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Written about Sunday 2007-07-15
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my mum is such a bitch! i'm best-friends with a bi chick named Ali, and she's the coolest friggin chick i know. My mum forebade me ever to see her, or her boyfreind, Lance, ever again. My mum is such a dunst, she forebids me to see her again, but she has a CD of Rob's, and she expects me to get it back. But yeah, she started to beat me yesterday, that is the first time she has ever touched me. but i only have scratches and bruises. I'll live [hopefully]... But i don't give a hoot about my mum's opinions anymor, Ali is my best friend, i'm helping her so that she doesn't have to live her life the way she was (getting beaten, starved, put on drugs, suicidal, etc.) so that she doesn't have to become whatever she could (hooker, whore, spreading her legs for $20, etc.) but because of me, she's been out of trouble. But her Aunt is a total BITCH! Excuse my language, but Ali is really cool, but i can't see how my mother can't see the good in her...

Anyways, this is goodbye for now,
Princess of Puck and Poo

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