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Writing Contests

Page maintained by [Linderel].

Before doing ANYTHING at all in order to create a new contest, please see the Contest Guidelines.

If you see a contest in the wrong section, please move it to the correct one. Also, once having listed your own contest on this page, please try and remember to keep it up to date.

Wiki links

Art Contests
Photo Contests

Idea Storage
Writer's Companion

Judges For Hire

Past Writing Contests

Winner announced

Harry Potter 7 Contest

by [Saffron] - Winner [Flisky]

Writing For Comics Contest

by [deeterhi] - Winners on page.


by [Linderel] - Winners on page.

Pick a Prompt 2 Writing Section

by [Linderel] - Winners on page.

The Elftown Limerick Competition

Winners on page.

Closed & voting

100 word question contest

by [the 5th apocalyptic horseman] - <poll:41440>

Nocturnal Poetry Contest

by [daydreamer] - Vote in <poll:63174>

Happy Birthday! Motto Contest

by [Sunny Silverunicorn] - Voting on at the wiki

Sci-Fi Writing Contest

by [Amanda Bastian] - Judging started

Fantasy Writing Contest

by [Amanda Bastian] - Judging to commence

Official Elftown contests

Elftown Prose Contest

Deadline 15th August 2011

Deadline set - Please maintain the chronology!

Deadline based on #contestants

Trochaic Poetry Contest

by [Linderel] - Ends at 15 entries.

Halfling Diary Contest

by [Hobbit teen] - Ends at 5 Entries.

Harry Potter Fan Fiction Contest 2

by [+♥+SAFFY+♥+] - 5 entries

Deadline not set

The Cake Contest

by [Carol Lynn]

Finish This Story Contest

by [dayah]

Christian Poem Contest

by [Amanda Bastian]

Shattered Painting

by [Captain Rachel Black]

Write Me a Story

by [Chimes]

Perpetual contests

Elftown Wiki Poetry Dueling Arena

Preaching Poetry

by [Rice]

Short Story Duelists

Abandoned & free to take over

Contests in other languages

der deutsche contest

maintained by [death disguised in purple] - GERMAN writing contests

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2003-12-02 [Linderel]: Hmm.. Someone messed up with the < h1 >-tags... luckily I got 'em fixed, the page looked quite odd for a moment...

2003-12-05 [mywolfalways]: Hmm...there seems to be no page for the Fantasy Knights Contest I hope the owner fixes it soon. I'm so glad writer's have their own contest place now!

2003-12-14 [Saffron]: someone did the thing with the tags again

2003-12-15 [Linderel]: Hm. [Vampires ghost], you wrote your contest's name wrong... I fixed it... and your typo. ^^

2003-12-24 [Linderel]: Would you all please be so good as to remember to end your tags. Someone forgot to do that... again.

2003-12-24 [SilverFire]: ...didn't fix the typo that well... =x

2003-12-24 [Linderel]: [SilverFire], if you mean the word "assassions", I know, it's wrong in the contest name, but I don't want to alter it, since the link to the contest is elsewhere too. [Vampires ghost] can fix it him/herself, if (s)he wishes.

2003-12-24 [SilverFire]: yes, I did mean the...thing assasion... I wouldn't call it a word, being as... it isn't one. XD It's just highly irritating, I am a craptastic speller, and even I know that there are 4 s's and NO bloody 'O' in assassin... ische... X_x

2003-12-24 [Linderel]: Yep, it irritates me too. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to grammar and stuff... :P

2003-12-24 [SilverFire]: yarrrrr, I'm gonna declare war on all ze 'assassions' out there... *wanders off to declare war*

2003-12-25 [The Spirit Mage Crystalwind]: assasions is how the club name (or whatever the heck it is) is spelled...not sure WHY, and you're not the only grammar perfectionist! (well, I do get lazy online, but not THAT lazy! still like SPELLING things correctly if I know how they're spelled...)

