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The Jewel Guild

Hey all, I, [Dil*] have created a guild dedicated to creating jewels and shinies for your descriptions and wiki's!! So all you shiny-object-obsessed people join immediately!! You get cool jewels, glass orbs and other awesome stuff, but you must be in the guild to use them. So join now!

Wiki owner: [Dil*], since i created all these jewel things, i will allow most jewels to be used by guild members, except that certain jewels are for myself and some of my friends only, so pay attention to which ones you can use. I made these orb things by doing a glass ball tutorial in photoshop, except i failed the tutorial, like i always do; but i went backwards and then improvised half of it. And voila, here's your orb :P

If you want to join, add your name to the jewel guild members


Jewels you can Use (only if your in the guild)

>one color's for your wiki pages, another for your description page, all done by [Dil*] of course :P<<<

<img:><img:>-blue orb

<img:><img:>-purple orb

<img:><img:>-magenta orb

<img:><img:>-grass-colored orb

<img:><img:>-ocean orb

<img:><img:>-sun orb

<img:><img:>-silver orb

<img:><img:>-orange orb

<img:><img:>-blood orb

<img:><img:>-dark green orb (sheona's request)

<img:><img:> -blue square jewel

<img:><img:> -green square jewel

<img:><img:> -ocean square jewel

<img:><img:> -red square jewel

<img:> --these are special, i put them in elftown graphics so any person can use them, even non-members

<img:> -I made a desktop with the same type of crystal things, message me ([Dil*]) if you want me to send it to you.

<img:> -diamond jewel

<img:> <img:> -purple dividers

<img:> <img:> -alternative pink jewel

- Glowy purple jewel

>>more coming soon<<<


Do not use these jewels

If i see anyone using these ones, either than the people specified, i will personally kill that person...or report them for stealing my art.

<img:><img:>-for my exclusive use (the first one i made)

<img:> <img:>-for [Zaran's Song] only (friend ^_^)

<img:><img:> -for my own personal use :P

<img:><img:> - for my own use (first square one)

<img:> <img:>-only for [Pyra] cause she rox :)



1.No taking the jewels your not supposed to take.
2.Don't be a jackass in general
3.No complaining about rules.
4.No spamming (common sense), but some adverts are okay.
5.No claiming the jewels are done by you, I made them, i get credit where credit is deserved. (a bit of ego i got :P)
6.Also give credit to the people that have donated jewels.. :P
7.If you are not a member, do not, i repeat, do not take any of these jewels, i will not be very pleased. (I'll kick you ass)


Jewels done by others

<img:><img:>-cloud orb By:[Falx]

<img:><img:>-pink orb By:[jo kick ass]

<img:><img:> -blue striped orb By:[jo kick ass]

<img:><img:> -red fine cut jewel by: [Falx]

<img:><img:> -space orb By:[Lunnie]

<img:><img:> -purple crystal By:[Falx]

<img:><img:> -fire orb By:[Jewl]

<img:><img:> -river orb By:[Keeper of Darkness]

<img:><img:> -violet orb By:[Kamikaze Girl]

<img:><img:> -milky orb By:[Kamikaze Girl]

<img:><img:> -candy jewel By:[jo kick ass]

<img:><img:> -embedded green jewel By:[joe64]

<img:><img:> -purple jewel By:[joe64]

<img:> -the Keystones of TorĂşn by: [Falx]

<img:> By [Zab]

>>all jewels touched up a bit by me, [Dil*] and you are welcome to send them into me, one at a time, and only one from each peron a month. I can shrink em and put down the right background color<<



<img:> By:[Kamikaze Girl]

<img:> By:[Falx]

<img:> By:[Dil*]

<img:> By:[Dil*]


Fun Stuff

1.story of the jewels

2.jewel tutorial -made by [liiga]

Other Wiki's I've Made, Visit Em'!
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2004-08-28 [White Wolf guardian of snow and ice]: *walks in*

2004-08-28 [::]: nice new banner!

2004-08-28 [White Wolf guardian of snow and ice]: ya i like it

2004-08-28 [::]: yes its good^^

2004-08-29 [dani california 311]: it is,i like it too

2004-08-29 [gothicmoo]: BANG BANG...he shot me down...

2004-08-29 [::]: i saw that film recently too^^

2004-08-29 [gothicmoo]: Kill Bill? I saw it AGES ago

2004-08-29 [::]: ...

2004-08-29 [Dil*]: kill bill ownz.

2004-08-29 [gothicmoo]: Pardon?

