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Which Font Are You? Wall

Add yours from bottom to top, left to right ;)

<img:stuff/wfayloth.gif> <img:stuff/[M!].png> <img:stuff/aj/43044/Asryth.jpg> <img:stuff/aj/181430/1246369990.png>
<img:stuff/wfay_Ir-Iddyn.bmp.jpg> <img:img/drawing/179797_1213296539.jpg> <img:stuff/HendercrazyImpactFontBanner.gif>
<img:img/photo/74256_1203842004.jpg> <img:img/drawing/176365_1204494690.jpg> <img:stuff/mhK%26Qfont.png> <img:img/drawing/110204_1212793569.jpg>
<img150*0:img/photo/8995_1196312612.jpg> <img:img/photo/184889_1201902784.jpg> <img:stuff/chrysfont.jpg>
<img:img/drawing/148667_1195398712.jpg> <img:img/photo/178438_1195529274.jpg> <img:img/drawing/47803_1196194836.jpg> <img:stuff/nathie_font.jpg>
<img:stuff/aeolynn font.jpg> <img:stuff/chimesfontbrick2.jpg> <img:stuff/MentalTerrorist.png>
<img:stuff/C%3ADocuments%20and%20SettingsJo-KimMy%20DocumentsMy%20Picturesjecca1.jpg> <img:img/photo/20695_1192633941.jpg> <img:stuff/Brijcowfay.png> <img:stuff/DukeDevlinBlock.gif>
<img:stuff/KyrinnFont.png> <img:img/drawing/21398_1191800056.jpg> <img:img/photo/184150_1191827089.jpg>
<img:stuff/lobsang_wfay.png> <img:stuff/wfay_sv.jpg> <img:stuff/triola-font-jpg.jpg> <img:stuff/z/183340/LeonRes-Evil2%2527s%2520Pictures/i1191452953_1.jpg>
<img:img/drawing/92105_1194038337.jpg> <img:stuff/angrywitch.png> <img:img/photo/107040_1183267346.jpg> 
<img:> <img:stuff/C%3ACarrie%27s%20Crapdilbrick.jpg> <img:stuff/ele-font.gif> <img:>
<img:stuff/yorufont.png> <img:stuff/Jsuns%20Brick.gif> <img:stuff/C%3ADokumenterMARIEAutumn%20Leaves%20in%20the%20Opera%20House.PNG>
<img:stuff/po.png> <img:stuff/Panthera_Font.png> <img:stuff/ataytextf.jpg> <img:stuff/cia%20font.jpg>
<img:img/photo/99804_1149773138.gif> <img:img/photo/79514_1150350336.jpg><img:>
<img:stuff/asrunname.png> <img:stuff/acobrickname.png> <img:stuff/C%3ADocuments%20and%20SettingsOwnerMy%20DocumentsMy%20Picturesfont.jpg> <img:stuff/Gwen%27sFont.jpg>
<img:stuff/WhichFontIsYncke.png> <img:stuff/RogueFont.jpg> <img:stuff/paz-font.gif>
<img:stuff/ocwfay.png> <img:stuff/pixhahafont.jpg> <img:stuff/C%3ADocuments%20and%20SettingsOwnerMy%20DocumentsMy%20Picturesbrattfont.png> <img:stuff/ScruffLET.png>
<img:stuff/.sequeenafont.gif> <img:stuff/mordi-font.jpg> <img:stuff/18485_wfay1.JPG>
<img:stuff/AndromacheName.jpg> <img:stuff/ZZFont.jpg> <img:stuff/Namebrick67.jpg> <img:stuff/font_lm3.jpg> 
<img:stuff/wellitried.png> <img:stuff/irulan_albemarle.jpg> <img:stuff/TemplarFont.gif>
<img:img/photo/176658_1147595207.jpg> <img:stuff/yurifont.jpg> <img:stuff/SilviesFontness.png> <img:stuff/e%3Aspincrus-font-4.png>
<img:stuff/keyfont.jpg> <img:stuff/558_WFAY.png> <img:stuff/linwfay.png>
<img:stuff/PatriFont2.png> <img:stuff/calicofont.jpg> <img:stuff/jitterwfay.png> <img:stuff/Elys_fway.png>
<img:stuff/LynneyFont.jpg> <img:stuff/Shreyafont.jpg> <img:stuff/Firenze_calligraph421BT.jpg>
<img:stuff/wfayfont.png> <img:stuff/WFAY_Sun.png> <img:stuff/allyfont.png> <img:stuff/wfauki.gif>


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2006-05-12 [ally]: Sunrose spoils the wall -_-

2006-05-12 [Sunrose]: I'm the odd brick out :p

2006-05-12 [ally]: indeed .. now it's not neat and tidy :'(

2006-05-12 [Sunrose]: I guess it shows well the things I do? :P

2006-05-12 [ally]: :P // Me thinks walls should be built starting from below and then go up so the new names should be added on top ...