2003-12-26 [SilverFire]: the problem w/ online spelling is the different versions of english... I see honour spelt w/o the 'u' n wince, but then, I get ppl telling me I spell 'defence' the wrong way, cos i use a 'c' instead of an 's' *shrugs* it's not the wrong way, it's just the English way, So i guess we have to be careful what we call wrong spelling wirklich... but... there is no way... assassion is a correct spelling in any language... X_x

2003-12-26 [Linderel]: Actually, I don't think there even IS a word "assassion". Hmm... let's see.... an assassin assassinates, therefore he/she commits an assassination. Tell me if I'm wrong.

2003-12-26 [SilverFire]: nope, some cretin spelt it wrong and everyone else latched on to the wrong spelling,it is an non exsistant word.

2004-01-03 [KrystalRum]: Aww the demon competition is over?? I have soe good ones.. how do you make a competition?

2004-01-03 [SilverFire]: just create a wiki page n put a link 2 it on this page.

2004-01-03 [Linderel]: [KrystalRum], actually the demon contest thingie ISN'T over. Its deadline is February 28th, so you still have plenty of time... You see, the deadlines are written next to the contests' hosts' nicknames.

2004-01-03 [Linderel]: Hmm. Shouldn't someone separate the contests that have already closed from those that are still open, so there wouldn't be any mix-ups?

2004-01-03 [Saffron]: oh yeah, there's a job opening for someone to keep this place nice and organised, interested anyone?

2004-01-04 [KrystalRum]: haha i thought fenuary was before january

2004-01-04 [Nere]: i could take care of it [Saffron]...i'm on almost every day...

2004-01-04 [Linderel]: As am I. ^^

2004-01-04 [Saffron]: ok, [Nere], [Linderel], you're hired!

2004-01-05 [Nere]: cool:P

2004-01-19 [Nere]: should we do something about the contests that are supposed to be closed?...or do we just leave them there?

2004-01-19 [Linderel]: Maybe we should poke their hosts and ask them to do something about them. If nothing happens, well, then... we'll figure something out. Does this sound like a plan to you?

2004-01-20 [Nere]: want to do it? or me? or will we both do it?.....:P

2004-01-20 [Linderel]: Ahumm... we can remove the Christmas Poem Competition from the "Deadline set" list, because it's already closed and long over and has a winner.... I could send a message to the keepers of Fun Interpretation Competition and Merman Human Kiss Competition, and you to the hosts of Assasions united writing contest and Manboobs United slogan contest. Is that okay?

2004-01-20 [Linderel]: Oh, and I could make a page for Past Writing Contests....

2004-01-20 [Nere]: cool.....lets get on it then :)

2004-01-20 [Nere]: done :)

2004-01-20 [Linderel]: I'm done as well. Now, let's see if anything happens. :)

2004-01-20 [Saffron]: wow! a past contest page already? ^^

2004-01-21 [Linderel]: Ehh... just for the coming... you know, in advance. :P

2004-01-22 [Caelicorn]: Had absolutely NO idea that my contest was listed here, or else I would have seen to it. The Fun Interpretation Competition was closed a month ago now, and winners already announced, thank you very much.

2004-01-22 [Caelicorn]: BTW I have no way of being able to take responsibility of something if I have no idea it exists.

2004-01-22 [Nere]: geez, chill okay? its just a simple mix up.....

2004-01-22 [Linderel]: Hmm. I think I'll rip an idea from [Saffron]... :P

2004-01-22 [Linderel]: [Nere] and [Thorgin], you can put your contests on that new deadline definition area...

2004-01-23 [Caelicorn]: Sorry dude, I didn't like the tone of the prompt-message I was sent, making ME out to be the negligent one after I had neatly closed my competition, I thought. I was annoyed, yes, but not massively so. I disagree with the way Calann accused me of being negligent, yes, without knowing the facts - obviously. Post me from my homepage, without looking there, or at the artcontests page, where it is obvious. No, I didn't like her tone, and she hasn't replied to me. Anyway, I'm not hung up over it, if thats what you're thinking. I'm glad you guys are maintaining a space for writing competitions. It seemed that writing was overlooked in the contest pages - to me. Yay for this.

