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Written about Wednesday 2011-11-02
Written: (3175 days ago)

Halloween was fantastic! My bf and I went as the sesame st martians (the yip yips) and we won second place in the contest!!! Apart from winning some epic prizes, we also got a shout out on Jim Hanson's twitter!


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Written about Friday 2011-04-15
Written: (3376 days ago)

Hey guys. Tired of no one commissioning you? Tired of trying to find people to commission? Well look no further!

Commission me!!!

Doesn't matter if you can only do pencil drawings, or if you are skilled in every form of artistry! We want everyone, yes, YOU! Our goal is to find everyone and give them a chance to be seen and featured :D

Commission me!!!

Please join!

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Written about Sunday 2011-04-10
Written: (3381 days ago)

just listed a TON of drilled sea glass pendants!!! Go buy one :)


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Written about Friday 2011-04-08
Written: (3382 days ago)
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Written about Saturday 2011-04-02
Written: (3389 days ago)
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