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Written about Wednesday 2007-05-09
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the simplicities of life

There's an old saying in life,"you cant have your cake and eat it too".......what the fuck is up with that shit?.....whats the point in having cake if you cant eat it....the icings the best part......

anyway, lets get to the point......I've learned that life sucks "balls".....(which is actually a good drink).....But besides that little mix of theory.....you struggle everyday to try your best and sometimes it never turns out the way you want it......and half the time, your so caught up in the material things such as (cell phones, t.v., fashion, boys/ girls, and this almighty thing called a computer) that you forget the real meaning of life....

you only live once, so you better make the best of it......you can't have regrets, you can't have flaws, everything you do is for a reason, and, within that reasons lies your life, the uncontrollable passion to be something your not, or to have everything thing that you ever wanted, is only a flock of reality.....no matter what your never satisfied, nothing is never enough, and reality will always be the reason you try and escape...

for those of you that cant understand big words, this means...that no matter what happens in life, no matter what you do, no matter how much you try, LIFE, will always fuck you in the butt......and to be honest....i think that hurts.....never happen to me so i'm not shore, but people tell me it does...so i believe them.....

sometimes we make life to difficult, it's not actually as hard as it seems.......you wake up, go through your daily routine, learn something and then go to bed wondering what could have made your day so much better,

nothing in life is guaranteed, but thats when you just say fuck it and go with it..... once you start something it's honestly pointless to give up on it....because all that time you wasted trying to fix or make that one little thing work, you have had to spend on something else to make it work, and that have been more time for more thing's you want to do......

so it's pointless,

in my opinion once you make up your mind on what you want at that time, and you take it...it's like an unsigned contracted that you never saw....basically saying your fucked, and if you want something worth living for you better stick it all the way through.......because you will always have those simple word stuck in your mind.....WHAT IF......and thats a big word for only being two letters in the dictionary

i honestly hope someone reads this.......it's worth the time and day....because its all true about the simplicities of life

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