2004-01-23 [Caelicorn]: If anyone wants, I'll show you the message. But honestly, I'm not all angry psycho about this - it may seem so because I am strongly voicing my opinion. Anyway, enough clogging up this space. Bye!

2004-01-23 [Caelicorn]: (Incase that wasn't clear - you guys should probably do a bit more research instead of being caught up on this single page, that other people may not be aware of - before jumping the gun)

2004-01-23 [Nere]: er...oooookkkaaayyy then? :P

2004-02-12 [mywolfalways]: New contest is up if anybody is interested.

2004-02-25 [Linderel]: Humm... [Nere], shouldn't you move your contest to the "Closed" section? :)

2004-03-01 [mywolfalways]: ...the amount of Anime contests that are in progress is rather irritating. It's like nobody can use their mind to think of something new and unique. :(>

2004-03-01 [SilverFire]: psssht well duuuuh, that would require peopel to think, and be different, and not conform to everyone else and actually think on their own!!! like thats ever gonna happen

2004-03-01 [mywolfalways]: Oh yeah...humans do have a tendency to follow the crowd and not have the mental capacity or the testicular fortitude to break away.

2004-03-01 [SilverFire]: betcha the vast majority of them are 15 year olds... therre's jsut... something about 15 year olds... not all of em, but...most of em...

2004-03-01 [mywolfalways]: *smirks* You're probably right. 

2004-03-02 [Linderel]: It's not like there's something wrong with anime. Or manga. But I agree, it's slightly irritating to see that kind of contests everywhere.

2004-03-02 [mywolfalways]: I don't think there's really a problem with Anime either. I really love manga; very beautiful. I like some Anime too. I'm just irritated that about 3 of them came only a week after each other, it seemed.

2004-03-23 [mywolfalways]: The Prompt Writing Contest now has a poll up. Please vote if you have not yet. It's a lot harder to get people to vote in writing contests than it is for art contests. Thank you. ^_^

2004-03-25 [mywolfalways]: For any who may be interested, I have a new wiki called Writer's Companion. I created it for the writers of Elftown (and any who are just interested). Please check it out if you are. ^_^

2004-03-25 [Linderel]: If you don't mind, I'll add that wiki to the links up there. *points at the upper part of the page*

2004-03-25 [mywolfalways]: Sounds good. Thank you for linking. ^_^

2004-04-01 [Linderel]: Please vote on the Fantasy Creature Poetry Contest's poll, so that we'll get it over with. I will be arranging a second round if I get enough participants, so those who want to join in, please send me a message. I want at least ten participants ensured before I do anything.

2004-04-01 [mywolfalways]: Okay, I voted. I put up a little section at Writer's Companion that has the contests that are currently in the process of voting. I'm trying to help as much as I can. It's hard to get voters for the writing contests.

2004-05-02 [WarChiefFanguan]: hello everyone! Good job making one of the top 10 wikis of the month of april!

2004-05-02 [the 5th apocalyptic horseman]: i already voted long long time ago. gotta check there again some time.

2004-05-08 [the 5th apocalyptic horseman]: lol yeah i agree. hey, people, i found another place where many contests are listed: my house! i just counted, for some reason there are 14 contests listed there that i am part of. and that is only the ones that are running or where the voting is taking place...

2004-05-28 [Linderel]: Damn. I wish I'd come up with a competition, but my head is quite empty... We should put up a page for contest ideas; those who have ideas for contests but no time or willingness to put up one, could go there and voice their suggestions. How about that? :D

2004-05-28 [Linderel]: Hmm. What about we start to put contests that have ended and come up with a winner over a month ago to the Past Writing Contests page?

2004-05-28 [Linderel]: Alright, now we have it up; the Idea Storage is definitely alive and kicking, hopefully starting to run soon. All your ideas are belong to us! Har har.

2004-05-28 [Linderel]: Since [Three Tailed Fox] has been banned, I think we should remove her contest. A shame, really. :/ I also pointed out to [lillithsatine] and [tsukineko-sama] that their contests have become old. It seems that the Orange Rhyming Contest already has a winner.