2006-05-12 [font]: You would :P It should also be 4 bricks, then 3, then 4

2006-05-12 [ally]: I would what? ... You suck -_-

2006-05-12 [font]: :O mean

2006-05-12 [ally]: You are meaner -_-

2006-05-12 [ally]: Couldn't you just say: "I agree with you" ><

2006-05-12 [Sunrose]: I was under the assumption agreement was there and it seemed that you two were just sitting around chatting waiting for a miracle to happen so it would be as suggested. So I fixed it.

2006-05-12 [Sunrose]: But now it is back as before.

2006-05-12 [font]: and names are missing! :O

2006-05-12 [font]: I fixed it again :P

2006-05-12 [Calico Tiger]: Now I must play some Pink Floyd! *puts on Another Brick in the Wall*

2006-05-12 [font]: haha :P

2006-05-15 [Aradon Templar]: ^^ *stuck right on top of Silvie who is on top of iippo*

2006-05-15 [Calico Tiger]: You're indirectly on top of font too >;)

2006-05-15 [Aradon Templar]: What an honor :D

2006-05-15 [Jitter]: Graffiti wall ^_^

2006-05-15 [spincrus]: Turning it into a wall was the best idea font, really :D

2006-05-15 [iippo]: I agree, it's fantastic. And symbolic in many levels.

2006-05-15 [font]: Yes, it it! It's like leaving your mark :)

2006-05-15 [lady nytmare]: *snaps for [font]* :)

2006-05-15 [iippo]: At this very moment I am the exact centre of this wall! W00t!

2006-05-15 [ally]: I already read that somewhere else I think :P

2006-05-15 [font]: Yes, iippo your name sticks out, its the first one I always see :P

2006-05-15 [Patri]: Damnit! My font is so common! :-/

2006-05-15 [Linderel]: Well, apart from being in the smack middle, it's also the only 'normal' font on the wall... Okay, taking that back. Not the only one. But still. I think you might get what I'm trying to say. Or then not. I'm not perfectly clear on an average day...

2006-05-15 [font]: Yes it is weird how it seems so plain and all the others around it are more mmm flashy!

2006-05-15 [Sunrose]: I like the one Char picked ^^ or better, I like her brick ^_^

2006-05-15 [Charybdis]: Aww! *^^* It's funny - I don't know everyone on the wall personally, but I know a lot by sight... everyone, without exception, has picked a font and/or colour that describes them amazingly well. This was a great idea :)

2006-05-15 [Patri]: I should change my colour to violet...

2006-05-17 [Ocean Soul]: does anyone know how you could make your own font?

2006-05-18 [Patri]: No, not at all :-/

2006-05-18 [Calico Tiger]: You get a copy of his DNA and stick it in a cloning tube *nod nods*

2006-05-18 [Patri]: HAHAHHA!

2006-05-18 [font]: hmmmmms :P

2006-05-18 [Sunrose]: xD

2006-05-18 [Ocean Soul]: Ah, I thought so @_@

2006-05-18 [iippo]: There are also programs to do it. :P

2006-05-18 [Ocean Soul]: Cloning? Oohh :D

2006-05-20 [iippo]: Yncke is the top of the heap. :D

2006-05-20 [Yncke]: Muhahaaaa! :)

2006-05-29 [Yuriona]: Awww man... I'm stuck beside the Turkey. :P

2006-05-29 [iippo]: Whoa, everyone in my row is Finnish! :O Conspiracy!

2006-05-29 [Ocean Soul]: Mhh.. I don't know anyone in my row.. and in fact, I can't even read my neighbour's font :P

2006-05-29 [Aradon Templar]: Key's Finnish? For some strange reason, I thought she was Australian. Maybe I'm thinking of someone else o.O

2006-05-29 [iippo]: For a long time I kept mixing up Keyshika with Kileaiya.

