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         The Romance Hotel Rules
1. What happens in your room stays in your room! Do not tell anyone else unless you have permission.
2. Do not give the password for your room to anyone. Your room mate and myself will know.
3. You may request who you share your room with, but i can't guarentee anything.
4. You must stay in your room a week. I will not delete you before. You must live this "gameshow" then write a story about what happened.
5. I will try to pair you with someone agreeable. If you do not like your room mate please message me. [kagome babe]
6. I have nothing against gays and lesbians, but i don't want them in my story. Please only people for the opposite sex.
7. If your room mate has less than 2 hours in your room, message me to talk to them. i will get you another room mate.[kagome babe]
8. If any disputes happen in your room, please message me and I will work it out. You have to spend a week with these people, you don't want to get them mad at you!

9. If i give you a room, i will take your request as a signiture agreeing to these rules! I will banish you if you break them!

[kagome babe]owner

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