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Written about Friday 2008-02-29
Written: (5193 days ago)

I feel as though part of my soul is missing

can your soul mate be a person you have never even met?

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Written about Friday 2007-05-18
Written: (5480 days ago)

ok its time for another rant by me [♀Kotton Kandy♀ the ♀American Witch♀]
I absolutly hate when I go to someones page on here and its entirely about their supposied love and how much their in love and blah blah laudy fucking dah... listen look at what i have up... a picture of [Grenivic] and I.. thats all that is required you don't see me rambling on saying the same shit over and over and over and over about how much I love him... listen most of you fuckers that have that up are fucking sixteen YOUR NOT IN LOVE YET SLOW THE FUCK DOWN trust me you will get burned.. i know its happend to me before...
oh and if i want to know so much about your boyfriend/girlfriend i will go to their page and see for myself keep your fucking page about yourself and knock this junior high bullshit off already!!!

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Written about Wednesday 2007-02-14
Written: (5573 days ago)

created out of bordom

Random Pictures of Aj

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Written about Sunday 2007-01-14
Written: (5604 days ago)

hey everyone if you love me you'll join The Tower Of Seletar

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