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all about TENCHI MUYO and the tenchi muyo gang

What is Tenchi Muyo?
Tenchi Muyo is is based around Tenchi Masaki, a high-school
student, whose life is turned upside down after an encounter with a "demon" at a shrine in the mountains. The title can be read as meaning several things. Taken as a whole, tenchimuyou means this side up, so the title could be referring to Tenchi's quest to regain the normal life he once led. An alternative translation is No Need for Tenchi, or Useless Tenchi, which takes on extra meaning when it is revealed that there are two Tenchi's. Which Tenchi is the title referring to? This second translation is the most commonly accepted of the two.

To say more would spoil the suprise of the numerous plot twists thrown the viewer's way. Suffice to say that this story contains a humorous and quirky storyline which often supplies hints in earlier episodes to later events you wouldn't guess would happen. It is a mixture of fantasy, Sci-Fi, comedy, and romance.


Tenchi Masaki

: was a typical high-school student who spent summer vacations training in martial arts at a shrine in the mountains run by his grandfather. As the series progresses, more is discovered about Tenchi's past, and his relation to the samurai who defeated the Oni (Japanese demon) 700 years ago.


: the Oni who wreaked terror on Earth 700 years ago, is a symbiot created by Washuu, powered by gems of unknown origin. She first appears as a hideous mummy within the shrine, but soon rejuvenates herself back to her preferred appearance of a beautiful young (female) space-pirate after Tenchi releases her. Ryouko has witnessed Tenchi's life since he was a small child, and so has a soft spot for him, although this doesn't stop her terrorising him when he wakes her.

Nobuyuki Masaki

: Tenchi's father has tendencies to video Tenchi's close encounters with Ryouko through the window, and peek over the fence of the "baths". An architect by profession, he also is a collector of shoujo manga (girls comics), which causes a calamity in the Tenchi Special: "The Night before the Festival".

Masaki Aeka Jurai

: Aeka is the crown princess of Jurai, and it is her half-brother and fiance, the crown prince Yoshou, who defeated Ryouko 700 years ago. While looking for Yoshou, she locates Ryouko, just in time to witness the warrant for her arrest expire. With the destruction of her ship Ryouuh, Aeka is stranded, along with Sasami and Ryouko, at Tenchi's place.

Masaki Sasami Jurai

:Sasami is the younger sister and travelling companion of Aeka. Although the youngest, she tends to be the most sensible of the female characters. Once Ryoohki enters the scene, Sasami and Ryoohki are almost inseparable. Sasami has an unusual marking on her forehead, and she sometimes has precognitive dreams, during which this marking glows. The mark is known as "True Emblem", or "Emblem of Power".

Sasami was also introduced as the infamous Pretty Sammy in the Mihoshi Side Story; A takeoff of the all-too common "magic girl", such as Sailor Moon and Creamy Mami. From there, Pretty Sammy has made an appearance in the TV series, has featured in a number of novels, and even starred in her own OAV, which may later become the first episode in a series.

Azaka and Kamidake

:These two chaps are Aeka's Juraian guardians and servants. They're usually assigned a variety of tedious chores, from beheading and torture, through to nappy drying.


:Ryooki is Ryoko's spaceship, which is destroyed along with Aeka's in episode 2. The next episode, Ryoko salvages an egg from the wreakage, which she says is hers and Tenchi's child, which fascinates Sasami, and disgusts Aeka. Pretty soon, the egg hatches, and out comes what appears to be a cross between a cat (it meows) and a rabbit (it eats carrots. LOTS of carrots), hence the name "cabbit". So enters Ryooki, a cute friend for Sasami, who has the capability of eating several times its own body weight in carrots, and of passing through solid objects (on the second attempt).

Later in the series, when they need some transport, Ryooki morphs into a space-ship, which is considerably larger than the fluffy cabbit was.

Ryooki was also created by Washuu, and has the ability to assimilate and learn new physical forms.

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