2004-08-29 [Cliché]: Ooooo...good movie!

2004-08-29 [White Wolf guardian of snow and ice]: hehheeh

2004-08-29 [gothicmoo]: It is

2004-08-29 [Cliché]: you betcha

2004-08-29 [::]: its gory^^

2004-08-29 [Cliché]: yes, which is good

2004-08-29 [::]: yes^^

2004-08-29 [Cliché]: interesting name you have

2004-08-29 [::]: yes^^ ::

2004-08-29 [dani california 311]: i think its cool,it gets to the point......

2004-08-29 [White Wolf guardian of snow and ice]: hehehe hi

2004-08-30 [dani california 311]: hey,sup?

2004-08-30 [dani california 311]: yeah,same here

2004-08-30 [White Wolf guardian of snow and ice]: heheheh most it is like this

2004-08-30 [dani california 311]: well,when you got dome from hanging ot at the mall for about 4 hours on friday,6-7hours on saturday,and got done from go carting and playing video games and other things,you would be bored just sitting here to

2004-08-30 [White Wolf guardian of snow and ice]: wow i don't spend that much time any where *save here that is*

2004-08-30 [::]: yes

2004-08-30 [Dil*]: a new badge..god i'm bord.

2004-08-30 [::]: yes it rocks^^

2004-08-30 [White Wolf guardian of snow and ice]: heheh same here

2004-08-30 [::]: yes^^

2004-08-30 [White Wolf guardian of snow and ice]: i think everyone is

2004-08-30 [::]: the same? yes^^

2004-08-30 [::]: look at this i'm drrawing photooooooooooooshop! its not fifnished but i think its good!

2004-08-30 [Dil*]: that's pretty cool..

2004-08-30 [White Wolf guardian of snow and ice]: yep sure is

2004-08-30 [dani california 311]: yeah,just this weekednd id i do that

2004-08-30 [dani california 311]: oh,and the picture is good

2004-08-30 [Dil*]: ya i do all my graphix on photoshop7 as well..

2004-08-30 [::]: ^^ i only have photoshop6

2004-08-30 [dani california 311]: it was good

2004-08-30 [::]: thanx^^

2004-08-30 [dani california 311]: welcome [::]

2004-08-30 [::]: ^^

2004-08-30 [dani california 311]: :0P

2004-08-30 [::]:

2004-08-30 [dani california 311]: cool

2004-08-30 [::]: heh its an alt code, 0222

2004-08-30 [dani california 311]: cool

2004-08-30 [::]: yes :Þ

2004-08-30 [Dulce Vita]: hey, that's a cool new jewel at the top. Whoever did it, bravo!

2004-08-31 [Dil*]: that'd be me..when i'm bored i do photoshop stuff..;)

2004-08-31 [White Wolf guardian of snow and ice]: yes very good very good WELL SOME ONE PLEASE GIVE ME THE WEB PAGE FOR THIS THING!!! I WANT TO MAKE BAGES TOOOOOOOOOOO

2004-08-31 [::]: huh?

2004-08-31 [Dil*]: ummm..i don't know where it is anymore, besides, i failed the tutorial and kinda went back a couple of steps...then improvised with my past knowledge of photoshop..

2004-08-31 [::]: i like photoshop

2004-08-31 [gothicmoo]: I would to...if I had it

2004-08-31 [::]: aawww dont feel sad master i know what would make you feel better gir

2004-08-31 [gothicmoo]: gir?

2004-08-31 [::]: yes gir go there its good^^

2004-08-31 [gothicmoo]: Um...why? Its just the robot from Invader Zim.

2004-08-31 [::]: yes^^ its funny^^ lol

2004-08-31 [gothicmoo]: Its not funny...its boring BUT before you rant on about how its NOT boring...everyone is entitled to their opinions and I respect that you enjoy it...

2004-08-31 [::]: .. i wasnt going to rant but i find it funny

2004-08-31 [gothicmoo]: Fair isn't really my thing

2004-08-31 [::]: oo?

2004-08-31 [The Scarlet Pumpernickle]: I've never seen it so I wouldn't know

2004-08-31 [::]: gir have a look!

2004-08-31 [gothicmoo]: I have only seen snippets of it...but I didn't like what I saw

2004-08-31 [::]: ? gir ?

2004-08-31 [gothicmoo]: Whee...I have my electric guitar with me am so good

2004-08-31 [::]: ^^ i ma good at the piano^^

2004-08-31 [gothicmoo]: I have studied loads of parents wanted me to be musical, because neither of them are. What I have learnt though, I can incorporate into my guitar playing...which is how I got so good so fast...

