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- All poets from Solemn Lines are open to this first drawing of poets for the world cup.
- Using any method you choose (polls, random choice, careful analysis, etc,) choose your single BEST poem from all of the poems you've written on Solemn Lines. The judges (Rhuaide, Blasphemy, Half-Mad Poet, and Linderel) will choose the best ONE from all of those to represent our Wiki in the near future.
- Judges may enter their poem.
- Lines and such do not matter; content is open.
- Deadline is [JULY 25th, 2006].

Best of Luck.


The winner of this contest is...


with the poem...


Laziness with a capital L,
Oh how this would take one to hell.
Sloth or not, only the believer can transcend,
where the saint may very well end.

Here we stand all tried and true,
Afraid not to believe in you.
what would happen to every good man,
who simply lived without great sin,
good intent born akin?
Yet meaningless against the shrew,
who simply holds within them,

Step back! It's the end of the line,
turn around, you must pay the fine.
For living that life without this one,
one life, one way, for only the best,
when laid to rest;
Can claim rights to that fest
up high in the sky, where the cherubs sing, and the devils cry.

But why, oh why? What have you done?
Well, take a look at yourself.
You lived your life unlike the rest
those put up to the test
could not survive lest, He had saved them.
Yet you stood alone, cold against life’s harsh reign,
and for staying strong, and toughin’ it through life’s solemn main,
for ever on, you face disdain.

Without contributing to those fancy statues,
without diluted light of giant windows,
or, not the love of ones maker
but the forced lies of the faker,
life is but a cold respite,
unto the bitter blight
of mans un-replicated original,
without the so called sins of our time.

"This way to eternal torment, get in line."
Sounds from the gold Plated shrine.

Sadly, unless we get more positive feedback from the other poetry wikis, this contest will end here. SO GET OUT THERE AND WHORE THE CONTEST!!!

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2006-07-04 [Your Favorite Stranger]: I have some questions. [Linderel] stopped by The Unwanted Writings to inform us of this contest. And now I have questions. 1.) Do you have to be a part of Solemn Lines? 2.) Does winning this contest mean recognition for the wiki, or the individual contestant? 3.) Are any topics forbidden?

2006-07-04 [Linderel]: Since I'm around at the moment, and no one has answered your questions yet, I might as well do it myself. 1) No, the idea is precisely that you're from another community - whoever is selected, is the representative of their community. We're just hosting this thing. 2) Both, I believe. 3) Not to my knowledge, but that we may have to seek confirmation for from one of the other admins. Just for clarification, this wiki here is at least currently set up for Solemn Lines' own preliminary round. I don't know exactly what they have planned for the actual contest, but we'll find out eventually.

2006-07-04 [Elysian]: I sent her a personal message. Same answers though.

2006-07-04 [Linderel]: Ah, okay. Sorry. My bad. But, well... At least it's here for anyone else who might wander over and be puzzled to see.

2006-07-04 [Elysian]: okey. It was appreciated.

2006-07-04 [Your Favorite Stranger]: Thank you both.

2006-07-04 [Elysian]: mmhmm

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