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Written about Wednesday 2007-09-05
Written: (4687 days ago)
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Everyone watch this, its great.

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Written about Wednesday 2007-08-29
Written: (4694 days ago)

98% of teens wont stand up for god...XD god is screwed!

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Written about Wednesday 2007-08-29
Written: (4694 days ago)
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my house is haunted!
I was in the shower when the temperature of the water kept going up and down as if someone was flushing the toilet!
then later on the soap fell...but Im to smart for them ^^ I didnt fall for their evil ruse! I grabbed a second bar of soap I keep in there just in case evil bathroom gnomes have nefarious plans involving dropped soap and a spoon!

if your my friend reading this: Remind me to buy Bathroom Gnome repellent.

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Written about Tuesday 2007-08-28
Written: (4695 days ago)

Ive had another revelation:

life coming to an end, just emptiness...no heaven or hell. all my joys of life gone...FUCK ITS SCARY! Death is the ultimate end, there is no greater defeat than dying, not even living in torment...just dying is scary as hell. There is nothing I fear more than just dropping dead one day. I want to live forever, so I can forever realize the true joys of life...
I truly pity the death hungry, not only are they sacraficing their life, but they are literally going nowhere...
Fuck...many years from now I will be laying in a fucking deathbed and I will die! I DONT WANT THAT TO HAPPEN! I dont care if I get old and wrinkly and saggy...I just want to live for fucking ever.

I think its people who have this thought make the prettiest corpses...just the look in their eyes says "My only regret is life had to end" its beautiful..but a horrible thing...
Its the suicidal, the depressed, etc that make ugly corpses, they lie there and rot...they left nothing behind, no legacy all the had was death, they threw their lives away and now their dead body reflects it...
as LaVey said "Some people make prettier corpses than others"

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Written about Wednesday 2007-08-22
Written: (4702 days ago)

I have a confession:
Last night I had sex with jesus. And I dont know whats funnier, the fact that I had to fake an orgasm he was so disappointing (how a guy fakes an orgasm...dont ask) or that Jesus had sex with a guy XD

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Written about Wednesday 2007-08-22
Written: (4702 days ago)
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Ok this is how the movie should have really been.
If jack had a band on his boat then he so would have made them play this song while he sang...
yup that would have pissed davy off.

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Written about Tuesday 2007-08-21
Written: (4702 days ago)

Watch that, for the love of satan its funny as hell!

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Written about Tuesday 2007-08-21
Written: (4702 days ago)
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This is what happens when you put mentos in beer!
Trust me this is not one thing to try at home! Its the most stunning and unexpected reaction....if your my friend reading this diary entry you have to watch this!

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Written about Tuesday 2007-08-21
Written: (4703 days ago)

familyguynow.com is the greatest site ever!

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Written about Friday 2007-08-17
Written: (4706 days ago)
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Ive been having some fun with pictures...again.

Here is the original, and politically incorrect, picture:

Here is the modified, more truthful picture:

yes I am fully aware there is a typo in it!

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Written about Friday 2007-08-17
Written: (4706 days ago)
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Today I came across a wonderful statistic.
42% of muslims in america claim to be muslim before american
63% of christians claim to be christian before american.

This made me think, just what comes first in my life, satanism, or my american heritage...
I concluded satanism cant come first, that it works in such a way its not a cause or a quest, its a tool and it couldnt come in any order.

I think I would be a human animal before anything, then I would be nazarath.

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Written about Thursday 2007-08-16
Written: (4707 days ago)
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A good story I know starts with a Christian: He is in serious trouble, in desperation, takes his last change, goes to a phone booth in the freezing rain and dials heaven. He keeps getting a busy signal. After quite some time, someone answers and puts him on hold. They leave him on hold. Then finally he gets to talk to a lesser being like an angel or something. When a Satanist calls Hell, Satan, himself, picks up after the first ring.

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Written about Wednesday 2007-08-15
Written: (4708 days ago)
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ok here is a list of things that piss me off about ET houses:
1. its nothing but a massive slop of incoherent Teen jargon.
2. It has a long collection of pictures not related to the person.