2004-05-28 [Linderel]: Did anyone by chance notice that I'm having a very boring monologue here? :D

2004-05-29 [mywolfalways]: Sorry, I wasn't on; otherwise, I would have replied.

2004-05-29 [the 5th apocalyptic horseman]: lol me too. why has she been banned?

2004-05-29 [the 5th apocalyptic horseman]: uh, never mind, i see... thats not good...

2004-05-30 [Linderel]: Gosh, I just left's strange, what depression can make you do.

2004-05-30 [Doormat]: depression got me beaten with a sack of does do str

2004-05-30 [Doormat]: depression got me beaten with a sack of does do strange things doesnt it?

2004-06-03 [Farewell]: all you taleneted artists please feel free to check out Legacy Quests. Much appreciated!

2004-06-16 [Linderel]: Hmm... Have to move some things again...

2004-06-16 [Linderel]: New contest up, people! Take a look at Myth Blending Contest!

2004-06-19 [-Shadow-Nell-]: 0.0 This is so much fun! I'm becoming addicted to contests now. The best part is that I'm ACTIALLY finishing stories! I've finished more stories because of contests now than anything else.

2004-07-02 [Kaimee]: Incase anyones interested, the Town Herald Poetry Corner is open again and looking for poetry for our next issue :)

2004-07-05 [the 5th apocalyptic horseman]: cool. well i dont have much time but... ill see

2004-07-14 [Romymari]: Psst...I got somethin' for ya....there this contest goin' on to see who has the best written RP character...join at the RP Character Contest to see if you are one of the best!!

2004-07-28 [Damned One]:

Yo! Everyone visit Crypt of the Damned very cool! Contest for designing the banner!

2004-07-30 [irulan]: Um, where did the voting in progress section go?

2004-08-01 [Khayman]: does anyone mind if I post the link to my new wiki, Writing Help, somewhere on this page? like maybe up with those other links up top? I just started it, and need to begin advertising it...

2004-08-01 [Nere]: yep...go for it.

2004-08-02 [livingdeadgurl]: i wanted to enter a poetry contest but couldent find one that didnt suck or wasen closed so sad

2004-08-02 [Linderel]: Well then, [livingdeadgurl], if you have an idea about what kind of poetry contest you'd like to enter, please do put the idea to Idea Storage, someone might pick it up and use it...

2004-08-02 [livingdeadgurl]: ha hmm maybe i will who knows

2004-08-08 [-Shadow-Nell-]: Five minimum spots left in the Sci Fi Contest! I didn't make it, I just thinks it's cool.

2004-08-14 [Saffron]: -sigh- I wish art contest had the same amount of contests...

2004-08-15 [thestranger]: art contests has even more though...

2004-08-23 [Linderel]: That's the problem. Art Contests is way too big. We have a nice little place in here. We have many contests, but not too many.

2004-08-24 [Kiddalee]: Perhaps there should be a section for ongoing contests?

2004-08-26 [krystalline tears]: newbi*

2004-09-16 [eyes of frost]: hey the chapter contest needs voters!

2004-10-24 [Chrilith of Akhai]: Maybe we should get a "Contest of the month" here, like in the art section. Whaddaya think?

2004-10-24 [mywolfalways]: 0.0 I didn't even know they did contest of the month on the art page. LOL. It would be a good idea.

2004-10-25 [Linderel]: I never even understood the idea of that thing... Okay, "contest of the month," simple enough, but I don't get how it's chosen.

2004-10-25 [mywolfalways]: No idea.

2004-11-05 [mywolfalways]: elftown's fave Writer in the elftown awards is ridiculously biased. All of the contests on the elftown awards are. On elftown's fave Writer there are only 5 nominees; only one of which I have ever seen involved in any writing contests or clubs. It says votes and nominations end on November 06, but the person running it said no more nominations on by posting a comment on Nov 04. When nominees have barely been heard of and more active writers in Elftown cannot be nominated it seems very wrong to me.

