin out wit my girlfriend.....but she broke up with me not long after i wrote them.... i think they cursed me...damn im gettin all whiney now sorry

2007-10-17 [Iruvielle]: awwww, no you're not don't worry bout it neofox! :D

2007-10-17 [neofox08]: pah.....i get all whiney when i think bout her but hey i already found some one else so im cool

2007-10-17 [Iruvielle]: there ya go!

2007-10-17 [neofox08]: i know it sounds kinda mean but she broke my heart and it felt like i died inside....damn im gettin all teary eyed...i hate that

2007-10-17 [Iruvielle]: awww, it's ok, i know how ya feel! and you don't have to talk about it if you get so upset about it! XD

2007-10-17 [~*Crimson Rose*~]: aww *huggles*

2007-10-17 [neofox08]: thnx guyz im cool now....i yea im cool dont worry bout it

2007-10-17 [Iruvielle]: i hope so! *hugs*

2007-10-17 [Dezmond]: i know exactly how you feel.

2007-10-17 [neofox08]: *hugs back* thnx i guess ill talk to u guyz tamarra...peace!

2007-10-17 [Iruvielle]: k, buh bye neofox, take care!

2007-10-17 [Dezmond]: aight laterz

2007-10-17 [~*Crimson Rose*~]: buh bye*hugs*

2007-10-19 [neofox08]: hey guyz!

2007-10-19 [~*Crimson Rose*~]: hey!!!!!

2007-10-19 [Dezmond]: yo

2007-10-19 [~*Crimson Rose*~]: *glomps* hey!! you're on!!

2007-10-19 [Dezmond]: yeah i know lol

2007-10-19 [~*Crimson Rose*~]: lol man and i'm only on until 4:30pm my time..*sighs* and I won't be on until tomorrow night too..

2007-10-19 [Dezmond]: why??

2007-10-19 [~*Crimson Rose*~]: i won't be home tonight

2007-10-19 [Dezmond]: oh ok then well I guess I will talk to you tommorow then after you get off that is lol

2007-10-19 [~*Crimson Rose*~]: yeah lol...hey where did Adrien bring Brooke?? lol

2007-10-19 [Dezmond]: she is unconcious in your front yard with Aedin and Darren lol he didn't take her anywhere just knocked her out with his hypnotic eye

2007-10-19 [~*Crimson Rose*~]: oh okies...i'll have Elena pick her up and go to Adrien's house okies..

2007-10-19 [Dezmond]: lol aight

2007-10-19 [~*Crimson Rose*~]: lol ^__^ and omg!! i can't believe i found the first Naruto movie today!!

2007-10-19 [Dezmond]: cool where was it???

2007-10-19 [~*Crimson Rose*~]: a i was just looking for fun and i was like OMG!!! and i bought

2007-10-19 [Dezmond]: lol cool and adrien is waitin on elena at his house lol

2007-10-19 [~*Crimson Rose*~]: i hey i gots something in mind...mind if I go on ahead with my idea?

2007-10-19 [Dezmond]: sure just don't kill anyone lol

2007-10-19 [Vampire Princess]: but thats fun..........

2007-10-19 [Dezmond]: lol not when it's your character she kills lol

2007-10-19 [Vampire Princess]: oo true.......*yelss* My characters need to hide!!!!! *hides with them*

2007-10-19 [Dezmond]: she is after my char lol

2007-10-19 [Vampire Princess]: ooooooo

2007-10-19 [~*Crimson Rose*~]: *laughs* nah she won't kill anyone..well the random people yes but no one elses charries..and i'll message you my idea alright...or you can wait and have Brooke wake up..^_^

2007-10-19 [Vampire Princess]: hmmm wow.....