3.The overuse of word shortenings, or bad grammar
4.The page being little more than a spiteful diatribe, if your gonna put your opinions up, do so in wikis.
5. The overuse of huge letters, I used to do it, but everytime I scrolled down it annoyed me. So I stopped ^^
6. The stupid emo hearts (<3)
7. The emo/ myspace picture styles
8. the links to myspace, or emails.
9. The proclamations that the person is a stoner, or an alcoholic.
10. Whining, nonstop explanation of problems in a bio.
11. The motorcycle story, the questions and questionairs, song lyrics etc.
12. putting up pics of your friends and saying beneath it "I will kick your ass if you hurt them" etc. Having this house is protected by banners dont piss me off.

But what angers me the most is seeing a short, or long, description, just a small essay of words. Thats great for getting approved on to et, but change it as soon as possible, make your page interesting!
What angers me further more is seeing the whole "Teen counter culture statement" the whole "im unique, im me...etc" that whole rant that i see a million times on here. Its great that your unique...but let people find out on your own, dont just rant on about it.

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Written about Wednesday 2007-08-15
Written: (4708 days ago)

lately ive had something on my mind...
most people's ET houses suck.
I mean, they are just a random collection of pictures and words that could be somewhere else...
And there are alot of emo type things that people have going on...
God people need better ET houses.

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Written about Friday 2007-08-10
Written: (4713 days ago)
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My mom said I can get a tattoo!!!
For my last B day that I didnt get a single fucking present for....from anyone...thanks assholes!
anyways, Im gonna get Baphomet, with "In Nomine Nostri Satanas Luciferi Excelsi" beneath it in fancy writing, on my right shoulder.
And im gonna get my tounge peirced ^^
Yup im a happy Nazarath!

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Written about Wednesday 2007-08-08
Written: (4715 days ago)
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^^ Im very happy today!
I sent out for a "Satanis the Devil's mass" Dvd double featured with Sinthia the Devil's Doll. ^^ now I get to see satanic, anton lavey ritual goodness ^^

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Written about Monday 2007-07-30
Written: (4724 days ago)
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I heard this quote and it was so funny I had to put it up here:

"A Bisexual, is a person who can reach down the front of someone's pants and be satisfied with whatever they touch."

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Written about Monday 2007-07-30
Written: (4724 days ago)
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someone on myspace is copying me!
I was going to through people and I saw me!
but it wasnt me
It was a complete copy of me, pictures and all my works etc.
everything from ET was on that page so one of my friends on here is copying me.
im pissed

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Written about Sunday 2007-07-29
Written: (4725 days ago)

Well where do I start...
Just alot of shit has happened recently...alot of shit.

First off:

The past couple months have been strange. Things between me and [Erishkigal] have been tough. Shes changed alot and nothing is what it used to be. We've both been having moments where we think we should break up with the other, and most of the time we dont talk about it.

anyways. I met this girl at ozzfest named Chelsea. Long story short, after a small arguement with [Erishkigal] when I was over at Chelsea's house, I ended up sleeping with Chelsea. Not sex, just sleeping in the same bed mind you.

Alot of crap was said that shouldnt have been said, both from me and [Erishkigal] and to Chelsea. I was overly infatuated with her, and just so confused about the woman I really love.

I told [Erishkigal] about everything, and I told Chelsea that It was just me being stupid, and that we cant be together.

Chelsea is crushed...
[Erishkigal] is crying...
im having endless nightmares, and now I now that my girlfriend is going to tell everyone im going to have to go through a really long story over and over again.

Yes I know, im a horrible, terrible boyfriend and I dont deserve her, and she most certainly doesnt deserve this!

Anyways me and [Erishkigal] are separated. Yup im going to be single until we get back together. Its like were breaking up, but I know we are getting together eventually.

I feel terrible, guilty...all that shit.

My mind always wants other people, because im a guy and im lustful as hell. Ive always hated the Idea of being with one person for to long, If I really think about it I come to the conclusion that ive done nothing wrong, and that society has made it so what ive done is wrong. But I cant help but think everyone is over reacting to this, even me.

Even still I cant get over how guilty I feel, and how much I have to deal with knowing I harmed more than one person, because it seems everyone is affected by this.

