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2006-04-19 21:39:18
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 this wiki is now called SLACKERS AND STONERS

 by, [MoRoxy]

sorry if there has been any confusion... i will fix everything up. i was a bit unsatisfied the original title of this wiki (Fellowship of the Stoners) and thought that it should have a new name... so if any of you have any questions or anything, just contact me. and maybe this one an be for the people. edit this however you want. (just be sure it's appropriate.) and all that shiznet.

okay, this is for anyone who is lazy in the mind and is worth sh*t (like me ^ ^), doesn't pay attention to anything, likes to just veg out all the time, has no time on their hands to do anything worth while, or who actually is a stoner.  come join us. 
we won't bite, hard ^ ^

just edit the page and become a member of the [slackers and stoners

<img:> this is stoner bunny, he is our leader ^ ^ lol jk, but he is our mascot

(this part is just a gag, so don't get offended please)      


slacker pres.

[MoRoxy] wow,... so small hope we get more ppl

stoner v. pres.

[wreckless] woohoo!!! stoner bunny

stoner treasure

[Keyta] weeee! stoner bun bun, sarah you rock

stoner secratary

[caddi] stoner bunny!!!

stoner/slacker members

1. [TinyTim]
2. [earthkynd] Strange place.. I love it!! Let's get stoned!
3. [nto actually here]
4. [SassySwede] Alright ya all lets party
5. [fjdka]
6. [~*Tasha*~]
7. [Life-Hope=Me]
8. [Harmonie's mommie!]
9. [kingtheodin] I enjoy this wiki.
10.[NiCi{LoSerFacE}] Stoners Rock

(i'll try to update it and all that stuff soon, sorry ^ ^)

If you guys have a favorite movie, you can go here and add it and see the other movies that have been added

stoned out movies

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2006-03-14 [MoRoxy]: okay, this is officially my wiki (still... lol) ... i didn't really like the name of the old one and changed it and it gave me a whole new wiki, but the same thing on the whole page of Fellowship of the stoners... so yea, enjoy!

2006-03-30 [Keyta]: yay!

2006-03-30 [MoRoxy]: um,... yea

2006-05-10 [kingtheodin]: hello?

2006-06-26 [wreckless]: i gave myself a tattoo but i messed up and theirs no way to erase it *cries* it was spose to be a HIM sign but it looks like a wiccan star...

2006-06-27 [MoRoxy]: oh,.... :(

2006-06-28 [wreckless]: bla bla bla

2006-06-28 [MoRoxy]: i dunno why i put a frowny face....

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