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Written about Thursday 2014-11-27
Written: (2051 days ago)

I used to be important, I was a god of men, as that fine sand brushed along my face my life had meaning. I remember stretching my wings and gliding through the air, snatching evil men from their sleep at night. I was once serving a purpose, not what you see now. Not rusting away in a life that seems to have no place for me. I'm happy there is peace, but that and I are like water and fire. I do not want to eat, I want to hunt. I miss the sky's, and the green hue of the horizon beyond the mountain tops. The radio chatter while engaged in frenzy of fire with Valkyries screeching as they fly between us rafting their claws on the dirt and sand as they plucked our dead away. The feel alone of the very touch on my cheek as lady death elegantly walked past my soul, her smile as she hunted with ease those who gave their last breath. Watching her point them out and at her very command, Valkyries carry off her prey. The very baptism in fire and blood, the taste of warm iron, and salty swet. I used to be important..

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Written about Tuesday 2014-11-18
Written: (2061 days ago)

I am looking for an artist to help me modify and put the final touch ups on my half sleeve tattoo i made while i was deployed. If anyone would be interested, please let me know, Im not great at drawing or design so its in need of a little love before i find someone to put it in my skin.

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Written about Saturday 2012-06-30
Written: (2931 days ago)

Z Day

Come and be prepared!!

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