2007-10-19 [~*Crimson Rose*~]: lol

2007-10-21 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: ummm hmmmmmm my chars all like died in this RP :(

2007-10-21 [Bella HeartAttack]: thats upsetting lol

2007-10-21 [Iruvielle]: it's because you haven't be on alot! :( i'm sorry! *huggles*

2007-10-22 [~Crimson Angel~]: *hugs*

2007-10-25 [Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]: note:it is finally Afternoon

2007-10-25 [~Crimson Angel~]: Please take my new poll,<poll:75788>

2007-11-07 [neofox08]: hiya guyz been awhile huh?

2007-11-07 [Iruvielle]: HEY neofox.. yea.. been awhile! lol how ya doing?

2007-11-07 [neofox08]: pretty good pretty good sorry i havent been on much but ive been pretty busy lately but hey good to talk to you guys

2007-11-07 [Iruvielle]: it's alright! :D

2007-11-10 [Natuka]: hi kenji!

2007-11-10 [Iruvielle]: hiya

2007-11-10 [Natuka]: how r u!!!!??????

2007-11-10 [Iruvielle]: meh, alright you?

2007-11-12 [Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]: im GOOOOOOOOOOOD

2007-11-13 [Vampire Princess]: are mine still alive?

2007-11-13 [Iruvielle]: your characters??

2007-11-16 [Vampire Princess]: pics up

2007-12-21 [Natuka]: ohh

2008-08-03 [Rising Death Dragon]: Where's the rp page?

2008-08-03 [Iruvielle]: oh! whoops.. AHA! Sorry.. i'll put them back in right now! XD

2008-08-03 [Rising Death Dragon]: lol it ok

2008-08-03 [Iruvielle]: there, it be fixed up... i'll put the others back in a moment! XD

2008-12-30 [Alexi Ice]: This looks cool. How many students are people allowed?

2008-12-30 [~*Crimson Rose*~]: 4

2008-12-30 [Alexi Ice]: Ok cool . I dont need that many. lol!

2008-12-30 [~*Crimson Rose*~]: some of us already have 4 ^-^'

2008-12-30 [Alexi Ice]: hehehe I think three will be ok for me, though I can handle more than that. lol.

2008-12-30 [~*Crimson Rose*~]: *laughs* that's cool ^_^

2008-12-30 [Alexi Ice]: Yep, I hope mine are OK. I like trying to find pictures of anime characters that you don't genuinly see. hehehe

2008-12-30 [~*Crimson Rose*~]: yay ^_^

2008-12-30 [Alexi Ice]: So do I just jump in?

2008-12-30 [~*Crimson Rose*~]: yeppers XD

2008-12-30 [Alexi Ice]: Ok cool but..what to write? *sigh* RPGINg is difficult.

2008-12-30 [~*Crimson Rose*~]: *laughs* umm I wouldn't know xD

2008-12-30 [Alexi Ice]: Me either. LOL

2008-12-30 [Iruvielle]: .> I have a girl who still needs to be brought in... if you need someone to rp with there Mitsu... I have a free charrie... XD

2008-12-30 [~*Crimson Rose*~]: aren't we going to need teachers too?? XD

2008-12-30 [Iruvielle]: probably... only if people wanna play em...

2008-12-30 [Alexi Ice]: Ok cool. I just threw a couple of my characters into the mix. LOL!

2008-12-30 [Iruvielle]: okeys! :D

2008-12-30 [Alexi Ice]: So yeah, you can interact with Kari or Yuki...they are just wandering around.

2008-12-30 [Iruvielle]: Oooo, okeys! :D

2009-01-01 [Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]: Hey evryone =)...*looks around*Hrm looks like Some of the old things arent going to be on this new reincarnation?
I May Rejoin..Im not sure ive been debating it since Kathy Told me it was starting back up...again .but its nice to see it =)

2009-01-01 [Iruvielle]: Yea, you can rejoin if you wants to!!! :D Anyone is welcome...
what old things aren't there? *can't remember anything right now*

2009-01-01 [Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]: lol just like,the non-school areas, and the time thing,the announcements page..

