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Station Omega



A space station that lies dead center in the quadrant. As you dock and walk on board the station, you see all types of people here. Random patrols of Republic soldiers make their rounds. Merchants at booths litter the floors with merchandise from ship scraps, to questionable food and drink. A few sketchy characters eyeball you up and down with obvious intentions of either killing you or robbing you blind--or both. You see a random stranger wearing red pants in the corner, discretely taking credits from a pilot, and then looking around before giving him a few crates of cargo to load onto his ship. This place is as shady as it is impressive.

Archives For Station Omega
Espin Captures Yasai: stationarchive1
Yasai and Espin Return to Station: stationarchive2
Rui Arrives on Station: stationarchive3
Rui and Shani's Code Black: stationarchive4
Yasai Avandra, Divinia, Vance Code Black: stationarchive5



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2014-12-07 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: (will someone move my post up to the bottom of the page please?)

Espin had watched the goings on silently, a small smirk curling up the corners of her full, ruby lips. The pub was very quiet now after the gunshot. She slid out from her seat fluidly and walked towards the group with a sway in her hips, her eyes locked on Rui. "Now now..." she cooed, her sultry voice making the friends of the brainless oaf look at her. She used one, emerald-painted nail to push Rui's gun down and away, her eyes on the others now. "There's no need for violence, is there? I mean... you're regulars here, after all. I'd hate for you all to lose your bar membership discounts." she said, then slapped some money on the bar. "Have a round, on me, and walk away in one piece."

2014-12-07 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: In one flick of a movement, one of Espin's own silver needles left her hand, already tipped with enough poison to make the man very ill. It lodged itself in the forearm of the hand holding his knife, with enough force to pin it to his chest. She clicked her tongue at him, shaking her head slowly.

2014-12-08 [snowwolfsa]: Sorry, i didnt check the comments first before posting.. i missed your response, but i think it was my post anyway...

2014-12-08 [snowwolfsa]: I think im gonna add at the top of the page, the current posting order for the current active stages, so we dont get confused

2014-12-08 [snowwolfsa]: Alright, i added a posting order, when you post make sure you change the name to the person whos post it currently is (the non bolded name). If you join into a stage in the middle of a session, your post will be added to the end of the posting order list(so maybe try to get in touch with the people involved in that stage first, to make sure your added post flows into the session with out confusion). stage 2 says dead spirits actual account name, that is because he is currently playing a random character, or a non player character, in those instances, the posting order will say the rpers account name, instead of the particular characters name

2014-12-08 [snowwolfsa]: ill be sure to add this to the rules, this way we dont get confused. I have also been concidering adding a 24 hour rule. We all have lives, but we have hit points in this rp, where we have been stuck waiting for one person or another to i think a 24 hour rule where, you have 24 hours to respond. if the person whos post it is does not post with in that time, the person or people they are in a session with, has the option of moving on with out them.. as long as they can make it make sense.. with out killing off the other players character... cause under no circumstances is it ok to kill off a persons character with out their permission. like it says in the rules

2014-12-08 [~Valkyrie~]: I would like to request an exception to that rule. The exception being when the player has notified others that they will be unavailable for more than 24 hours. Like you said, we all have lives. For example, Asdroth and I are going to be moving next month or so. The drive alone will be at least two days, likely without internet access. But more than that, once he gets his orders to clear post and we set up to have our stuff moved and clear housing life will be crazy just trying to get our stuff together and meet all our deadlines.

2014-12-08 [snowwolfsa]: Oh for sure, any type of situation like that would be acceptable, anything with notification would pretty much be acceptable, situation depending of course. The main point of this, is to not leave others hanging for more then a day or two wondering whats going on, If we are aware ahead of time that you wont be on posting during this time. Then we can plan around that. if its gonna be like a week or so, we would pause the rp of course, but if a situation popped up that resutled in time away from the rp for a month or more, then we would have to discuss a work around for that.. cause while yes we all have lives.. its also not fair to the other rpers to make them wait around for a month or more. if that makes sense?

2014-12-08 [~Valkyrie~]: *nods* Perfect sense. I agree.

2014-12-08 [snowwolfsa]: the Rules are updated now. I have another addition to the rules I am working on, but I shall add that one later, need to figure out how I want to word it.

2014-12-08 [snowwolfsa]: Ok Stage 1 is Yasai's post, Stage 2 is Espin's post, dont forget to put the next person in the order when you've posted, hopefully these changes arnt to much of a hassel, I am going to bed for the night however, stuff to do int he morning

2014-12-08 [snowwolfsa]: Also when your character is done in that stage, whether its from having been killed (this is mostly for npc's), having left, etc etc.. as soon as you have properly indicated it, remove your characters name or account name from that stages posting order

2014-12-12 [snowwolfsa]: i put the comm announcenment in bold, in yasai's stage as well, sence that was broadcasted over the entire station

2014-12-16 [snowwolfsa]: I removed stage two, since the session in that area of the station is essentially over with rui and shani not in the station anymore, they where transported to the starfyre, you can still post the soldiers reactions if you feel its necessary or want Dead.

2014-12-16 [snowwolfsa]: Are the different stages at all confuseing to anyone? should i clean it up? i was thinking about giveing each session in a particular rp area its own history wiki if you would, like keep only the active season in the play area, then when its over, clearing it out, and backing it up to a accessible archive for people who wanna read back to what has happened, should i do that? or just leave it as it is?

2014-12-17 [dead~spirit]: its confusing as hell bro, i keep getting lost looking for where to post every day!

2014-12-17 [~Valkyrie~]: One thing I might suggest is that the only place you put an HR tag is in between the two "stages" and make sure to keep plenty of spaces between the two. That way you don't have to worry about managing too many pages but there is still an easy to see divide between groups of people.

An alternate suggestion would be to use this page as another directory page and separate the station onto zones such as: docking bays, shops, bars, etc.

2014-12-17 [snowwolfsa]: there, i cleaned it up, let me know what you think of doing it like that

2014-12-17 [~Valkyrie~]: That works. Also makes it easier to find what you're looking for if you want to read something old.

2014-12-17 [snowwolfsa]: yea, and after a while if we end up with alot of archives for each rp page, then ill make a table of contents wiki and move it all there.. but cross that bridge when we get to it

2014-12-17 [~Valkyrie~]: Sounds good

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