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The hitchhiker's guide of the Elftowners pages (or HHGTE) are for people to travel around the world through each others' pictures, with the hope to arouse the interest for wandering and seeing beautiful places in actuality. It has been made with a similar mood to the Go and see the world kid!, and I wish people will find these pages as entertaining.


As you share this like for wandering through nice pictures, you may be interested in submitting your own photos and be somehow a guide to these places you’ve been to. In that case, please go where to submit photos. The moderators will take care about placing it in the relevant section.
We're not specially looking for having a contest of the most extraordinary scenery picture, but rather seeking to discover through photos what gives some specific atmosphere of the different places around the world.

Current moderator's selected sights...

<img400*0:> <img400*0:>

<img400*0:> <img400*0:>

<img400*0:> <img400*0:>

Please enjoy having a trip to all these countries...

- Wandering in Belgium <img50*0:> <img50*0:>
Guide: [Yncke]

- Wandering in England <img100*0:> <img100*0:> <img100*0:>
Guide: [Neon Black Pegasus]

- Wandering in Finland <img100*0:> <img100*0:> <img100*0:>
Guide: [Linderel]

- Wandering in France <img100*0:> <img100*0:> <img50*0:>
Guide: [syagre]

- Wandering in Greece <img100*0:> <img100*0:> <img100*0:>
Guide: [Neon Black Pegasus]

- Wandering in Italy <img100*0:> <img100*0:> <img100*0:>
Guide: [syagre]

- Wandering in México <img100*0:> <img100*0:> <img100*0:>
Guide: [Yoruno]

- Wandering in the Netherlands (under construction) <img100*0:stuff/C%3ADocuments%20and%20SettingsmoederMijn%20documentenMijn%20afbeeldingenbridge_too_far.JPG> <img75*0:stuff/C%3ADocuments%20and%20SettingsmoederMijn%20documentenMijn%20afbeeldingenVeluwebos_beuken.jpg>
Guide: [Blue Highway]

- Wandering in Northern Ireland <img100*0:> <img100*0:> <img100*0:>
Guide: [Neon Black Pegasus]

- Wandering in Spain <img100*0:> <img100*0:> <img100*0:>
Guide: [syagre]

- Wandering in Sweden <img100*0:stuff/.elk.jpg> <img50*0:stuff/.tree.jpg> <img100*0:>
Guide: [Aiah]

- Wandering in Turkey <img100*0:> <img100*0:> <img100*0:>
Guide: [banu]

- Wandering in the USA <img100*0:> <img60*0:> <img100*0:>
Guide: [syagre]

- Wandering in Wales <img100*0:stuff/.churchy.jpg><img100*0:stuff/.cloisty.jpg> <img100*0:stuff/.fountainy.jpg>
Guide: [sequeena_rae]

- Wandering in the South Eastern US<img100*0:stuff/Aug19-06_0027.JPG><img100*0:stuff/Aug19-06_0096.JPG><img100*0:stuff/whiteside0001.jpg>
Guide: [Skydancer] {Under Construction}
And maybe more to come for later !

Links to
- Go and see the world kid!

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2006-08-19 [Ocean Soul]: Ohh.. this is nice :3 *watches*

2006-08-19 [syagre]: I'm happy to see how many interests this wiki has drawn ! I'll have to add some updates in there... thanks for supporting this project !

2006-08-23 [syagre]: Little note to [Skydancer]'s attention: shall we merge your wiki within the Wandering in the USA one ? It would suits more to the "architecture" of the wiki... of course, I'll be updating the "Guides" names, and such... what do you think ?

2006-08-23 [Skydancer]: Whatever works for you is fine with me. :)

2006-08-23 [syagre]: [Skydancer], could you please include your material in the Wandering in the USA page, by sorting your pictures by states ? That would be greatly appreciated !

2006-08-23 [Skydancer]: Okies.

