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The hitchhiker's guide of the Elftowners pages (or HHGTE) are for people to travel around the world through each others' pictures, with the hope to arouse the interest for wandering and seeing beautiful places in actuality. It has been made with a similar mood to the Go and see the world kid!, and I wish people will find these pages as entertaining.


As you share this like for wandering through nice pictures, you may be interested in submitting your own photos and be somehow a guide to these places you’ve been to. In that case, please go where to submit photos. The moderators will take care about placing it in the relevant section.
We're not specially looking for having a contest of the most extraordinary scenery picture, but rather seeking to discover through photos what gives some specific atmosphere of the different places around the world.

Current moderator's selected sights...

<img400*0:> <img400*0:>

<img400*0:> <img400*0:>

<img400*0:> <img400*0:>

Please enjoy having a trip to all these countries...

- Wandering in Belgium <img50*0:> <img50*0:>
Guide: [Yncke]

- Wandering in England <img100*0:> <img100*0:> <img100*0:>
Guide: [Neon Black Pegasus]

- Wandering in Finland <img100*0:> <img100*0:> <img100*0:>
Guide: [Linderel]

- Wandering in France <img100*0:> <img100*0:> <img50*0:>
Guide: [syagre]

- Wandering in Greece <img100*0:> <img100*0:> <img100*0:>
Guide: [Neon Black Pegasus]

- Wandering in Italy <img100*0:> <img100*0:> <img100*0:>
Guide: [syagre]

- Wandering in México <img100*0:> <img100*0:> <img100*0:>
Guide: [Yoruno]

- Wandering in the Netherlands (under construction) <img100*0:stuff/C%3ADocuments%20and%20SettingsmoederMijn%20documentenMijn%20afbeeldingenbridge_too_far.JPG> <img75*0:stuff/C%3ADocuments%20and%20SettingsmoederMijn%20documentenMijn%20afbeeldingenVeluwebos_beuken.jpg>
Guide: [Blue Highway]

- Wandering in Northern Ireland <img100*0:> <img100*0:> <img100*0:>
Guide: [Neon Black Pegasus]

- Wandering in Spain <img100*0:> <img100*0:> <img100*0:>
Guide: [syagre]

- Wandering in Sweden <img100*0:stuff/.elk.jpg> <img50*0:stuff/.tree.jpg> <img100*0:>
Guide: [Aiah]

- Wandering in Turkey <img100*0:> <img100*0:> <img100*0:>
Guide: [banu]

- Wandering in the USA <img100*0:> <img60*0:> <img100*0:>
Guide: [syagre]

- Wandering in Wales <img100*0:stuff/.churchy.jpg><img100*0:stuff/.cloisty.jpg> <img100*0:stuff/.fountainy.jpg>
Guide: [sequeena_rae]

- Wandering in the South Eastern US<img100*0:stuff/Aug19-06_0027.JPG><img100*0:stuff/Aug19-06_0096.JPG><img100*0:stuff/whiteside0001.jpg>
Guide: [Skydancer] {Under Construction}
And maybe more to come for later !

Links to
- Go and see the world kid!

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2006-03-13 [sequeena_rae]: Oh wow! This is great ^_^

2006-03-13 [syagre]: if you wish to have a page about Wales, let me know !

2006-03-13 [sequeena_rae]: Oh sure! I'd love one ^_______________^

2006-03-13 [Linderel]: I can try to contribute what it comes to Finland, as well.

2006-03-13 [Yoruno]: ^__^ Finland! I'd love to see some pages from Finland!!

2006-03-13 [syagre]: Be my guest !

2006-03-14 [Aiah]: Is Sweden welcome as well? :D

2006-03-14 [syagre]: Sure is ! Any country is welcome ! The whole world is *grins*

2006-03-14 [Aiah]: How do I get you the pics? Ànd how many do you want..? ;D

2006-03-14 [syagre]: mmhh.. let's see, you can put them into the "submit photos" section

2006-03-14 [syagre]: then it would depend also about the number of different places of sweden you'd like to show

2006-03-14 [syagre]: for a beginning, submit 3 pictures per region you'd like to introduce. Even if you intend to present only 1 area for a beginning

2006-03-14 [syagre]: note that you could feature pics of your own garden if you wish *grins*

2006-03-14 [sequeena_rae]: I've started on my page, what do you think? XD

2006-03-14 [Aiah]: Ok..:D I´m so stupid sometimes...Thanks though! :D*Blushes...*

2006-03-14 [syagre]: great stuff, [sequeena_rae] ! I'm happy with the way you're handling this !

2006-03-14 [sequeena_rae]: *grin* Thanks, I'll be developing more pics soon, I just wish I had a scanner XD

2006-03-14 [Yoruno]: Open a Paypal account and ask for contributions! X) I could contribute if you promise to put more pics of your kitties XD

2006-03-14 [Aiah]: Will check out what pics I´ve got, and come back within a few days..!

2006-03-14 [sequeena_rae]: *giggles* XD Donate to Sarah's scanner fund! :P That would be great >)

2006-03-15 [Aiah]: Got the pics uploaded ok, hope I did not make a mess out for you..? I´m not so god with computors...! ;D

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