2004-11-05 [Nevermore.]: well, wip de flippen do!!!!! i really dont care!!! even though, u have ur own opinions....everyone is entitled to mine!!

2004-11-05 [mywolfalways]: Everyone is entitled to your opinion just as much as they are entitled to mine. Actually, I'd much rather they make up their own opinion. I have a right to voice mine just as much as you do yours.

2004-11-05 [Nevermore.]: i dident say that u dident have the right to voice your own....but i just wont listen...

2004-11-05 [mywolfalways]: By replying to me, it shows everybody that you are listening.

2004-11-07 [mywolfalways]: The smitten contest is voting. I don't think it's been posted up.

2004-11-08 [hanhepi]: umm.. is my contest han's crew pic eledgeable for placement on this list as well? its a 2 part contest... i need both a pic and a written bio. contestants dont need to write AND draw, just one or the other....

2004-11-08 [Nere]: yeah....

2005-01-30 [-Shadow-Nell-]: Haha! Chapter Contest is open for voting now! EDIT: Wow! That went quick! Chapter Contest has ended, the next part has begun!

2005-02-05 [-Shadow-Nell-]: I KNOW there's more good writers out there! Come on! Join up!

2005-03-01 [Tyrana]: Hello there! I know it doesn't apply as a "writing contest," but anyone interested in the writing contests may be interested in the Elftown Community Library. It's a collection of writing by Elftowners, for other Elftowners to browse through. We recently opened our doors, but our collection is really small, and we could use some donations!!! Thank you! ~Tyrana

2005-03-02 [Chrilith of Akhai]: Shouldn't there be a "voting in progress" part? (Satanic poetry is voting)

2005-03-05 [Nere]: ... done

2005-03-05 [-Shadow-Nell-]: Chapter Contest is open for participants! And more judges! Come on, you know you want to join! ;)

2005-04-09 [Kaimee]: Hello, I just thought you writers might like to know: Theres a new elftown-type site open called writersco, the site is invite only and only for serious writers (we'd like to keep the amount of cyber brats to a minimum) so if youre interested check out writersco or drop me a line :)

2005-05-18 [-Shadow-Nell-]: Judges! Oh Judges! Where the heck are you judges?

2005-06-06 [cookie_monster]: Hmm. How do I become a judge?

2005-06-25 [mywolfalways]: You become a judge by asking the person who is running whichever contest it is.

2005-06-25 [-Shadow-Nell-]: *butts in* And you could put yourself down in the Judges For Hire wiki! *nudge nudge* Sorry, just had write this comment, the moment was too good to loose.

2005-07-18 [-Shadow-Nell-]: We have an interested judge on the Hire Page, if you're in need of a judge for your contest, she's there!

2005-07-25 [-Shadow-Nell-]: Right, going to mention that The Chapter Contest is once more open for participants!

2005-08-16 [lunarflames]: are/is there any wiki/contests for poetry.... like, not specified but just poetry?

2005-09-03 [-Shadow-Nell-]: More availible judges!

2005-09-05 [lunarflames]: oh..... well, then, i can be a judge for another contest? how does that work out?

2005-09-08 [-Shadow-Nell-]: Well, first of all you'll need someone in need of a judge, but if you're interested in judging then you can put yourself down in the Judges For Hire page until someone is in need of judicial assistance.

2005-11-03 [1 - 900 - USA - NAILS]: im tired.

2005-11-08 [Mind Demon]: how do i enter the contests?

2005-11-08 [Kiddalee]: [Mind Demon]: Click on the one you want to enter and it should tell you how.

2005-11-09 [Mind Demon]: how can i tell what category to put my poem in? it is kinda different then the categories posted

2005-11-09 [iippo]: Well then write one that fits into a category.

2005-11-15 [Kaimee]: Does anyone actually use Judges For Hire? :P

2005-11-15 [Kiddalee]: I didn't even notice it. I might in a later contest, but I've already established that mine will be judged by a poll.

