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2004-08-24 12:46:28
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These are are BANNERS!!!!

This badge was made by [thestranger] as a favor. Hope you like it. She did a very good job on it, no? ^.^
-[Just another heartache on my lips.]

to put this badge in ur house just copy this and take away the stars!please all latinos put it in ur house-Vanessa



Hey I made this badge as soon as I saw the it ok?

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2004-04-23 [Just another heartache on my lips.]: Oooh! Someone should make a banner with Flags as the border...Like the Mexican Flag, Puerto Rican Flag, etc. And then put in Latino Pride@wiki</i> in the middle...If I could...I would make it...but alas...I can't....Just wanted to give whomever wanted to make the badge an idea! ^.^;;;Missing: </i>

2004-12-06 [vee.]: nice bannner

2004-12-07 [Elforia]: cheers :)

2005-02-19 [Sweet Intoxication]: The second one doesn't include Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic or my beloved Puerto Rico *tear*

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