2004-08-31 [::]: ^^

2004-08-31 [gothicmoo]: Sorry...didn't mean to brag, its just that being a musician is one of the few things I am genuinely good at

2004-08-31 [::]: loly

2004-08-31 [dani california 311]: me too. mesa is a drummer!

2004-08-31 [gothicmoo]: a drummer eh? cool!

2004-08-31 [White Wolf guardian of snow and ice]: *walks in* hey

2004-08-31 [Dulce Vita]: OH NO, no more drummers. PLEASE! Saxophone rules!!!!

2004-08-31 [White Wolf guardian of snow and ice]: yep i sure does but the flute is easyer

2004-08-31 [Falx]: Saxophone rules because saxophone in any language that I know is "saxophone" Though I also play flute and piano. Tried the trumpet once.

2004-08-31 [The Scarlet Pumpernickle]: Well I like drums *sticks out tounge* So sax is pretty cool. That is..only if you know how to play it ;p

2004-08-31 [Falx]: That is so true! There was a reason I nicknamed the sax the "goose horn" when my older brother started playing. I never thought that one day I would follow in his shoes. I only started sax so I could play flute in jazz band though -_^

2004-08-31 [White Wolf guardian of snow and ice]: hey well some one tell me how you guys to the little photo shop things

2004-09-01 [dani california 311]: hey!!! any1 else play the drums? i am sry,but the sax is my second fave. drumming has been my thing since i was born....

2004-09-01 [dani california 311]: yeah,it is pretty cool by the way

2004-09-01 [White Wolf guardian of snow and ice]: oh ya i use to play but the flute got the better of me

2004-09-01 [gothicmoo]: I used to play fact...I played a lot of string instruments, but never any wind instruments.....weird

2004-09-01 [White Wolf guardian of snow and ice]: heheh cool

2004-09-01 [::]: ...? musaical stuff is cool, i play the pan pipes pretty good^^

2004-09-01 [dani california 311]: cool

2004-09-02 [Dulce Vita]: cool, yea I played clarinet (what an evil instrument to begin on), the I went to Alto Sax., and then Bari. Sax. (I own a King, yea baby)

2004-09-02 [Dulce Vita]: and now I also own a Vito Tenor sax

2004-09-02 [::]: ...uh!!

2004-09-02 [Dulce Vita]: And I guess I'm pretty good. In the words of the late, great Elvin Jones "I am a jazz musician."

2004-09-02 [jenoclone1]: hello

2004-09-02 [::]: ?

2004-09-02 [jenoclone1]: hi?

2004-09-02 [gothicmoo]: EEHEHE!

2004-09-02 [::]: he he ^^

2004-09-02 [::]: hi?

2004-09-02 [Athanatos Nivalis]: Ooooo! Shi-ney! O.O

2004-09-02 [::]: ?

2004-09-02 [Athanatos Nivalis]: Shiny Gems/Jewels!!!

2004-09-02 [::]: yes^^

2004-09-02 [Athanatos Nivalis]: I like [Lunnie]'s one! Ooooo! [joe64] did some, too! That doesn't look like a Jewel...

2004-09-02 [::]: i know joes doesnt but meh he was just trying out some photoshop...

2004-09-02 [dani california 311]: yeah......

2004-09-02 [Falx]: I think my red one looks like a Legend of Zelda rupee. :p

2004-09-02 [dani california 311]: it kinda does

2004-09-03 [::]: rupeee yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

2004-09-03 [White Wolf guardian of snow and ice]: *smiles*

2004-09-03 [::]: rupeeee!!!

2004-09-03 [dani california 311]: yeah

2004-09-03 [::]: RUPEEEE!! must buy shield!!!

2004-09-04 [dani california 311]: riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight,ok then

2004-09-05 [Dil*]: <img:> bush haters association if you hate bush, join now!

2004-09-05 [Kiristo]: I WILL!^^ YAY!^^I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!

2004-09-05 [::]: yo

2004-09-05 [Athanatos Nivalis]: Are you advertising that everywhere?

2004-09-05 [White Wolf guardian of snow and ice]: nope my mom voted for bush please don't hate me.................

2004-09-05 [Athanatos Nivalis]: What about Proud to be Unique? <-- It's New! Join Please!

2004-09-05 [::]: you advertis everywhere!!!

2004-09-05 [Athanatos Nivalis]: Who? Me?! Only 3 places so far!

