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Written about Wednesday 2013-01-30
Written: (2859 days ago)

I can't put into words how lonely and poisonous sometimes a relationship can be with someone. To be called all the foul things in this world when all I've done was not pay attention to someone because I was focusing on editing the manuscript of a novel.

I'm done with that friendship. No more. Stop harassing me with texts, stop calling me names, swearing at me.


btw, stop harassing me on my wiki pages using the comments.

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Written about Monday 2012-09-10
Written: (3001 days ago)
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Well.. the last few weeks have been quite exciting...

Spent two weeks 10am-2am on a costume that I wasn't able to finish, but got it decently close enough for PAX


I was the Crystal Maiden from dota 2 while at the international! It was a ton of fun.

Then, after we got back a week from today somehow I got an allergic reaction to something. I've been dealing with it all week and just beginning to see an improvement.

So that's my life for the last 3 weeks.

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Written about Wednesday 2011-11-02
Written: (3314 days ago)

Halloween was fantastic! My bf and I went as the sesame st martians (the yip yips) and we won second place in the contest!!! Apart from winning some epic prizes, we also got a shout out on Jim Hanson's twitter!


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