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Welcome to witness the words of the Solemn Poets!

Items in RED mean new entries! A * means you have been on the weekly feature already! Huzzah!

1. * Poetry by Respen:

Please click >>respen<< to go to the page set up for Mr. Half-Mad's poetry. [(~ 14 poems)]

2. * Poetry by Morithin:

Please click >>morithin<< to go to the page set up for The Blasphemous Infidel's poetic ventures. [(~ 15 poems)]

3. * Poetry by Rhuaide:

Please click >>rhuaide<< to go to the page set up for The Endless Writer's ditties. [(~ 32 poems)]

4. Poetry by Dil:

Please click >>dilandau's poetry<< to see the work of a dreaming child called Dil. [(~ 24 poems)]

5. * Poetry by Arima:

Please click >>Arima<< for poetry by Arima! (~ 6 poems)

6. Poetry by Julie:

Please click >>Julie<< for a new addition to the wiki! [(~ 23 poems)]

7. Poetry by Jack:

Please click >>Jack poems<< for a newer addition to the wiki! (~ 4 poems)

8. Poetry by Sharon:

Please click >> sharon<< for yet another new arrival to the wiki! This one is The Half Mad's sister! (~ 1 poems)

9. Poetry by One of Liberty:

Please click >>One of Liberty<< for some new talent! (~ 4 poems)

10. Poetry by NyghtAngel:

Please click >>NyghtAngel<< for the dark angel who speaks of love... (~ 4 poems)

11. Poetry by Dhom:

Please click >>dhom<< for whispers of vivid images. [(~ 9 poems)]

12. Poetry by Larry:

Please click here >>big larry<< for some more work from the famous Sixth Street. (~ 7 poems)

13. Poetry by Ashley:

Please click here >>ashley poetry<< for more Northern Michigan Talent! ( ~ 1 poems)

14. * Poetry by Lin:

Please click here >>Lin<< to see what brews in the mind of this peculiar little lass. ( ~ 33 poems)

15. * Poetry by Shannon:

Please click here >>Shannon Poetry<< for yet another member of our ever growing wiki. (~ 3 poems)

16. Poetry by Nieriel:

Please click here >>Nieriel<< for narrations of the darker truths of life. (~ 33 poems)

17. ** Poetry by Ashurii:

Please click here >>Ashurii<< and become enlightened. [( ~ 8 poems)]

18. * Poetry by Fliki:

Please click here >>Fliki<< and embrace each foot and meter. ( ~ 6 poems)

19. * Poetry by The Geek:

Please click here >>The Geek<< for some work from the math master himself. ( ~ 1 poems)

20. Poetry by Amanda:

Please click here >>Amanda Poetry<< for poetry from the frozen north! ( ~ 19 poems)

21. Poetry by Viperess:

Please click here >>Viperess<< for songs of remembrance. [( ~ 14 poems)]

22. Poetry by Lauren:

Please click here >>Lauren Poetry<< for some work by the little girl scout Marauding Cupcake of Doom! ( ~ 10 poems)

23. * Poetry by Philo:

Please click here >>Philo Poetry<< [( ~ 1 poem)]

24. Poetry by Akayume:

Please click here >>Akayume Poetry<< ( ~ 11 poems)

25. Poetry by Moonscale:

Please click here >>moonscale<< for new talent of the Wind Fish. (~30 poems)

26. Poetry by Scud (Insanelife):

Please click here >>Scud's Poems<< for six pages of hellatiously fun poetry. (~ 49 poems)

27. Poetry by Izzy

Please click here>>> Izzypoetry<<< for poems from the exalted archangel [(~ 1 poem)]

28. Poetry by Adam

Please click here >>>Adam Poetry<<< for some deep words [(~ 2 poems)]

29. Poetry by Banfili

Please click here >>>banfili<<< for more work to come! [(~1 poem)]

30. Poetry by Crystalstars

Please click here >>>crystalstars poems<<< for the first Solemn Lines member of '07! [( ~ poems)]

31. Poetry by Kitty

Please click here >>> kitty poems<<< for the first solemn lines members of '08

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2006-07-06 [moonscale]: I'm a windfish?

2006-07-06 [Elysian]: the name reminded me of Zelda: Link's Awakening. Would you like something else?

2006-07-06 [moonscale]: No, I like it. Its actually more draconic....but I do have a moonfish picture...

2006-07-12 [The real life Bella Swan]: Just letting someone know as request, there are now 33 poems up on my page . . .

2006-07-12 [Elysian]: ok

2006-07-26 [moonscale]: I've 30 poems now

2006-08-03 [Leftshoulder]: ok there ya go, thanks ^^

2006-11-04 [Elysian]: HEAVY UPDATES, AHOY!

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