2006-05-29 [Ocean Soul]: I just realized - I still am mixing them up.. :|

2006-05-29 [ally]: Maybe it's the "ki"-thing. I nver mixed them up though they're so different

2006-05-30 [Ocean Soul]: I don't really know either of them, so I guess that's the problem xP

2006-05-30 [iippo]: I keep messing up a lot of people's ET-names, even people I know (confuses [Silver] with [SilverFire] and [Yuriona] and [Yiwerra]*) And not to mention the people who change their name >.< *ish really bad with names*

2006-05-30 [Ocean Soul]: Ah yea, me too. When I first came to ET I changed my name a lot of times, but now that some people know me as ocean soul I don't feel like I can change it anymore, it'd be too weird :P Oh and also I mostly remember the first part of the name, so I'm having big trouble with all the "Lady --"s here.. :/ Meh

2006-05-30 [ally]: *has a problem with name-changers too* I just don't remember who they are.... well accept for allie who changes her name every once in a while. Oh but in the very very beginning when I knew nobody here I used to confuse true and punky xD

2006-05-30 [Ocean Soul]: multiple-word-names.. that's a serious problem xP

2006-05-30 [Elisha Kelly]: I just use [Elisha Kelly] everywhere I go... and If someone else has used it somewhere I want to go... well I go postal... and psycho and well o.O

2006-05-31 [ally]: yeah it is :P And long names are difficult too * I always use ally when it's still available 

2006-05-31 [iippo]: Same with iippo. I had a major fit when creating a hotmail account and someone had stolen iippo... One of these days I'll email just to see who the hack uses my name :P

2006-05-31 [Ocean Soul]: yea well, ocean soul is not such a creative name, everywhere i go it already exists >.> crappyness.

2006-05-31 [Calico Tiger]: I know how you feel, iippo! I went apeshit when I discovered someone had >_< I wonder how much email they get that was meant for me :-/ Ah, well... if people couldn't be bothered to type mine out correctly, guess it can't be bothered to be worried about XD

2006-05-31 [iippo]: Meh, I just had to go for a different approach, and got the Initial-lastname deal :/ I was naive back then, and chose what hotmail offered me.

2006-05-31 [Elisha Kelly]: I went ape when someone had my name at Myspace... so peed off that I used a some very nasty swear words as my password... I never new the Elysiann was a name... I googled it... and well there is someone out there with it for a first name...

2006-05-31 [Aradon Templar]: Heh. I was surprised when Caleb was taken for a user on Elftown, but eventually (after some name-changage for a while) I decided to invent some random character that I never used in an RP, and luckily Aradon isn't a very common name :D

2006-06-01 [Calico Tiger]: It's used a lot on World of Warcraft as well :D Heck, I have a d&d character named Elysia XD Not quite the same, but close! It's a beautiful name :)

2006-06-01 [ally]: Talking about WoW and Caleb... isn't your pet named like that alan?

2006-06-01 [Elisha Kelly]: I give my animals long and annoying names :P Like my bunny rabbit was Basil benjamin james habermann Bunny :P and my cat... (which my mum has kidnapped) was Winston lucas churchill Habermann kitty... but my mum just calls him Winny... :P

2006-06-01 [iippo]: A friend of mine had a pony called 'puppy'. (A real pony that is). I thought that was the best name for a horse, ever. :P

2006-06-01 [Calico Tiger]: Moms are good at kidnapping cats, no? Before I got married, I had a cat named Fred. But then I got married and when I was moving out, my mom really really really wanted to keep Fred, so we let her XD

2006-06-01 [font]: Kaleb ;)

2006-06-01 [Elisha Kelly]: well mum kidnapped my bunny, my kitty and my budgie :P

2006-06-07 [Asrun]: I didn't even see this page! :D Brick wall!

2006-08-15 [Levoton]: Atayemi, your brick is already there...

2006-08-15 [Atayemi]: Ah..Oo I didn't add it to the top. XD

2006-09-02 [jsun]: Very entertaining this wall :)

2006-09-03 [jsun]: Heh, thanks for fixing that [ally]... my dummy head can't read apparently. Of course it could have something to do with staring at HTML coding for a collective 60+ hours in the last few days :P

2006-09-03 [ally]: Hehe you're welcome ^^.
Ohs are you making a website? :)

2006-09-03 [jsun]: :) yup, i'll not post it here but if you wanna see it, it's linked in my house

2006-09-13 [banu]: Is it okay??:)))I did it correctly?:)

2006-09-13 [Atayemi]: Looks fine to me! o.O

2006-09-13 [banu]: :)thank youuuuu!!!:)*smiles*

2006-09-13 [Sunrose]: It's funny how you can really recognise people in these bricks =)

2006-09-13 [banu]: It is funny and also interesting!o^_^o

2006-09-13 [font]: Yea, just shows you that people can express themselves through very simple methods. If only more people knew how to understand them :)