2009-01-01 [Iruvielle]: Oh yea...
I forgot about those... >.>

2009-01-01 [Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]: k i added the stuff..and ill get on my char in a minute or so lol

2009-01-01 [Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]: Be Sure To Watch silver wind announcements<------Evryone,
As This Is where Kathy Will Make Important Announcements Pertaining to the Rp =) Thanks

2009-01-01 [~Crimson Angel~]: Uh...Can I be a teacher and a student?

2009-01-01 [Iruvielle]: yea sure! :D

2009-01-01 [~Crimson Angel~]: YAY!Uh...could you put me up there,or send me the password please.

2009-01-01 [Iruvielle]: i'll send ya the password! :D

2009-01-01 [~Crimson Angel~]: Ok thanks.

2009-01-02 [Alexi Ice]: Can someone ad me name?

2009-01-02 [Iruvielle]: I can send ya the password... !

2009-01-02 [Alexi Ice]: Ok, cool

2009-01-04 [Vampire Princess]: can't find a good elf pic.......<img:stuff/mood9-gif.gif>

2009-01-04 [Iruvielle]: awwww ><

2009-01-05 [Araglas]: Ooohhh...may I join?

2009-01-05 [Iruvielle]: YUSSS! By all means! :D I'll sends ya the password! :D

2009-01-05 [Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]: oo Araglas is joining?? yay :D :D*huggles him* Welcome to silver wind!!

2009-01-05 [Rat Hacker]: I want to join. I just don't know how long I will actually be able to RP for. I shall tell you when I can no longer RP for a while. I may be going to college soon and may not have internet for a while. But I am not sure so I'll join for now and keep you informed, that is if I am allowed by you guys to join. I want to be a chem teacher!

2009-01-05 [Iruvielle]: YUSS! By all means you can join too!!!! I'll sends ya the password in a message! :D

2009-01-06 [Vampire Princess]: i need the password to please.

2009-01-10 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: ok i added my classroom...i realized that my teacher was never deleted from the first time. i think itll be too much if i have a teacher n a student like i did last time so im just going to go with the one teacher. He is a dark magic teacher. ^.^

2009-01-11 [Rat Hacker]: Now I am debating whether to be a teacher or a student. Hmmmm. Would I be allowed to be a human, but with the elemental power of fire?

2009-01-11 [Iruvielle]: yes! You're allowed any kind of character you want Rat Hacker

2009-01-11 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: when will it be school time again? my charie is bored...lmao

2009-01-25 [Araglas]: sorry it took so long! Haven't been near comp when I need one! lol ^_^

2009-01-27 [Rat Hacker]: I suppose i can't be a student. Oh well I'll be a chem teacher.

2009-01-27 [Iruvielle]: you can be if you want... you can be both....

2009-01-29 [Rat Hacker]: I thinks me be a student. SOrry it is taking so long for my character description. 

2009-01-29 [Iruvielle]: No worries! Take your time! :D

2010-03-06 [Goma]: I'll join me thinks

2010-03-06 [Eyden13]: *looks around* hmmmmmmm. Maybe I might join.

2010-03-06 [Iruvielle]: Ooo, awesomes!!

2010-03-06 [Goma]: do all characters have to be students and teachers?

2010-03-06 [Iruvielle]: It IS a highschool rp...
it won't go ANYWHERE if we don't get a few students...
But, you can be something to do with the school(staff member somehow)

2010-03-06 [Bella HeartAttack]: lmao true that sistaaaaaa

2010-03-06 [Goma]: I was saying like...someone who dropped out or got kicked out someone who shows up on campus but has no direct role at the school

2010-03-06 [XxTsomexX]: I wanna rejoin :) Will make my character page later <3

2010-03-06 [Iruvielle]: That's fine. And I'm gonna take the password off this page.
I don't know what I was thinking.

And sure Goma... actually, that'd be awesome because it DOES happen! >.>

2010-03-06 [Goma]: alrighty..thanks

2010-03-06 [Goma]: ummm where would you want me to put his character sheet?

2010-03-06 [Iruvielle]: If he was an ex-student... then... umm... put it under the students... but say that he was kicked out or something.

