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2006-02-04 14:09:50
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Finally! I finally got around to compiling my comics read list enough to actually list them.

first off I'm going to do a sort of top twenty thing of my absolute favorite comics:
1) Altermeta is currently having problems, but check out the devient arts!
2) It's a great comic, serious at times, but at other funny. [Adult content present!]
3) though in the beggining it might be a bit lacking, it's a good comic and grphic novel.
4) Read it from the start people, otherwise you'll be missing out. [Minor sexual content]
5) Hard to explain random storyline, but funny none the less. [Crude humor and adult jokes]
6) Come on, who doesn't read VGCats?
7) story of a fox raised to be an actor, just to be confused by the wild.
8) It's the story of nine furs, what more can I say? [Same sex relations present]
9) The phrase: "They do their own tentacle sex." says it all. [crude humor and adult jokes]
10) A comic about movies and the people who watch them.
11) It's random fun involving Jin, and gin.
12) life inside a video game.
13) Very interesting, if not updated in years.
14) The story of life, made into a comic!
15) My favorite of the ninja burger comics.
16) Super Demolition Christ! And Barky the Bark Bark Cat!
17) Rabbits lead facinating lives. Beware of weeds.
18) it goes with an earlier one, except with more story.
19) It's got some some great manga style.
20) Just read it, that's all I say.

Now that that's over with I'll list some more comics

fux0r3d comics

Disclaimer 1) I only list these comcs, I don't force you to read them, so don't message me about any content you don't like.

Disclaimer 2) I will try and keep this page updated, but I won't have all your favorite comics. Feel free to add to the list.

Disclaimer 3) I will try and get a poll up so that voting can be held for populairity of the comics. Don't rush me!

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2005-10-02 [Middnight0star]: Wow...

2005-10-02 [Duhe Rahn]: it's only a few

2005-10-09 [Kyo-kun]: i have one you might want to add check it out some time fux0r3d comics

2006-11-08 [Duhe Rahn]: Wow, I need to update this.

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