2005-12-21 [Dragonartist]: It might be useful for an upcoming contest on A place for all you writers... if more people join lol im an artist not a writer so it would be easier to have someone help ^ ^

2006-01-01 [lunarflames]: im down on Judges for Hire but, no one seems to be in need of a judge! what gives?! lol

2006-01-01 [Kiddalee]: What about December's Monthly Month Contest?

2006-01-01 [iippo]: It just closed and judges can give me comments in TMMC - Dec05.

2006-01-04 [lunarflames]: oh! really!? okay, yay!

2006-01-12 [Sandeee(:]: how do you make your own I still dont understand that!! like your own story, or somethin' PLEASE HELP ME!!

2006-01-13 [lunarflames]: i made a comment at TMMC - Dec05... why has no one else?

2006-01-13 [-Shadow-Nell-]: [Sandeee(:] Are you having problems making the actual page for the story or contest to go on? In that case I would refer to the How do I make a wiki page.

2006-01-23 [immortal daydreams.]: new contest: love poem contest go there! its my first contest

2006-01-28 [-Shadow-Nell-]: Yay! Chapter Contest is back on!

2006-01-30 [BabyGrlz*2006*]: hey everyone i'm new. Can someone show/tell me how/where to add one of my poems?

2006-01-30 [stuffAEAmade]: You can put it on your house or create a wiki for it, or you can enter it in a contest if it fits the theme. :)

2006-01-31 [BabyGrlz*2006*]: Oh ok, thanks ^^

2006-02-01 [immortal daydreams.]: you can try entering in my contest, the love poem contest if you want, babygrlz

2006-02-02 [BabyGrlz*2006*]: lol i would but i dont really have too many love poems...

2006-02-02 [lunarflames]: [immortal daydreams.], do you need a judge?

2006-02-03 [Flisky]: Enter mine...and yes I do need a judge...He loves me/she loves me Poetry Contest...its not strictly love poems....

2006-02-03 [Kaimee]: For anyone who's interested btw, theres a whole bunch of very active contests over on at flipside@wiki and free to write@wiki. In fact, even I have a contest there! :P

2006-02-03 [immortal daydreams.]: i entered in yours, flisk_girl......lunarflames, i think im gonna do it by poll

2006-02-05 [lunarflames]: alright, [immortal daydreams.].....[Flisky], you need a judge? Message me, please

2006-02-13 [-Shadow-Nell-]: A reminder that the Chapter Contest closes on the 28th!

2006-02-15 [Linderel]: I merged the "closed" and "voting in progress" sections, as now both contained contests that were in the voting/judging phase, and saw no reason to keep them apart. Also, please keep this page up to date concerning your contests; for example, in the case of a closed contest, mention how the judging is done (by poll/judge), and to those in the "deadline set" section, mark the deadline. Thanks.

2006-03-01 [Linderel]: Removed the Ultimate Warrior Contest and The Monthly Month Contest due to stagnation. Owners may add them again once they get engines rolling again.

2006-04-18 [dayah]: new contest by me Finish This Story Contest

2006-04-20 [Saffron]: Harry Potter 7 Contest is my first writing contest, if you see anything that's not clear or not there, please let me know!

2006-05-12 [lunarflames]: oh, can I judge the Harry Potter 7 Contest????? Please?

2006-05-12 [Saffron]: you may, but please help find participants first :P

2006-05-16 [lunarflames]: alright!  will do!!!  i'm going to add it to my mood.... if that's alright?

2006-05-17 [Saffron]: ok

2006-05-25 [The Slave Queen]: Voting now for Lyrics Writing Contest please vote :)

2006-10-22 [crowdel]: i have a new wiki for all aspiring writers its called short story duelists

2006-11-27 [Linderel]: I don't believe this... It seems that almost all contests on the 'closed & voting' section have been more or less abandoned. Gah.

2006-11-27 [Linderel]: There, did some rearranging, and I have messaged the hosts of some contests to see what the situation is.
Anyone willing to take over the contest in the new section, please do so if you're sure you are able to give enough of your time for it. The Character Imagery Contest needs only to be judged. For any questions, you may consult me. Thanks.

