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Written about Saturday 2009-09-05
Written: (3988 days ago)
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Have you played Ocarina of Time?
If yes then you probably know how bad that game needs an epic movie to compliment its awesomeness!
You may have seen the Trailer by IGN, yes its fake and an April fools joke...a very cruel and convincing joke that killed me on the inside to find out that it was fake....

anyways I strongly believe that a movie needs to be made, and will be made...but if we stand back and wait for Nintendo to hire some fancypants company and some shitty director (M. Night shamalayn or however you spell it...I know the village was a good movie but surprise endings get very stale...plus he is ruining avatar).

Lets not let those assholes ruin one of the best games ever with a bad movie (think back to street fighter, doom or even *shiver* super mario bros the movie!) THIS CANT HAPPEN TO ZELDA!

well good news people a certain loyal zelda fan, who belives that the best movie will be one that actually follows the game, just hooked up with SPUD productions (an indy film group that has won several indy awards, and 17 mostly horror indy films, including working for Lionsgate films on something I dont remember) and are now in pre-production of the first of two LEGEND OF ZELDA MOVIES.

The first one is obviously going to be called Ocarina of Time, and the second one will pick up (so far) after Link finishes the fire temple and slays Volvagia, will be called Hero of Time (working title)

Anyways the movie has a rough estimated budget assesment of 100,000 dollars to cover cast, crew, CGI, settings and costumes. Unfortunatly its a bit out of my budget and SPUD's budget to afford such a high price, but no expense must be spared for a legemd of Zelda movie.

So soon a website will be posted, once we finish the screenplay, treatment, and script (soon being a month or so, maybe longer) and I will provide a link (bad pun im sorry) to it.

We ask that you please donate funds to this project (we will also be advertising around the city in newspapers, and game stores and arcades as well as other internet sites) so hopefully this becomes a reality. There will also be various other fundraisers throughout this process, and any donation will be greatly appreciated (we are also thinking about offering a place in the credits for people who donate a certain amount, either 5 or 10 dollars, so our supporters may have a place in the credits).

If you cannot offer any money but wish to see this succeed we ask that you visit the website (check my diary often I will probably make a wiki page dedicated to it as well) and sign the petition we will have there, leave your email adress and full name.

The petition is important for our presentation to Ninentendo because without their blessing we cant sell dvd's making distribution of this movie limited to our area in indy film screenings, so we have to get them on board with us, and with lets say 100,000 people saying they want this to happen Nintendo will most likely have to consent or else piss 100,000 or more of their fans off. Leaving your email there and we will send you film updates, trailers, and whatever else we can so you are up to date on our project.

Expect this project to go far, This movie WILL happen with or without Nintendo's permission, and if your a loyal zelda fan and WANT a movie then we are prepared to make one, any support you can offer will be appreciated greatly.

Keep an eye on my diary for links and updates, as well as a wiki page which I will make when the snowball starts rolling so to speak.

Thank you for reading,

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Written about Friday 2009-04-10
Written: (4136 days ago)

Anyways so the next Thelemic new year (april 8th) im going to go to Cairo, Egypt ^^
No fucking family trip either, im going by myself for 1 week (or more hopefully ^^) going to spend the 8th, 9th and 10th at noon invoking horus much like crowley did, and the rest ov the time sight seeing ^^ Im so fucking excited ive never been out ov the U.S before!

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Written about Thursday 2009-04-09
Written: (4137 days ago)

The Falcon head!
Come before me and awake
Thee thee I invoke!

I make thee a sign!
The facade ov your enemy
The symbol ov Apep
Human avatar ov the snake!
I tell you I am thus,
now come to me!
judge me as you will
but know that this be me!

Slash, cut the birthing cord!
Draw, bear your Flaming sword
Crowned child the conquering lord
Falcon head, Aeon, AVENGER!

He who is before Christ
He who came before
son ov thy god
child ov forsaken one
come forth from thy womb
flying from terror ov water
thee thee I invoke!

Shine white they crown ov heaven
Thy gold be made ov solar disks
Lift up thy divine spear
like roaring ov the clouds!
Strike down the draconic one
into eternity

O dragons!
Reaching east and west
Thou be banished!

Cast off my blue robe! Into the Dark ov night
The outmost Aethyr, the untravelled
The depths ov space, the eye ov god
Concentrate the thirty in sphere ov fire!

Hold thy rose, speak thy poems
the voice ov the fifth
the voice ov thy sixth
eleven are the speakers
but one shall be their name!
Falcon head, Golden disk!

Slash cut the birthing cord
Draw bear your flaming sword
Crowned child the conquering lord
Falcon head, aeon, AVENGER!

Bear wand ov double power
I hold the beads ov pearl
By white and gold,
by blue, by nile
Jeweled be my crown
I invoke thee

By song
by word
I call thee
by falcon voice
By roaring fire
I call thee
I sing ov thee!

In my hands, I hold your sword
Revenge shall be its name
Point it where you shall
My arms shall follow forth
Do what thou wilt
I shall be your star

By: Nazarath.

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Written about Wednesday 2009-02-04
Written: (4200 days ago)
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I went to go see cradle of filth last night...
and I fucking met dani and paul, yeah....
hugged dani to...
Needless to say Im going to be in a really good mood for a long time now.

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Written about Monday 2008-09-29
Written: (4329 days ago)

the procrastinators guild
Everyone join! except take your time with it...theres no hurry.

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Written about Thursday 2008-08-28
Written: (4361 days ago)

Just to inform people...I am now single. After nearly a three year run the relationship died out, it ended on a good note and it was a mutual agreement we are still friends.
But me and [Erishkigal] are over right now, maybe we will come back together someday, but who knows. Im both happy and guilty right now, but mostly just glad it ended here before it got worse.

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Written about Sunday 2008-08-24
Written: (4366 days ago)
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Written about Friday 2008-08-15
Written: (4374 days ago)

uhhh...9 hours of work today...
Sorting through peoples donations all day, heavy lifting, and I had to set up for Western days tommorrow yay! Which means I had to set up a bunch of cowboy junk that smelled like shit and body odor all day...god I live in a hick town, western days is our biggest sale of the year, we sell over 5 range boxes of cowboy boots during the course of the day ( a range box is about 4 feet tall, and 6 feet wide we sell 5 of those full of shitkickers) god how can one town own so many stupid cowboy boots?

Anyways today was long, and now I smell really bad.

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