2010-03-06 [Goma]: ok

2010-03-06 [Goma]: so when does this restart?

2010-03-06 [Iruvielle]: whenever other people join.

2010-03-10 [Chaotix Palidien]: i wanna be a student  :O on the commiti of diciplinari actions :D  or a student council police force XDD   jk :P ill be's a student as  my charecter geno :P in his younger years of course

2010-03-10 [Eyden13]: I'll come up with a charcater, but I just need to wait till spring break because I just don;t have the time. But I will join!

2010-03-10 [Chaotix Palidien]: ill join but imma be slow ><  ged stuffs X_X; 

2010-03-11 [Koho Ai]: Indeed I concur I will most likely also be slow in the rpg due to my current profession in the military.

2010-03-18 [Rat Hacker]: Heh I want to RP here again. I miss RPing but with no internet at school that I can access except for my friend's (who is leaving soon.) I won't be able to get on and do so.

2011-01-28 [Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]: People,Yes.I Mean -you- people,listen here and listen good and close...I have returned,And Have been given permission to Try and Revamp this Rp by [Iruvielle].Now,Those of you who wish to rekindle this Roleplay as much as i do,i call your attention,and would appreciate any ideas you may have,you can send them to me,or just voice them here.and i will summarily read them and accept/reject/revise them as i see fit,But most importantly,Post your names up there under teachers or students so we know that you want to join.and please,only so if you plan on actually RPINg,DO -not- start Rping yet though,for the roleplay is not officially started and wont be until we have enough players,so HELP RECRUIT!

2011-01-30 [Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]: Please,I know it is there above,but just in case you missed the posting Silver wind announcements Is your freind,Please watch this page

2011-01-31 [~Crimson Angel~]: OOPS! Thanks Malice, I forgot to add myself.

2011-01-31 [Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]: No Problemo,It is one of my very highly prioritized duties and tasks as Second in command to keep the ship running smoothly and without too much of a hitch,ow to get more people to join so we can start RP'ing!! Come on lets get this sphere rolling down the ramp!

2011-01-31 [Eyden13]: sorry but to much stuff came up for me to join. sorry!!!

2011-02-01 [~Crimson Angel~]: Aw.

2011-02-01 [~Crimson Angel~]: Can we have a witch as a teacher?

2011-02-01 [Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]: sure,i dont see why not

2011-02-01 [~Crimson Angel~]: Awesome, then I have just the girl. I use her on my harry potter rp, which is slow by the way. lol

2011-02-01 [Talos Cyrion]: i didn't even know i had a char here o.o lol when do we start?

2011-02-01 [~Crimson Angel~]: As soon as we get enough people.

2011-02-01 [~Crimson Angel~]: Can I or someone create a page for cooking class?

2011-02-01 [Iruvielle]: Ask [Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice] if he wants to make one.
I'm flipping around from site to site... I have NO patience whatsoever. XD

2011-02-01 [Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]: Hello,Ill Make A Cooking class Presently.And Yes,[Talos Cyrion]
as [~Crimson Angel~] said,As soon as we get enough people,Just watch the page,And also if you arent,watch the announcements page please,and It will be announced there when we officially begin

2011-02-01 [~Crimson Angel~]: Thanks Malice!

2011-02-01 [Iruvielle]: Doesn't he make the greatest second in command?! *grins*

2011-02-01 [Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]: I Am Awesome,yes.And No Problem.

2011-02-01 [Iruvielle]: haha! Glad you so willingly agree.

2011-02-01 [Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]: Well,Ive never been too good at that whole..Modesty thing...Im working on it though!And I think Im Doing A DAMN good job

2011-02-01 [Iruvielle]: *nods* HAHAHA!
Yes you are!
*james bond voice*

2011-02-03 [Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]: *Grins*

2011-02-04 [Iruvielle]: Start?

2011-02-04 [Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]: Well,I Guess we can..But theres not many people for raife to,meet..MEET!

