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Which Font Are You? Wall

Add yours from bottom to top, left to right ;)

<img:stuff/wfayloth.gif> <img:stuff/[M!].png> <img:stuff/aj/43044/Asryth.jpg> <img:stuff/aj/181430/1246369990.png>
<img:stuff/wfay_Ir-Iddyn.bmp.jpg> <img:img/drawing/179797_1213296539.jpg> <img:stuff/HendercrazyImpactFontBanner.gif>
<img:img/photo/74256_1203842004.jpg> <img:img/drawing/176365_1204494690.jpg> <img:stuff/mhK%26Qfont.png> <img:img/drawing/110204_1212793569.jpg>
<img150*0:img/photo/8995_1196312612.jpg> <img:img/photo/184889_1201902784.jpg> <img:stuff/chrysfont.jpg>
<img:img/drawing/148667_1195398712.jpg> <img:img/photo/178438_1195529274.jpg> <img:img/drawing/47803_1196194836.jpg> <img:stuff/nathie_font.jpg>
<img:stuff/aeolynn font.jpg> <img:stuff/chimesfontbrick2.jpg> <img:stuff/MentalTerrorist.png>
<img:stuff/C%3ADocuments%20and%20SettingsJo-KimMy%20DocumentsMy%20Picturesjecca1.jpg> <img:img/photo/20695_1192633941.jpg> <img:stuff/Brijcowfay.png> <img:stuff/DukeDevlinBlock.gif>
<img:stuff/KyrinnFont.png> <img:img/drawing/21398_1191800056.jpg> <img:img/photo/184150_1191827089.jpg>
<img:stuff/lobsang_wfay.png> <img:stuff/wfay_sv.jpg> <img:stuff/triola-font-jpg.jpg> <img:stuff/z/183340/LeonRes-Evil2%2527s%2520Pictures/i1191452953_1.jpg>
<img:img/drawing/92105_1194038337.jpg> <img:stuff/angrywitch.png> <img:img/photo/107040_1183267346.jpg> 
<img:> <img:stuff/C%3ACarrie%27s%20Crapdilbrick.jpg> <img:stuff/ele-font.gif> <img:>
<img:stuff/yorufont.png> <img:stuff/Jsuns%20Brick.gif> <img:stuff/C%3ADokumenterMARIEAutumn%20Leaves%20in%20the%20Opera%20House.PNG>
<img:stuff/po.png> <img:stuff/Panthera_Font.png> <img:stuff/ataytextf.jpg> <img:stuff/cia%20font.jpg>
<img:img/photo/99804_1149773138.gif> <img:img/photo/79514_1150350336.jpg><img:>
<img:stuff/asrunname.png> <img:stuff/acobrickname.png> <img:stuff/C%3ADocuments%20and%20SettingsOwnerMy%20DocumentsMy%20Picturesfont.jpg> <img:stuff/Gwen%27sFont.jpg>
<img:stuff/WhichFontIsYncke.png> <img:stuff/RogueFont.jpg> <img:stuff/paz-font.gif>
<img:stuff/ocwfay.png> <img:stuff/pixhahafont.jpg> <img:stuff/C%3ADocuments%20and%20SettingsOwnerMy%20DocumentsMy%20Picturesbrattfont.png> <img:stuff/ScruffLET.png>
<img:stuff/.sequeenafont.gif> <img:stuff/mordi-font.jpg> <img:stuff/18485_wfay1.JPG>
<img:stuff/AndromacheName.jpg> <img:stuff/ZZFont.jpg> <img:stuff/Namebrick67.jpg> <img:stuff/font_lm3.jpg> 
<img:stuff/wellitried.png> <img:stuff/irulan_albemarle.jpg> <img:stuff/TemplarFont.gif>
<img:img/photo/176658_1147595207.jpg> <img:stuff/yurifont.jpg> <img:stuff/SilviesFontness.png> <img:stuff/e%3Aspincrus-font-4.png>
<img:stuff/keyfont.jpg> <img:stuff/558_WFAY.png> <img:stuff/linwfay.png>
<img:stuff/PatriFont2.png> <img:stuff/calicofont.jpg> <img:stuff/jitterwfay.png> <img:stuff/Elys_fway.png>
<img:stuff/LynneyFont.jpg> <img:stuff/Shreyafont.jpg> <img:stuff/Firenze_calligraph421BT.jpg>
<img:stuff/wfayfont.png> <img:stuff/WFAY_Sun.png> <img:stuff/allyfont.png> <img:stuff/wfauki.gif>


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2007-10-17 [Mystereality]: i think i got it fixed for you

2007-10-17 [Chel.]: Oh! Thanks! <3

2007-11-02 [Aeolynn]: oops... lol thanks Keyshika

2007-11-02 [Levoton]: No problem. ;)

2008-01-31 [zankou]: how do i do this? make my font?

2008-01-31 [Aradon Templar]: Just save the empty font brick from the original page (it's just an outlined grey rectangle), open it in Paintshop Pro or somesuch, and put in your username with the font you choose, then save the file and upload.

2008-02-01 [AuroraLumos]: XD this wall has doubled since I first saw it O.o
XD it's so cool and perdyful *stares*

2008-02-02 [Aradon Templar]: I guess the next step is to hyperlink all the bricks to our houses.

2008-02-02 [Lord Dog]: you could but that is technically done on the what font are you page.. Though direct links would be cool

2008-02-03 [Chrysilla]: I added mine... now I'm having a hard time aligning the others that seems to be messed up by my brick... :(

2008-02-03 [Sunrose]: Eh, I had actually set them correctly before you started editing again.
I've reset it to how I put it, because you add new images to the right side, not the left side.

2008-02-03 [Chrysilla]: Because now you put up the .png one that doesn't work on my end either (I use Crazy Browser). And thanks for setting them correctly, it seems that my brain doesn't work at full power right now XD

edit: you already fixed it! You speedy :p

2008-02-03 [Sunrose]: Hehheeh =P

2008-03-03 [Trist]: oh i see that was supposed to be at the top. that explains why [font] was at the bottom. and also that i suck at directions.

2008-03-03 [Sunrose]: :P

2008-03-08 [Vou]: Can I put mine up? :3 Ah, scratch that. xD I see it is up.

2008-03-23 [font]: wow this wall is getting pretty high! Looks very colourful now :)

2008-03-23 [AuroraLumos]: YAY XD I remember when it was just 10 bricks.... yes it took me that long to make my brick XD

2008-03-23 [font]: Well you do have a very colourful brick :P

2008-03-23 [AuroraLumos]: :D lol I am a very colourful person... with very colourful language

2008-03-23 [font]: then the brick reflects you well :P

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