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2010-03-22 11:38:39
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the Figure in the Flames by [nehirwen]


In my dream I was running away from flames, but they kept staying around me, without burning me.
At some point I stood still and saw a figure in the flames.
It had some sort of crown, a glass-like face and yellow eyes, following me everywhere I went.
All I did was trying to run away from it, which I couldn't.
It was quite scary, although nothing specific happened besides that.


Stock I used:

<img50*0:stuff/aj/8511/1238091079.jpg> from: reference clothes
<img50*0:stuff/z/186536/Cloth%2520Reference-RavenLynnBrown/i1237917067_1.jpg> from: Cloth Reference-RavenLynnBrown
<img50*0:stuff/z/61513/epr/IMGP4104b.jpg> from: Texture Reference
<img50*0:stuff/z/46887/Nehirwen%2520stock%2520-%2520bare%2520wall%2520textures/April%20042.jpg> from: Nehirwen stock - bare wall textures
<img50*0:stuff/z/46887/Nehirwen%2520stock%2520-%2520textures/i1238586461_20.jpg> from: Nehirwen stock - textures
<img50*0:stuff/z/61513/Fire%2520reference%2520Pictures/IMGP0963.JPG> <img50*0:stuff/z/61513/Fire%2520reference%2520Pictures/IMGP0965.JPG> <img50*0:stuff/z/61513/Fire%2520Reference%2520Pictures/IMGP0955.JPG> from: Fire Reference Pictures
<img50*0:stuff/z/61513/jit/IMGP0907.JPG> from: Weapons Reference Pictures
<img50*0:stuff/z/186536/Head%2520Reference%25202%2520RavenLynnBrown/i1231855783_2.jpg> from: Head Reference 2 RavenLynnBrown
<img50*0:stuff/hnose3.jpg> from: Nose Reference Pictures
<img50*0:stuff/NehirwensNewPiercing.jpg> from: Ears Reference Pictures
<img50*0:stuff/z/103106/Perfected%2520Self%2520Faces/i1233251013_3.jpg> from: Perfected Self Faces


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2009-08-19 [Hedda]: Scary! <img:stuff/mood11-gif.gif>

2009-08-19 [nehirwen]: Unfortunately I don't always have the sweetest dreams. <img:stuff/mood1-gif.gif>
(I might make something happy for the art part of the contest though!) :)

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