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Written about Thursday 2007-07-26
Written: (4728 days ago)
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Yesterday sucked
Fucking work.
Seriously Ive only hung out with 1 friend, 2 times this whole fucking month because of work. Everytime im capable of seeing a friend on any given day I have work. from 4-10. So if I went anywhere I wouldnt have much time to do anything anyways. What makes it worse is since I started working there, they changed my mom's hours and she works opposite to me, so from 9 in the morning to 4 I have to babysit my sister, guess what that means?! I cant go anywhere from 9-10
What makes it worse is the fact that my sister has no friends, at least any she wants to see. So I can never get her to leave the house and go somewhere so I can leave somewhere. I have so much money, but no way to spend it because I can never go anywhere! I was supposed to go to Issaquah on saturday to see a friend...nope had work. rescheduled to monday. Nope had work. Changed to tuesday. Guess what Had fucking work!
Good thing im off friday or I would have a mental breakdown!

On top of that my boss is an annoying cunt. She sits and talks in that annoying high pitched old lady voice of hers, and she repeats herself a million fucking times, rephrasing everything over and over again, making unreasonable accusations, and asking me to do the stupidest things!

Even more....

Im constantly getting bitched at BY EVERYONE who works at the store, about my lip ring! Fuckers...
Then they tattle on me to the boss and guess what I have to go to her office the next day, just to hear her say the same thing 56,000 times that she has already said four times before.

Then my mom gets yelled at and she comes home crying.

Every fucking day I have to work with Carolyn and Tess, and they are the biggest cunts of all!
They sit and watch me all day like im doing something wrong, and Carolyn follows me around telling me how to do my job, then she goes to the boss and complains that she constantly has to tell me what to do!

Then goes the whole annoying boss thing.

And my mom also gets yelled at...and cries

Then I have to listen to the two twats at the counter gossiping about my mom, then I have all the other employees talking about my mom in earshot of me, saying the fucking rudest things.

When I complained about it, I got in trouble.
For my lip ring being in.
Its true folks. She completly ignored my complaint because I had my ring in. And the best part was I wasnt even working those hours!

Just yesterday, I got told by Nelda that Will (The co-owner, my bosses husband) said I havent done a single thing right, and everything was wrong, And that im a slacker and hes gonna fire me pretty soon.

What makes everything better is that they have cameras in the store, hooked up in their house. So they are watching me work all day! God that makes me so paranoid!

Aside from that every person mentioned in this whole rant is a redneck...

Yeah I have to put up with ugly, old annoying rednecks all day. And they play fucking the same 6 country songs on the radio on repeat all day.

So as a "Consequence" for my "Misbehavior" according to Will, I now have to follow an extremely long list that has a whole bunch of jobs that were never in the job description. And all the while I was doing them I was getting yelled at for never doing them before.

Another Consequence is now I have 2 breaks, instead of the usual 4.

and no more lunch break.

and they upped my hours to 4-10, which I mentioned earlier. They used to be 4-9.

Henceforth, I am quitting my job. effective immediately. sure having money is great. But when I have to put up with these rednecks and all their redneck shit. 7.50 an hour isnt really worth it. Since I cant go to the movies or the stores to buy anything cause I have work. And I cant go anywhere with my friends to spend it.

So im gonna quit. And work somewhere else. With more people so I have less pressure.

this just isnt worth it.

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Written about Wednesday 2007-07-18
Written: (4737 days ago)

Ive been obsessed with Lordi Recently!
I love them!
They are like Gwar playing Kiss music!
Best stage performance at ozzfest (pyrotechnics wise of course, Ozzy was the best!)

Here is one of my favorite songs by them

Would you love a monsterman
Could you understand beauty of the beast

Fire at will - yeah I would kill
Yeah I would freeze all hell over just to get a chill
Yeah I would slay - Yeah I would maim
Yeah I would in thin air and reappear again
Be right in the squares, yeah I would be sincere
Yeah I would lie, Yeah I would lie
Yeah I would be there waking up the dead to get a thrill
I say yeah - I say yeah

Would you love a monsterman
Could you understand beauty of beast
I would do it all for you, would you do it all
Do it all for me

Take your time - you'll be fine
Yeah there is nothing wrong with this
you ain't committing crime
You don't know why we passed you by
You search for something never found
Along these lines
Someday you may turn aruond and terrify
You can't deny - You crucify
Would you get down in the gutter
Swallowing your pride
I say yeah - I say yeah


All that you get is much less
you deserve
Leaving for now
Someday I may return

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