2006-08-30 [Skydancer]: Ok, I am confused... if I place my images in your wiki, then that is going to be abit of a mess don't you think? I thought this was to be about various guides that help people find and see interesting places? I already have huge wikis full of images under my own name and house directories for North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, etc etc etc.. Perhaps your making your wiki the entire United States is a bit overly ambitious and it would be better to have it as the area of the country you personally are going to be posting about? Or maybe if you like a simple link to some of my pages. I just do not have the time to put up my work and also try to put them into another wiki on top of that. I would have to move the several hundred images I already have into new wikis... You do know there is already a set of wikis with the individual states set up like this... right?

2006-08-30 [syagre]: Ok, I think I'd have to be more accurate about my "guidelines"... sorry. First : I don't mean the Wandering in the USA wiki to be "my" wiki. I initiated the construction of that page, and inside that wiki, I intend to set all the sub-wikis corresponding to the various states. What I would have thought : you sort your material (photos and comments) by state, and then you do just a simple copy/paste in the wikis corresponding to the considered states. Would it be feasible ? Maybe you should give me a link to your own wikis, so that i can try to see how to insert your material in these pages in the most convenient way... just let me know.
Finally, I assume that I won't be the only guide in the US (I'm not from the US and have been there only for 3 weeks in my life), and I consider that, once various pages about North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, etc are made, you can "make this pages yours".

2006-08-30 [syagre]: ah, and I'm not aware of the set of wikis with the individual states that you mentioned... do you have a link ?

2006-08-30 [Skydancer]: Somewhere. It may take a little while to find it, I am also in the middle of physically moving to a new apartment. :)

2006-08-30 [syagre]: *grins* fine, take your time. I'm personaly living in a mess, so I know how it can be :P

2006-08-31 [Blue Highway]: "Wandering in the Netherlands" yet... Someone who visits Belgium might as well take a little detour to have a look around in my country... It's small, but interesting nevertheless :) It means I'll have to do some writing, and moreover: take some pictures... I'm not in Amsterdam every week, but I could start with the beautiful Veluwe region where I'm living...I'll give it a try :) Simply because I love "Made by Elftowners - made for Elftowners" concept of this wiki :)

2006-08-31 [banu]: Yeap!I will be waiting for Wandering in the Netherlands!:)

2006-08-31 [syagre]: I'm glad to welcome you here, [Blue Highway], feel free to create the Wandering in Netherlands pages ! Just tell me if you'd need a hand for this

2006-09-01 [Blue Highway]: Well...maybe you can come this way and bring your camera to take some pictures..? I don't have a lot of time... Just kidding.. =D.. I've already made a start writing a little about my environment, I've put it in Wandering in the Netherlands - the Veluwe for the moment. Maybe it's enough interesting to be linked to The hitchhiker's guide of the Elftowners? I'll see if I have at least SOME pictures for Wandering in the Netherlands...

2006-09-02 [Blue Highway]: Can the banner that is on top of this page be used by others? In that way, Elftowners can see that all the "Wandering in.." wiki's are linked by The hitchhiker's guide of the Elftowners, it will make it look more like a whole, a kind of joint project :)

2006-09-02 [iippo]: Humm, wait a moment. See, no one of this wiki made that picture, so it's not exactly clear if it's ok to put it in Elfhouses. Let me ask the other patrollers/guards whether it's ok. Since the image is ET related and inside-ET, I'd say it's ok, but it doesn't hurt double-check. :)

2006-09-02 [Blue Highway]: That's why I've ASKED first...I don't want to do anything unauthorized...imagine... *gasps* Hehe! =D

2006-09-02 [iippo]: Well, I asked in the forum now, we just wait for the reply :)

2006-09-02 [Blue Highway]: I'm not even sure yet whether my wiki looks nice enough to be part of The hitchhiker's guide of the Elftowners, I'll have to wait for a reply to that first ;) I have some more: Wandering in Nice and Wandering in Marseille. But that's France, and France is [syagre]'s section, right? So, [syagre], if you like my pics, maybe you would like to add Nice and Marseille. The photos are not of great quality, made with a throw-away camera and scanned. See for yourself. Yes...I've been busy today...:)

2006-09-02 [banu]: May I add [Blue Highway]'s that is Wandering in the Netherlands if you dont mind [syagre]?(or may [Blue Highway] add it?)

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