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Updates 2008-07-04

Information and discussions about the updates applied to Elftown 2008-07-04.

Last visitors

The last visitors list in your house is gone forever. It was a mistake from the beginning and is both a privacy problem and it sends no useful information that is often misinterpreted. It leads to problems with people asking "You visited my page, but didn't write anything!" and stuff like that. And people tend to freak out when ex-boyfriends, guards or other creepy people view their house. They are better without this information.

Update: The last visitor list is back, but to get added to the list, you have to press "Add me!" on top of the last visitor-list. It's a nice way to say you have been somewhere without doing something, but it doesn't make it hard to browse around houses in private and it doesn't make people freak out for no reason.


There is javascript all over the place now, and forms tend to get bigger on focus. Too big forms have been removed to make the pages slimmer. More things like that is to come, especially in the forums.

The edit mood button is now at your mood.


All the wiki-page buttons are moved around. They are much smaller and placed more logically now.

Small stuff

Random wiki-page, commenting on diary-notes in your own diary, hints on if the one you're commenting on in a forum is a member of the forum you're placing the reply in, and some other small features are also added.


The boring flat buttons are replaced with cool new 3D-buttons. Some image buttons are removed.


The old stylesheets that aren't "index.css" work badly. I forced the default stylesheet on everyone until I can fix the other ones.

Updates 2008-07-07: Mood history!

You now have a mood history. You can either access it from the friends' mood to the right or from your or your friend's house at the mood. You can only list your friends' moods. So get going to write some mood about what you're doing!

Updates 2008-07-08: New order to the right

The order of stuff to the right is changed again. The new messages, guestbook and forum boxes are moved to the top, and the status to the bottom. The member and wiki changes are moved above your own bookmarks. 

Updates 2008-07-08: Watching poll-comments

You can now watch poll comments. You automatically watch the poll you create.

There is also more space in the (wiki, member) changes lists.

Updates 2008-07-09: Last visitor-list faster (Some Ajax)

When you add yourself to the last visitor list, the page no longer reloads. Can someone with Safari and IE 6 and 7 confirm that this works there too?

More Ajax...

When you register or change your username or password, it's checked to make sure it's OK. Same goes for changing a wiki-page's name (copying the wiki to a new name).

There is now alos a last visited list in people's houses. It will list the houses you have pressed "Add me!" on.

Updates 2008-07-10: Preview! (Yaj! Ajax)

There is now a preview button on top of the wiki-edit box. I'll give the other exit boxes the same later.

Updates 2008-07-14

More previews, some forms are hidden before you press them (Edit your image-description and some wiki-buttons to the right). There are "online" and "moods" buttons on the top to the right. 

Updates 2008-07-15

A comment-button on people's guestbook-messages instead of a comment form. The comment-button turns into a form on mouseover... I think it's pretty convinient, but it's not standard for a button.

Bugfixes and the hide alarm button doesn't redirect you to another page.

Updates 2008-07-16

Some colour-changes here and there.

There are now "Stumble!"-links on the wiki-pages (at the rating section) and on the start.html-page (at the bottom). Click on them to suggest the page to the people using !

Updates 2008-07-24

Lots of things:
A new cache for notifications about which forums you're a member of, your new forum replies and watched houses and wikis. I think I've tested everything (like editing forum-protected wiki-pages, kicking out members from forums and so on), but there might still be something that isn't working. Elftown should be much faster though, especially close to restarts.

Invitations for wiki-pages! You can now invite people to look at a wiki-page. One person can only be invited once to a wiki-page, then it's up to them to watch it or not. You can invite by clicking at your friends, invite everyone from a private forum or write extra names. If people misuse this I'll put some limitation on it.

The emails to members are fixed a little (to handle invites and poll-comments and some details).

The multibadge-function for the crew is revamped. Should be easier to add badges now and there is a badge-button in people's houses.

Orders of the wiki and member changes are in order of with the last update first now.

The old "go to next posting"-button was very slow (almost a second) if you were a member of a lot of forums with no postings in them. I remade it, and I hope I haven't introduced any new bugs. One change is that it sometimes refers you to a deleted posting, but you'll not notice that because you'll get a redirect. (You can still view deleted postings by clicking on a link to them.)

