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Written about Tuesday 2005-10-04
Written: (5464 days ago)

There will be a day,
When all of life just slips away...
And no matter what you do...
Life just spins away from you...

And you wonder
(where the hell reality went...)
And you cry
(Cuz you feel your life's been spent)
And you wish
(That all this shit would go away)
And you die
(Cuz your life just ended today...)

A song I'm working on.... enjoy

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Written about Thursday 2005-09-22
Written: (5476 days ago)
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The Archpoet: His Confession

Seething over inwardly
With fierce indignation,
In my bitterness of soul,
hear my decleration.
I am of one element,
Levity my matter,
Like enough a withered leaf
For the winds to scatter.

Since it is the property
Of the sapient
To sit firm upon a rock,
It is evident
That I am a fool, since I
Am a flowing river,
Never under the same sky,
Transient forever.

Hither, thither, masterless,
Ship upon the sea,
Wandering through the ways of air,
Go the birds like me.
Bound am i by ne'er a bond,
Prisoner to no key,
Questing go I for my kind,
Find deprevity.

A portion of a poem by the Archpoet, in the late 1100's. It suits me well, methinks...

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Written about Monday 2005-08-15
Written: (5514 days ago)
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Where does it end? How many times do I have to wake up in a cold sweat wondering when I'll finally get caught, or when I'll finally get away? How many times do I have to [wipe the slate clean before I finally succeed]? When will the hell and the torture finally pay off? [And where is she when i need her the most?] Almost, it seems, a world away... I love you...

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Written about Thursday 2005-07-21
Written: (5539 days ago)
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Hello and goodbye everyone... this is a message to let you know im still here and alive, but no longer dave... my new name is john :P so live it love it, and learn it folks..... i mean it :P

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Written about Thursday 2005-06-16
Written: (5574 days ago)

still around...... dont know why, but i am....... wish i could just disappear......

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Written about Thursday 2005-04-07
Written: (5647 days ago)

The wide, weird world of Daemeon Arkenyon Zane is now available for the low low price of a hug..... GET DOWN AND WRITE ME A FREAKIN MESSAGE!!!! :P

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