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2009-08-06 18:53:43
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Vampire of Darkness Daughter

The Mommies of Elftown

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2009-08-08 [Pretaya]: How old is your daughter?

2009-08-08 [†Sweets†]: Her daughter is Misty... er uh... amberea I think...

2009-08-09 [Pretaya]: That's cool. I didn't know Misty's mother was on here...well, now I do. *Smiles*

2009-08-09 [†Sweets†]: lol :)
I'm glad I just randomly messaged you out of the blue

2009-08-10 [Pretaya]: Really?

2009-08-10 [†Sweets†]: yep yep ^^

2009-08-10 [Pretaya]: *smiles* Me too!

2009-08-11 [†Sweets†]: really?

2009-08-12 [Pretaya]: Yeah, you're so cool.

2009-08-12 [†Sweets†]: aw thanks

2009-08-12 [Pretaya]: You're welcome.

2013-05-21 [XxTsomexX]: Er... her daughter is me :P not Misty. Dad is on here too.

2013-05-21 [XxTsomexX]: But if it helps I'm 21 now.

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