Updates 2008-07-25

Bugfix and speed-up: The names of secret forums are better cached and totally with yesterdays speedups the forums are now about 6-7 times faster than before. I also fixed a bug that made you not become member of a secret forum you created.

Updates 2008-07-28

Your wiki-watchings, house-watchings and thread-watchings and hidings are now cached agressively. Might be some bugs there. Update: Yes it was! All wiki-pages and comments done 2008-07-28 11:18:33 to 2008-07-28 15:22 (4 hours) didn't give notifications, as far as I can tell. Shouldn't be a huge issue, but update/comment again if you want to be sure people are notified!

The mailing is changed. Elftown will now stop emailing people who haven't followed links in the mails sent to them for a month (Typically people who have non working email-addresses). [Mortified Penguin] should be among those people, if I remember correctly. I'm not 100% clear if people might have problems with that they have to follow links in the emails once a month at least, but this brings down the load on Elftown to send a lot of emails that no longer are read.

Some small fixes.

You have a list of "Interesting people:" down to the right. It's selected by looking at whom you are watching. If someone else watches the same person as you are, you'll have a chance of seeing someone who that person is also watching, but you aren't watching yourself. Or to make it simple: It shows someone that someone like you might have on watch.

Updates 2008-08-01

The code hind the slots on Mainstreet is totally rewritten. I've cleaned out 4711 bugs already, so I think there are some left. They are much faster now, the comments work better and you have them on watch, unless you decide to unwatch them.

The notifications for news, messages and guestbook messages are now gone if you don't have any. (Loads of bugs just fixed)

Small updates...

Updates 2008-11-24

Wiki-pages can now have a category. If they have, the wiki-pages in that category have previous and next links to each other. (This is a pre-feature to an upload art feature)

You have a share-link to the right of wiki-pages and in your diary so that you can post about stuff here elsewhere (Facebook, MySpace and so on).

Update 2008-12-02

Everyone now has an upload-form to the right of wiki-pages to upload images to wiki-pages.

In your house you now have an Art Upload button.

In your presentation you now have a list of index-pages in the wiki where you can list your wiki-pages. When submitting a wiki-page, you're asked if you want to list that wiki-page there. These index-pages can be selected as categories to other wiki-pages that you submit. Example:

1) You create/edit a page called "Hedda's images" and select that it's one of your index-pages.

2) Now you can upload art and create wiki-pages and select that they are a part of "Hedda's images".

3) You'll get back, previous and up-links on the pages of the category "Hedda's images" and "Hedda's images" will have links to the pages in the category.

4) You can make a total mess with this, so don't! ;P

Update 2008-12-21

<img:stuff/aj/1/hedda%20elf.jpg> You now have an image upload form at textareas! If you think this was as easy to do as it looks, then you're dead wrong, but don't worry about that... <img:stuff/zabuN-gif.gif>

Update 2008-12-23

Popup search: A search-page will now popup when you highlight one or a few words. It's a little irritating, but as far as I can see, it isn't in the way.

Update 2008-12-30

Small fixes. A function to make uploaded GIFs having one colour transparent is added. If you select a GIF image in "Upload Image" above a textarea (or below the wiki-edit textarea) you'll be asked if you want to make it transparent. If you don't select a colour, it will use the colour that is most common in the border of the image. It doesn't work if you upload a JPEG or PNG image.

Feel free to comment on this page!

Username (or number or email):


2009-01-24 [Hedda]: I would like the marking to work inside textareas too though.

I think I eventually fixed it now, but it's a pain that Firefox doesn't work like IE and I had some problems with using onkeyup instead of onkeydown.

But now I have a working thing on my testserver where one can type something, highlight it and press enter to Google it. Don't dare to update Elftown today though.

2009-01-24 [Hedda]: [Mortified Penguin]: It's hopefully fixed in the upcoming version that I don't want to upload to Elftown today. I don't have more than 200 comments on my testserver (And I'm too lazy to add some today) so it's a little hard to test until I've updated Elftown.

2009-01-24 [Hedda]: Hrmf, of course it didn't work. It goes to some too old comments.

2009-01-24 [Hedda]: Now the comment-links work.

2009-01-24 [Mortified Penguin]: Sweet...

2009-01-24 [Hedda]: By the way: Does the new Google-for-marked-stuff in textareas work fine in Internet Explorer?

