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Apply to the crew


[wicked fae mage] for Crew


What I've Done?

<img25*0:>I have recruited many new faces to Elftown.
<img25*0:>I participate in contests (the badges say so) and encourage voting in the polls (If I solicited I'd like to think I'd have won :P) of the contests advertised on Main Street.
<img25*0:>I am one of the three moderators of The UNofficial Coven and thus am behind a few of the art contests and challenges there.
<img25*0:>I submit poems to the daily poem.
<img25*0:>I moderate several role-plays at the moment including a few still in the works. The Lady's Knights, Bitter Song of the Sand and Coven of Blood are a few
<img25*0:>I have my own critic page designed and created with [*Phoenix*]: Anime and Manga Reviews
<img25*0:>I participate in the Secret Santas and started a card giving that was inspired by the Secret Santa competitions holiday greetings.
<img25*0:> sketches wiki, more sketches wiki and nikkis newer drawings are home to my drawings, a few of them in contests official and non-official alike.
<img25*0:> My house's index page should display a good bit of my writing capability and how prolific I can be. A lot of the works are co-writings as well, so team work is no problem. :)
<img25*0:> I know a good bit of the psuedo html off the top of my head including image linking, the text tags and wiki page linking.
<img25*0:> I'm working into my familiarity with forums as we speak.
<img25*0:> I am a Town Herald Apprentice and I am working on becoming a full-time writer for The Town Herald.

What Will I Do?

<img25*0:>I want to moderate the daily poem as well as the art and wiki nominations.
<img25*0:>Working on the Herald is also on my "want to do list".
<img25*0:>I'm up for any other slave labor that the crew can shove onto me, really :P


For How Long?

Until this "real life" everybody speaks of interferes with my Elftown for a long while...all eternity is how long. Final answer. :3



[Ravendust]- I fully support [wicked fae mage] in her decision to apply for crew. She is a fantastic individual and has been an awesome RPer. She also helps anyone who needs it. :)

[Fearathress]- I support!!!! You will be a great asset!!

[Dezmond]- I give my full support to [wicked fae mage]'s decision. She's a very talented individual and I believe she'll be a great aid in getting Elftown back to it's former glory.

[Gypsy Mystik]- I support [wicked fae mage] completely, and I know that she will do a great job as apart of the crew.

[*Phoenix*] - She's my bud, why wouldn't I support her? I realized I might need to add more here, so here goes: She's a great writer with a spunky personality which, I think, will help bring more life to the crew. She'd be a great addition to the crew with her fresh ideas. ^^

[MyAlterEgo] - She's an amazing artist/writer and is completely devoted to Elftown.

[Silver Moon]-I fully support [wicked fae mage] just look at her accomplishments. She will be very valuable to the crew.

[Kaimee] - I support and recommend [wicked fae mage] completely, she has been an eager, responsible and competent person in everything I've seen from her so far :) Her contributions to the current issue of The Town Herald were invaluable!

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2010-05-08 [wicked fae mage]: I'm using green and red to make people think of Christmas/Yule and thus put them in a giving mood

2010-05-08 [Fearathress]: I support!!!! You will be a great asset!!

2010-05-08 [wicked fae mage]: Thank you :3

2010-05-08 [Ravendust]: since I'm working on revamping mine I'll add yours to the links that I put in to have others visit :)

2010-05-08 [wicked fae mage]: :3

2010-05-10 [Dezmond]: weeee~ you know i've got ya nik~

2010-05-10 [wicked fae mage]: Lol I know :3

2010-09-15 [wicked fae mage]: *smiles* I'm always eager! This is the only social networking site I like!

2010-09-15 [Kaimee]: Good, keep it that way! :P

2010-09-15 [Ravendust]: hehe same here :3

2010-09-16 [wicked fae mage]: ^^ Trying to! School is depressing me, though...

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