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2006-06-19 20:58:54
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Since the main page was getting crowded, we have relocated our fine collection of banners here. Grab the one that catches your fancy and put it up in your house or wiki! Just copy and paste the code beneath the banner - but remember to remove the asterisks. Additions are also always welcome - just drop 'em off in the comments, and we'll add 'em.

<*img:*> by [Leftshoulder]

<*img:stuff/solemnlinesbanner.jpg*> by [Linderel]

<*img:stuff/solemnlinesbanner2.jpg*> by [Linderel]

<*img:stuff/solemnlinesbanner3.jpg*> by [Linderel] (yes, she is on a roll)

<*img:stuff/solemnlinesbannah.jpg*> by [Linderel]

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