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Wiki Feedback!

Wanna leave a message, sugestion, comment, or simply wanna tell us how's that you found that wiki in The wiki's wiki page? You can do it here! Also, if you want to give an extra advertise to your wiki, you can leave a few lines about it, so more people can see it.

Really_Empty is a new wiki I´ve made! You can talk about anything here!We have a few members already but it´s just the first day so there arn´t too many...[Zab]

always bored is a new wiki that has just started and we have decided to hold weekly competitions. This weeks one is about poetry but we need more people to know about the wiki...[sequeena_rae]

Dragonartist's wiki is my wiki it is currently in progress and in need of decoration but there will be lots of different contests such as Best demon contest ending nov. 5, and lots of different wikis to join, after the current contest ends there will be another contest where you can go crazy with it, so watch the contests page!! vote on the theme @ [Dragonartist]'s poll.

Dragonartist's lair~ my lair just stuff about me, soon to come are my freinds, and as many links as i can think of to all kinds of places, such as~Quizes I have taken^_~. Even though it may look more than finished it is still in progress, I want it to be a place where people can visit to have fun, it is going to have all kinds of stuff when im done with it so please visit ^_~

pothead's united is a 90% done wiki with over 60 members now potheads/EX pothead needed. this is a place for potheads/EX potheads male or female black or white gay or straight to come and talk about pothead things i might work in a contest after i learn how so if you are a pothead or EX pothead please come and join my wiki

What's this? A place to legally spam? Well... go to Maze of Guile! Why? BECAUSE IT TOOK ME A LONG TIME TO MAKE!!! ...Also, It's not quite finished! So... go there!
-Turkey ぬ

reservoir dogs is a group of the most random people who decided to join. It's a group who want to just chat on there, meet new people, and rob places. Check it out! -[gilmour]

The accidents rp. The gods are at war. They have chosen their successors and these special people have taken the fate of the world on their shoulders, though they don't know it. Action, drama, romance even. Revamping wiki with new members.
[Tekkon KinKreet]

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2005-03-06 [Zab]: Did I do that right..? If not: remove it.

2005-03-07 [Yoruno]: You did it quite ok! ^_^ Good luck with the wiki!

2005-07-01 [Dr.Tony]: how do i get more pics on my page like the wikki page on my house?

2005-07-01 [Yoruno]: If you want pics to decorate your house and wiki, you can go to Elftown graphics; if you wanna know how to use them, you can read the How do I upload art page.

2005-07-06 [Janouk]: Yay! The wiki's wiki page is one of Elftowns best wiki-inventions, but I'm sure you know that ;) Just needed to say that because now there's the chance to officially chat somewhere about it etc. So well done on the wiki and the whole system and please continue to do so, I never really used the system yet but I'm sure I will. If you ever need help, just ask ;) Blabla, see? I'm too excited about your wiki to even talk normally :p

2005-07-06 [Yoruno]: *bows* Thanks! I must say I appreciate that comment a lot! Uhm... do you have any doubts about the system? Just ask! I'm pretty sure I can help you too. And about helpers... uhm... perhaps, yeah. Are you interested in become part of the crew? ^_^

2005-07-06 [Janouk]: ^__^ No, I think the system's good. I like the idea that at least somewhere wiki-data is being kept in order :) Well, if you need crew, I am available, though I don't know if I'll be online every day in the future ^^ (But I'm not begging for a job or anything, so if you don't want more crew, I won't be sad ^^)

2005-07-06 [Yoruno]: Ok, I think it's your choice, because we're always in need of "one more person"... so it's up to you. You can even reply latter on, in a week, a month, whenever you want.

2005-07-06 [Janouk]: Well, I'll be at home until next week, and then I'll be on holiday for 2,5 weeks or so, I'll see after that, ok? ;)

2005-07-06 [Yoruno]: Okies! (^_^)/

2005-07-11 [Yoruno]:

Congrats to [Lord Asriel] for posting the


2005-08-11 [Yoruno]: Dungeons@Dragons is an empty page, [shadow#1]... please check at your link.

2005-08-11 [ArchangelGabriel]: I belive she meant Dungeons&Dragons

2005-08-11 [Yoruno]: Oh... that makes more sense ^^; I'll add it then.

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