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Written about Sunday 2009-08-02
Written: (3996 days ago)

I have been so lost, trapped within the walls of my mind.
But I will overcome the insanity, the upset.
I can see light just over the horizon.
It's time to set aside self pity and loathing.
And time to start a new.

To revisit myself, who I was, who I am.
And become who I know I can. To strive for great things
Happiness is within my grasp, I need only reach out and take it.

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Written about Saturday 2008-02-02
Written: (4543 days ago)
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Just wanted to let my friends know that i lurv ya'll

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Written about Wednesday 2007-09-26
Written: (4672 days ago)

A short list of people that make me smile:

[Jenny Crank]

Thanks guys for helping me steal my moments!

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Written about Friday 2007-09-21
Written: (4676 days ago)

You can love someone and not be with them. I am now content with being apart from him, and I am no longer pursuing him.... That's right people, I'm finally over it. Who woulda thunk? lol

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