I'm having some tiny problems in the forums now when I'm faster than my computer, but it might have nothing to do with the change, unless it made the browser slower.

2009-01-24 [True, plain and simple]: I'll check.

Is there any reason to have the selected text be replaced with a new line if you select it and press enter (to search) while typing then? It might be more friendly in text areas if we removed that? It's the default expected behaviour, but not very common that it would be bad to prevent in this case, I think.

Edit: It works fine in IE7. In IE6, the function works, but the box is placed wrong, probably because of your CSS or something. I'll look later. Also one of your ads generates bad script for some reason, but I don't know which one (and it's not that important for anyone who doesn't have the script debugger turned on).

2009-01-24 [Hedda]: "Is there any reason to have the selected text be replaced with a new line if you select it and press enter (to search) while typing then? "

What? It doesn't do that, unless I misunderstand you. It returns a "false" so the enter should never replace the text.

2009-01-24 [True, plain and simple]: Well, it does for me in Firefox/IE. I'll look at the code and see if there's a reason why.

2009-01-24 [Hedda]: Different functions are called in the forums and elsewhere though. None of them replaces any selected text with enter if you press it to search though.

getkey(b) == 13 must work the same in Windows, as far as I've seen. And Opera doesn't either replace any selected text.

You have really reloaded stuff correctly? And it's in a textarea, I guess.

2009-01-25 [True, plain and simple]: It's not that relevant, I know what the problem is now. If the browser blocks the popups from the site (in Firefox at least) then submitting the form throws an exception, and since that exception is thrown before false is returned then that line is skipped. You can wrap that line in a try {} to prevent that of course.

IE has a separate issue though, so I'll let you know when I find it out.

Edit: Ahhh! I see what you're doing. The problem is because you didn't know about the difference in event models. In IE, the event is fired on the the element farthest down on the DOM tree first and "bubbles" upwards. In the other browsers that follow the W3C model, it starts at the top of the tree, goes to the element, and goes back up again (so that canceling is a little more intuitive).

Basically, in short, if you want it to work correctly in IE then you'd have to return false on the textfield's onkeydown, instead of the body's (because it's too late then). I'd offer some solution, but the file is really messy, so eh.. :P

2009-01-25 [Hedda]: You mean that e.parentNode.submit(); throws an error, but still works?!? I don't get it. If it doesn't work at all, it could just behave as normally, I guess.

I know perfectly well about bubbles, but I thought it would just have worked as that was the case before I added the textarea-code.

I can easily add a function on textareas, I guess. I had one during the development.

2009-01-25 [True, plain and simple]: It works, but because the pop-up isn't actually shown if you haven't allowed them for this domain, it throws an error too to tell the calling code that things didn't work out quite as was supposed to happen. try { e.parentNode.submit(); } catch(ex) {} will allow that "Pop-up blocked" message to show at the top so people can allow popups here, but not erase their text. I think it's the easiest solution.

Before you added the textarea-code I'm not sure there was ever a case where that particular difference was an issue, but yes. :P

2009-01-25 [Hedda]: I made the change:
try { e.parentNode.submit(); } catch(ex) {}
Is that enough to fix all the problems?

2009-01-25 [True, plain and simple]: It fixes the Firefox problem. Not the IE problem, but that's fixed if you do something on the textareas.

2009-02-12 [Imperator]: In the comments sections where it says "(30 minutes ago)" etc. I suggest that "minutes" gets abbreviated to "min" and "hours" gets abbreviated to "hrs" because it pushes the person's name out pretty far into the middle of the line. Or the person's name should come first and the time and date after it.

2009-02-12 [Hedda]: "hours" is abbreviated "h".

I guess I could remove the date for new comments too as it isn't really needed there.

2009-02-12 [de Morte]: Not in the US! ^.~

2009-02-12 [Hedda]: It is. It's written "2h" and so on. "2h 20min 13sec ago" is a common way to write it. Also with m and s. I can't use "m" though as that can be seen as "month" unless I have more numbers.

"2 hrs ago" is actually half as common as "2h ago".

2009-02-17 [Imperator]: Yay! That looks better.

2009-02-17 [Diiwica]: Actually commonly in the us we use hour to abreviate hour. Ev en my blasted phone does it.

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