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The Moonlit Shadows

Owner: [The Crimsonwolf of the Hidden Leaf]

Welcome to the story about a young werewolf and his friends fight against the corrupt government that seeks to imprison them. Will you join with the young werewolf, Will as he fights from behind the moonlit shadows for his and his friends freedom, or will you fight for the Ward, as they seek to imprison all of the non-human species for genetic testing and dangerous experiments. The choice is yours as you enter The Moonlit Shadows.

The Moonlit Shadows Character page <b><-- characters for the old moonlit shadows rp (use as a guide for characters)

The Moonlit Shadows Character page2 <-- All new characters go here

The Moonlit Shadows Evil Character page <-- Evil Characters go here.

The Moonlit Shadows NPC page <-- All NPC's go here.

TMS Rules <-- THE RULES!

The Moonlit Shadows Rp page 1 <----Where we'll begin the role-play once everyone is ready.

The Moonlit Shadows Backstory <----Go here to read the old story

Basic guide/plot outline for The Moonlit Shadows<---Just basic overview for the direction and progression of the rp
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2013-06-20 [ancienteye]: Just read over the old comments. XD "Hot jerk with a removable head"! *snickers*

2013-06-20 [The Crimsonwolf of the Hidden Leaf]: yeah that was funny

2013-06-20 [Kbird]: hey hot jerks with removable heads are usually loveable!

2013-06-20 [ancienteye]: Yeah~ :P I'm not sure if I'm ever going to revive that comic, but if not, I need to use his character design somewhere...

2013-06-20 [The Crimsonwolf of the Hidden Leaf]: You know since it's just the three of us on right now we could go ahead and start this and take care of the flashback part that leads up to the actual start of the story

2013-06-20 [Kbird]: Hmm I think it'd be fun to read

2013-06-20 [ancienteye]: What events are supposed to happen in the flashback?

2013-06-20 [The Crimsonwolf of the Hidden Leaf]: Will, Raven and Dean's village gets attacked and their parents get killed, Will tells Dean to get Raven out of the village and to stick by her while Will and Raiju continue to fight until the point where Will tells Raiju to leave and Will gets captured and sent to the Ward, which starts Raiju's ten year hunt for Will.

2013-06-20 [ancienteye]: Where's the guy who plays Raiju?

2013-06-20 [The Crimsonwolf of the Hidden Leaf]: He has been having computer troubles and hasn't been on alot

2013-06-20 [ancienteye]: Well, Kbird plays Raven, and he plays Raiju, and you play Will, Dean and the parents, right? So you three are necessary for that flashback.

2013-06-20 [The Crimsonwolf of the Hidden Leaf]: Yeah that is right but I have no idea when the next time [The Last Dragoon] will be on

2013-06-20 [Kbird]: shouldn't we wait then

2013-06-20 [ancienteye]: What do you think, Kbird? This has more to do with you than me.

2013-06-20 [The Crimsonwolf of the Hidden Leaf]: As much as I don't want to do this, I'm going to have to cut Raiju from the rp until The last Dragoon can have a more active role, which means that I'll be changing the point in which Dean turns into a badguy until after Will makes it out of the Ward and confronts Dean about Ravens whereabouts

2013-06-20 [Kbird]: hey Will...umm I know your old idea was to focus on Will's back story...but I think other players would enjoy it more if they had some flashbacks of their own or something... I don't really care either way though.

2013-06-20 [The Crimsonwolf of the Hidden Leaf]: That can work to. *sigh* I'm either going to have to come up with a character to replace Raiju with or just go with Dean to rescue Will and the others and then have a falling out with Will afterwards over the whereabouts of Raven.

2014-03-28 [Kbird]: Will, may I rename some of the classes so they aren't the same as Undead Zoos?

2014-03-28 [The Crimsonwolf of the Hidden Leaf]: Sure go ahead

2014-03-28 [Kbird]: Alright. Thank you

2014-03-28 [The Crimsonwolf of the Hidden Leaf]: your welcome

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