2006-11-27 [Linderel]: Torture Contest also needs to be judged. My suggestion is that someone takes over, pokes at a couple of people, either non-Elftowner friends or the people at Judges for hire, and comes up with prizes for the winning entry/entries.

2006-12-03 [Hobbit teen]: Hey i was wondering if some people on here would like to come and put their entries to Halfling diary contest we have four more empty spots<img:img/mood/44166_1164145221.gif>

2006-12-20 [Kaimee]: Whoa, good job on the clean up :O

2006-12-20 [crowdel]: there is a need for alot of entries into short story duelists

2007-05-05 [Annie T.]: Wow, this is a really useful page!

2007-05-05 [Linderel]: Yup... Though I should update it again.

2007-06-15 [Hobbit teen]: it truely is a wonderful site~

2007-06-16 [~~Butterfly Angel~~]: hey would anyone like to write their own world? if so contact me thanx!

2007-09-14 [Annie T.]: Hey, I closed Concerti so I took it off here...I hope that's what you're supposed to do.

2008-01-02 [Annie T.]: Hey Linderel, thanks for updating the Character Imagery Contest on here.

2008-07-30 [whitehot]: how do you make a contest

2008-07-30 [Lady of Lore]: See Contest Guidelines at the top of the page, there are also questions for newbies and help wikis that I think are linked to the Mainstreet.

2009-04-24 [Linderel]: I will be updating this page over the next few days.

2009-04-25 [Kaimee]: Excellent :)

2011-03-10 [Kaimee]: Not sure if anyone is interested, but a few of the writing contests on are starting to get active again :)
</spam> :P

2011-03-10 [Linderel]: Oh, there's life there? :o

2011-03-10 [Kaimee]: Few and far between, but enough to have actual entries in contests :D

2011-03-10 [Linderel]: Myeah. I just logged in for the first time in... uh... over a year.

2011-03-10 [Kaimee]: Ha xD Well, can't blame you, nothing happened in over a year xD

2011-03-10 [Linderel]: I actually kind of forgot the place even existed <_<;;

2011-03-10 [Kaimee]: too, and Hedda gave me boss privs so that's slightly more embarrassing xD

I wonder how many old members out there never realised that the heddate version got restored? :/ The url doesn't even work anymore...

2011-03-10 [Linderel]: Can't know. And even if they realised, life always happens.

2011-03-10 [Kaimee]: Yes it certainly does x) Oh well, we can aim for a new crop of people, I sure do miss those contests.

2011-03-18 [kians mummy]: question: der deutsche contest is that free to take over

2011-03-18 [Linderel]: Since the maintainer hasn't been seen in years, I would say that it is. As long as it's done by someone who's actually fluent in German.

2011-03-18 [kians mummy]: hallo nett, Sie, meine Namen sammie zu treffen

2011-03-18 [kians mummy]: Seitdem der maintainer in Jahren nicht gesehen worden ist, würde ich sagen, dass es ist. Solange es von jemandem getan wird, der auf Deutsch wirklich fließend ist..

this is what you just said in german

2011-04-20 [SilverFire]: Hello nice, you, my name is Sammie to meet? It makes no sense, and some of your genders are wrong. The words are all there, but in the wrong order. X_X You need to rearrange it: Hallo, mein Name ist Sammie (alternative. Ich heisse Sammie), Nett Sie zu treffen. :)

Seitdem isn't great - Weil is better. The second sentence is okay, though. :)

2011-04-20 [kians mummy]: thats the way i learnt it in german though

2011-04-20 [SilverFire]: Uhm... then your German teacher wasn't too good? X)

2011-04-20 [kians mummy]: lol

2012-12-26 [stefani_m]: Hi everyone! Merry Christmas! How can I submit my poem for the Christmas contest? Thank you in advance!

2012-12-26 [Mortified Penguin]: You'll want to head over to Christmas Poetry 12, page 1 to submit it.

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