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Writing Contests

Page maintained by [Linderel].

Before doing ANYTHING at all in order to create a new contest, please see the Contest Guidelines.

If you see a contest in the wrong section, please move it to the correct one. Also, once having listed your own contest on this page, please try and remember to keep it up to date.

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Art Contests
Photo Contests

Idea Storage
Writer's Companion

Judges For Hire

Past Writing Contests

Winner announced

Harry Potter 7 Contest

by [Saffron] - Winner [Flisky]

Writing For Comics Contest

by [deeterhi] - Winners on page.


by [Linderel] - Winners on page.

Pick a Prompt 2 Writing Section

by [Linderel] - Winners on page.

The Elftown Limerick Competition

Winners on page.

Closed & voting

100 word question contest

by [the 5th apocalyptic horseman] - <poll:41440>

Nocturnal Poetry Contest

by [daydreamer] - Vote in <poll:63174>

Happy Birthday! Motto Contest

by [Sunny Silverunicorn] - Voting on at the wiki

Sci-Fi Writing Contest

by [Avalyn Bastian] - Judging started

Fantasy Writing Contest

by [Avalyn Bastian] - Judging to commence

Official Elftown contests

Elftown Prose Contest

Deadline 15th August 2011

Deadline set - Please maintain the chronology!

Deadline based on #contestants

Trochaic Poetry Contest

by [Linderel] - Ends at 15 entries.

Halfling Diary Contest

by [Hobbit teen] - Ends at 5 Entries.

Harry Potter Fan Fiction Contest 2

by [+♥+SAFFY+♥+] - 5 entries

Deadline not set

The Cake Contest

by [Carol Lynn]

Finish This Story Contest

by [dayah]

Christian Poem Contest

by [Avalyn Bastian]

Shattered Painting

by [Captain Rachel Black]

Write Me a Story

by [Chimes]

Perpetual contests

Elftown Wiki Poetry Dueling Arena

Preaching Poetry

by [Rice]

Short Story Duelists

Abandoned & free to take over

Contests in other languages

der deutsche contest

maintained by [death disguised in purple] - GERMAN writing contests

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2004-03-25 [mywolfalways]: Sounds good. Thank you for linking. ^_^

2004-04-01 [Linderel]: Please vote on the Fantasy Creature Poetry Contest's poll, so that we'll get it over with. I will be arranging a second round if I get enough participants, so those who want to join in, please send me a message. I want at least ten participants ensured before I do anything.

2004-04-01 [mywolfalways]: Okay, I voted. I put up a little section at Writer's Companion that has the contests that are currently in the process of voting. I'm trying to help as much as I can. It's hard to get voters for the writing contests.

2004-05-02 [WarChiefFanguan]: hello everyone! Good job making one of the top 10 wikis of the month of april!

2004-05-02 [the 5th apocalyptic horseman]: i already voted long long time ago. gotta check there again some time.

2004-05-08 [the 5th apocalyptic horseman]: lol yeah i agree. hey, people, i found another place where many contests are listed: my house! i just counted, for some reason there are 14 contests listed there that i am part of. and that is only the ones that are running or where the voting is taking place...

2004-05-28 [Linderel]: Damn. I wish I'd come up with a competition, but my head is quite empty... We should put up a page for contest ideas; those who have ideas for contests but no time or willingness to put up one, could go there and voice their suggestions. How about that? :D

2004-05-28 [Linderel]: Hmm. What about we start to put contests that have ended and come up with a winner over a month ago to the Past Writing Contests page?

2004-05-28 [Linderel]: Alright, now we have it up; the Idea Storage is definitely alive and kicking, hopefully starting to run soon. All your ideas are belong to us! Har har.

2004-05-28 [Linderel]: Since [Three Tailed Fox] has been banned, I think we should remove her contest. A shame, really. :/ I also pointed out to [lillithsatine] and [tsukineko-sama] that their contests have become old. It seems that the Orange Rhyming Contest already has a winner.

2004-05-28 [Linderel]: Did anyone by chance notice that I'm having a very boring monologue here? :D

2004-05-29 [mywolfalways]: Sorry, I wasn't on; otherwise, I would have replied.

2004-05-29 [the 5th apocalyptic horseman]: lol me too. why has she been banned?

2004-05-29 [the 5th apocalyptic horseman]: uh, never mind, i see... thats not good...

2004-05-30 [Linderel]: Gosh, I just left's strange, what depression can make you do.

2004-05-30 [Doormat]: depression got me beaten with a sack of does do str

2004-05-30 [Doormat]: depression got me beaten with a sack of does do strange things doesnt it?

2004-06-03 [Farewell]: all you taleneted artists please feel free to check out Legacy Quests. Much appreciated!

2004-06-16 [Linderel]: Hmm... Have to move some things again...

2004-06-16 [Linderel]: New contest up, people! Take a look at Myth Blending Contest!

2004-06-19 [-Shadow-Nell-]: 0.0 This is so much fun! I'm becoming addicted to contests now. The best part is that I'm ACTIALLY finishing stories! I've finished more stories because of contests now than anything else.

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