2004-09-05 [::]: i saw them all^^

2004-09-05 [Athanatos Nivalis]: ^_^" I know =p

2004-09-05 [::]:

2004-09-05 [Athanatos Nivalis]: It's Very New. Only just started Yesterday ^_^"

2004-09-05 [::]:

2004-09-05 [Athanatos Nivalis]:

2004-09-05 [::]:

2004-09-05 [Dil*]: I need some volunteers to help advertise this wiki

2004-09-05 [::]: uh? i will but i'm too sad right now

2004-09-05 [Dil*]: uhm..okay, hope you get happier soon.

2004-09-05 [::]: k

2004-09-05 [Athanatos Nivalis]: okay! ^_^

2004-09-05 [::]: k ...

2004-09-05 [Athanatos Nivalis]: ?

2004-09-05 [spiritee]: lol i like this place

2004-09-06 [::]: happy yay!!!!

2004-09-06 [Dil*]: <img:> egotistical bastards, join now!

2004-09-07 [dani california 311]: ...........*hides trying not to be noticed*

2004-09-07 [spiritee]: *poke at dboy*

2004-09-07 [dani california 311]: hi......*thinks "they noticed me!"*

2004-09-07 [spiritee]: *continues poking*

2004-09-07 [dani california 311]: *gives annoyed look* please stop....

2004-09-07 [gothicmoo]: Annoyed looks are prominent here!

2004-09-07 [dani california 311]: r what? idk what that big word means....

2004-09-07 [gothicmoo]: poor you...

2004-09-07 [dani california 311]: what does it mean?

2004-09-08 [gothicmoo]: I can't be bothered

2004-09-08 [::]: whats that wiki?

2004-09-08 [White Wolf guardian of snow and ice]: -walks in-

2004-09-08 [gothicmoo]: STRAWBERRY MURDER!!!

2004-09-08 [White Wolf guardian of snow and ice]: hehehhe i love strawberrys

2004-09-08 [gothicmoo]: I hate strawberries.

2004-09-08 [White Wolf guardian of snow and ice]: ehehh ok

2004-09-08 [dani california 311]: riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight

2004-09-08 [gothicmoo]: So? I can hate strawberries if I want? I hate the flavour of them

2004-09-08 [White Wolf guardian of snow and ice]: ya i'm not saying you can't hate them ehehhe i hate bannans

2004-09-08 [gothicmoo]: So do I...though its not the taste...I love the taste, but I am sick if I eat one...weird...

2004-09-08 [White Wolf guardian of snow and ice]: i like the taste and also get sick if i eat one

2004-09-08 [gothicmoo]: Indeed...though I hate meat of any kind

2004-09-08 [White Wolf guardian of snow and ice]: i like meat eat it all the time

2004-09-08 [gothicmoo]: Well obviously...I am a vegetarian, and you aren't

2004-09-08 [::]: i arent a veggie

2004-09-08 [White Wolf guardian of snow and ice]: -smiles- nope your meat -jumps on her- hehehe

2004-09-08 [::]: Ω?

2004-09-08 [White Wolf guardian of snow and ice]: -smiles and vanishes- hehe love that trick

2004-09-08 [dani california 311]: ...........

2004-09-12 [Kiristo]: *starts humming*

2004-09-12 [Dil*]: ranting room.

2004-09-13 [dani california 311]: new wiki? sounds cool,but i dont rant....

2004-09-13 [Dil*]: i have alot of wikis..

2004-09-13 [dani california 311]: i noticed,i would join,but i dont think it fits me....

2004-09-13 [Kiristo]: bla bla bla

2004-09-14 [jenoclone1]: yes many many wikis

2004-09-14 [Kiristo]: i joined a lot. i only made about..........8-9

2004-09-14 [jenoclone1]: i think i'll stay off that topic hee hee

2004-09-14 [dani california 311]: i havent made any,but i have joined a few

2004-09-15 [Kiristo]: it took me a while too.

2004-09-15 [Falx]: I've made 2 and helped a friend make another.

2004-09-15 [Kiristo]: i helped on friend make 1. tow of my friends haelped me with 1...

2004-09-15 [dani california 311]: ..........

2004-09-16 [jenoclone1]: i made [dilandau fan club]

2004-09-16 [dani california 311]: ......

2004-09-16 [dani california 311]: cool

2004-09-17 [Kiristo]: *starts to play with spiritual jewels*

2004-09-17 [Dil*]: ya go join, dilandau fan club :)

2004-09-17 [Kiristo]: *continus to toy with them*

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