2006-09-13 [banu]: That's simple way we can use If we are honest more than usual..:)

2006-09-14 [Atayemi]: Hehe, it's a clever and arty thing to do! :)

2006-09-14 [Scandinavian Lullaby]: Well, I just want to say that I am really grateful for this brilliant idea. All of a sudden I seemed to understand exactly who that person normally referred to as "me" is! And how much it is reflected in my art, which has been really helpful now that I am taking art in school and had to present myself. =D

2006-09-14 [font]: Glad it has helped you :)

2006-10-11 [Sunrose]: [banu], could you upload yours to Elftown? If Linkmeet ([krill]) crashes, your imagelink will die and not be viewable here :(

2007-09-10 [Triola]: Haha, thanks Sunny! I was just about to add it, but then it was already there :P

2007-09-10 [Sunrose]: *woosh* :P

2007-09-10 [font]: She is just too quick ;)

2007-09-10 [Triola]: Like lightening, she is :P

2007-10-07 [Kyrinn]: Im on top!! *evil laughter* LOL

2007-10-17 [Chel.]: hmm....I think I added mine wrong....

2007-10-17 [Mystereality]: i think i got it fixed for you

2007-10-17 [Chel.]: Oh! Thanks! <3

2007-11-02 [Aeolynn]: oops... lol thanks Keyshika

2007-11-02 [Levoton]: No problem. ;)

2008-01-31 [zankou]: how do i do this? make my font?

2008-01-31 [Aradon Templar]: Just save the empty font brick from the original page (it's just an outlined grey rectangle), open it in Paintshop Pro or somesuch, and put in your username with the font you choose, then save the file and upload.

2008-02-01 [AuroraLumos]: XD this wall has doubled since I first saw it O.o
XD it's so cool and perdyful *stares*

2008-02-02 [Aradon Templar]: I guess the next step is to hyperlink all the bricks to our houses.

2008-02-02 [Lord Dog]: you could but that is technically done on the what font are you page.. Though direct links would be cool

2008-02-03 [Chrysilla]: I added mine... now I'm having a hard time aligning the others that seems to be messed up by my brick... :(

2008-02-03 [Sunrose]: Eh, I had actually set them correctly before you started editing again.
I've reset it to how I put it, because you add new images to the right side, not the left side.

2008-02-03 [Chrysilla]: Because now you put up the .png one that doesn't work on my end either (I use Crazy Browser). And thanks for setting them correctly, it seems that my brain doesn't work at full power right now XD

edit: you already fixed it! You speedy :p

2008-02-03 [Sunrose]: Hehheeh =P

2008-03-03 [Trist]: oh i see that was supposed to be at the top. that explains why [font] was at the bottom. and also that i suck at directions.

2008-03-03 [Sunrose]: :P

2008-03-08 [Vou]: Can I put mine up? :3 Ah, scratch that. xD I see it is up.

2008-03-23 [font]: wow this wall is getting pretty high! Looks very colourful now :)

2008-03-23 [AuroraLumos]: YAY XD I remember when it was just 10 bricks.... yes it took me that long to make my brick XD

2008-03-23 [font]: Well you do have a very colourful brick :P

2008-03-23 [AuroraLumos]: :D lol I am a very colourful person... with very colourful language

2008-03-23 [font]: then the brick reflects you well :P

2008-03-23 [AuroraLumos]: XP
lol damn I've had doo much chocolate XD

2008-03-23 [font]: Making you a little hyper? :p

2008-03-23 [AuroraLumos]: yush :D

2008-05-14 [Duke Devlin]: I still love how this looks. :)

2008-05-15 [AuroraLumos]: yea it's fab ^_^

2008-05-15 [Duke Devlin]: ^^ Definitely.

2008-07-20 [Jeccabee]: ooh this is new! awesome!

2008-09-13 [Aradon Templar]: Lothuriel, I moved yours to the top. Older ones are on bottom, new ones go on top :)

2008-09-13 [Lothuriel]: Oops, thank you!

2008-09-14 [font]: It also seems that more colourful ones go to the top too, as each new person shows more creativity. Damn wish i wasn't first :P

2008-09-15 [moira hawthorne]: whats to stop you from makin a new one?

2008-09-15 [font]: Laziness mostly - and lake of imagination :P

2008-09-15 [moira hawthorne]: I want a lake of imagination... a BIG lake with fish! colourful ones...

2008-09-15 [font]: haha mmm :P

2008-09-16 [Jeccabee]: that would be could go swimming and come out with an awewsome idea for a picture!

