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Svenska med borgmästaren

Swedish with the mayor

On this page the some basic stuff of the Swedish language and some fun stuff of it is explained. There are better places to learn Swedish, but this is the only place with my voice! ;-)

I try to write many example sentences, so that you get a grip of the language, even if you can't get all the details right.

These are the sections:

svenska alfabetet: The Swedish alphapet with examples.

svenska tal mm: Swedish numbers, days and other similar things.

vanliga fraser: Common phrases in Swedish

roliga fraser: Funny phrases in Swedish

en typisk svensk dialog A dialog in Swedish.

svenska kroppsdelar: Bodyparts in Swedish. Listed as an example
of how easy Swedish is if you know English.

svenska verb: Verbs (short)

(Undone) substantiv: Nouns

adjektiv: Adjectives and a little about adverbs

att: The Swedish word "att" ("to (do)" or "that")

andra ord: Other words

urk och bläh: Non-word words!

grattis på födelsedagen: Birthday!

god jul: Christmas-greeting

Helan går: Helan går the most famous Swedish snapssång!

Smurfsången A beautiful Swedish children song.


Swedish Grammar:

Sound to that grammar:

Swedish dictionaries (English, but also Bosnian, Finnish, Greek, Croatian Russian and Spanish):
And if you don't want to practise Swedish while using it:

A really funny and equally useless Swedish-course with MP3s: (Or here: Slay backup )

Simple Swedish - Lustig gör sig lustig (Mr Lustig is being funny)
Teaching the basics in an absurd naive way.

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2006-06-18 [Faery]: Good! I can start learning, now :P

2006-06-19 [Hedda]: Ja, det är bäst för dig du! (Yea, you better!)

2006-06-19 [ally]: *wants to have an alpha-pet* :P

2006-06-20 [Hedda]: att added! ;)

2006-06-23 [Patri]: The alphabet sound file is not only informative but fun. I mean, what grammar professor would tell a student that "a" sounds like the u in fuck! :P

2006-06-25 [Hedda]: Well... I think it's much better to write something that people will remember than to write boring shit like every other book does.

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