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Written about Tuesday 2010-05-04
Written: (3802 days ago)

There is something seriously wrong with me,. I think i'm losing it sometimes. When I'm alone... i have these breakdowns sometimes. I started crying the other day and i'm not even sure why...today for some reason imy mind was on the pst...nonthing had to do with rob like it once did, it was all the other things. It's so strange.

And i cant shake the feeling that we're going to be parting ways soon, it's been this looming forboding thoght in the back of my mind. idk there are so many things i want to talk to you about, but i can never get you alone.

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Written about Sunday 2009-08-02
Written: (4077 days ago)

I have been so lost, trapped within the walls of my mind.
But I will overcome the insanity, the upset.
I can see light just over the horizon.
It's time to set aside self pity and loathing.
And time to start a new.

To revisit myself, who I was, who I am.
And become who I know I can. To strive for great things
Happiness is within my grasp, I need only reach out and take it.

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Written about Saturday 2008-02-02
Written: (4624 days ago)
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Just wanted to let my friends know that i lurv ya'll

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