2011-02-04 [Iruvielle]: *laughs* Yea... *frowns*

2011-02-04 [Roxcie]: *is thinking of joining* I'm still contemplating (whoo, big word. :3)

2011-02-04 [Iruvielle]: YES.
JOIN!!! *cheers*

2011-02-04 [Roxcie]: rofl!! Okays! xD
*shall join* :3
I gotta think of a character *is in think mode*

2011-02-04 [Iruvielle]: HAHAHA! :D yay!

2011-02-04 [Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]: Awesome! one more person!oh and i gotta make an announcement!

2011-02-04 [Roxcie]: :O announcements :O

2011-02-04 [Roxcie]: Everyone beware of Jordan, she has a dribble fetish rofl xD omg. I'm giggling so bad now.

2011-02-04 [Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]: dribble fetish?*Boggles at the concept*

2011-02-04 [Roxcie]: Omg, Kafy, tell him!!! xD

2011-02-04 [Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]: yes..tell me

2011-02-04 [Roxcie]: rofl. oh this is gonna be GOOD. xD

2011-02-04 [Iruvielle]: Tell what?

2011-02-04 [Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]: Dribble?

2011-02-04 [Roxcie]: *hides behind Kafy, trying to hold in giggling fit*

2011-02-04 [Iruvielle]: Don't ask me, I don't know. O.o

2011-02-04 [Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]: *PonderS*

2011-02-04 [Iruvielle]: *snickers*

2011-02-04 [Roxcie]: xD Kafy shall be mysterious

2011-02-05 [Goma]: Where should I post o.o

2011-02-05 [Roxcie]: Outside Silver Wind--Kathy said everyone's there atm :)

2011-02-05 [Iruvielle]: You can post anywhere you want, Goma. :3

2011-02-06 [Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]: But,If you didnt notice Silver wind activity will help keep track of pages there is actual Rp going on

2011-02-06 [Iruvielle]: *nods* Yea... what he said... *tries to sound smart*

2011-02-10 [Araglas]: Might join...^_^

2011-02-10 [Roxcie]: xD Kafy, you are smart :3 I mean, come on, we have the most smartest convos on Earth when we talk on Hotmail :O xD

2011-02-10 [Araglas]: ^_^

2011-02-10 [Roxcie]: Hi, Araglas! ^^

2011-02-10 [Iruvielle]: Welcome, Araglas.
Make yourself at home and feel free to join.
If you DO join, be sure to check Silver Wind Activity to see where the activity is! :D

2011-02-11 [Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]: YOU BETTER JOIN [Araglas]!!!

2011-02-11 [Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]: Oh,And Good Point [Iruvielle],Silver wind activity is magnificent!also.Silver Wind announcements Is stupendous!

2011-02-11 [yamisango]: hello everyone this sounds cool

2011-02-11 [Iruvielle]: hiya yami.
feel free to join, my friend. :)

2011-02-12 [Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]: I would say this on the announcements page,But im not 100% convinced you are all -watching- it *Peers around suspiciously*
But [Iruvielle] And Myself Will be gone for the weekend,For Completely Unrelated reasons...But It as worked out that way,So Silver Wind Will Be On a Brief Hold...Sorry For The Inconvenience.But Hold your Whining,Because Im not a fan of whining :)

2011-02-13 [Roxcie]: *already knew* :D
People would whine? :O xD *whines* Wahhh. but no, I kid. *is just really happy* x3
*shushes now* Hope you guys are having fun! :D and Kafy, I hope work isn't so stressful for you D: oh and I'm watching the announcement page *has been for a few days now or so* ^^

2011-02-13 [Iruvielle]: *giggles* Oh Roxcie, you're silly.

2011-02-13 [Roxcie]: I know!! Isn't it dandy?! :3 xD
Reminds me of Ice Age "The last dandelion *.** *dandelion gets squished* x3

2011-02-13 [Iruvielle]: *stares* Poor dandelion...

2011-02-13 [Roxcie]: I know D: His last moments were of being squished by a butt xP

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