2008-09-16 [Jeccabee]: OH that would also be a great title for a childrens book!

2008-09-16 [Lord Dog]: Yeah, we actually have a campground nearby with a Lake dubbed that. Perfect setting for a fantasy pic if you can catch it on a year when there was enough rain 

2008-09-16 [moira hawthorne]: I miss my lake... had one at the old WicCanFest site... now we only have a shallow river... cant swim in it... and a huge Oak tree... but id rather have the lake...

2008-09-25 [Thunder Cid]: How do you get one of these little bricks?

2008-09-25 [moira hawthorne]: each person made their own... see Which Font Are You?

2008-09-25 [Thunder Cid]: Oh alright. Thanks.

2008-10-10 [Hendercrazy]: Nice job [NOOOPE]! Now [Lothuriel]'s isn't sitting on the top by itself. :D

2008-10-10 [NOOOPE]: WOO! I can edit wiki pages! YEAH!

2008-10-10 [Lothuriel]: Yay!!

2009-08-02 [Teufelsweib]: this looks so awesome alltogether :) though I can't help but thinking that it would look so much neater if everyone used the same type of brick, to make it look like a real wall.. but I guess it's too late for that :P

2009-08-02 [Sunrose]: I like my brick :O

2009-08-03 [iippo]: They were supposed to use the same brick, but people fail to read instructions...


2009-08-03 [moira hawthorne]: incorrect..
and I quote [font] wrote:
You have to use the image provided, to keep things tidy (and because you can then add it to the wfay wall!). You can change the background and text colour if you want.

so you had to use the brick [font] provided but there were no restriction on colour

everyone has used the same brick ... just some people changed the colour of the brick...

now dont you think if this wasnt [font]'s intention and wish he would of said something to [Sunrose] who made her brick 2nd to his own?

2009-08-03 [Sunrose]: Darling, font changed that rule because I changed my brick :P

2009-08-03 [moira hawthorne]: well than he must not have much of an issue with it.. correct? since you were the second person right after him to make a brick... and everyone else than was following his rule as I quoted it... as he wrote it

2009-08-03 [Sunrose]: Still he meant it to become a wall, so no one is really wrong here :)

2009-08-03 [moira hawthorne]: I still think it looks like a wall... with graffiti on it... just restricted to each brick

2009-08-04 [Sunrose]: Hmm I agree :P

2009-08-06 [iippo]: It would be fun to do a graffiti like that. Pick a brick wall and give one brick per artist, some magic markers and what not, and see what happens (and then not get arrested).

2009-08-06 [Sunrose]: If you use your own bricks.. :p

2009-08-06 [moira hawthorne]: like Tony hawks buildin a dirt bike hill thing half pike on his property

2010-09-01 [font]: :)

2011-11-30 [font]: I still love this :)

2011-12-01 [iippo]: Me too :3

2011-12-02 [Sunrose]: Me too! :)

2012-02-13 [American Revolutionary]: how do i get the grey brick to put it on?

2012-02-13 [Sunrose]: The grey brick can be found at the top of Which Font are you? :)

2012-02-13 [American Revolutionary]: i got all that, i just need to up load the pic, i need help with that, as friggin long as ive been on elftown i still have trouble gettin pics onto wikis

2012-02-14 [Sunrose]: Below the last comment on the wiki you see a button 'upload image' :)

2012-02-17 [American Revolutionary]: i put my brick up now its not there

2012-02-17 [American Revolutionary]: ok sorry i didnt see it at the top

2012-02-17 [iippo]: That's a cool font Ulrik! :D

2012-02-17 [American Revolutionary]: thanks, its called soviet

2012-02-18 [Sunrose]: Now you have to make a new one, because you changed your name :P

2012-02-19 [American Revolutionary]: oh really? i can change my name back, ha ha!!

2014-08-22 [Sunrose]: Lovely work :P

2014-08-22 [Teufelsweib]: thanks :F

2014-08-22 [Sunrose]: Don't forget Which Font are you? :P

2014-08-22 [Teufelsweib]: what would I do without you :P

2014-08-23 [Sunrose]: You'd probably be at Bob's :P

2014-08-23 [Teufelsweib]: *shudders* let's not think about that...

2014-08-23 [Sunrose]: Bitch!

2014-08-23 [Mortified Penguin]: You're clearly bad for business! And here I was blaming myself for our two-for-the-price-of-twelve goat steak special... I KNEW it was a good idea!

2014-08-23 [Sunrose]: Not for my own business..

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