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Written about Tuesday 2014-03-11
Written: (2386 days ago)
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My mother-in-law, normally an awesome person and completely loved by me, is currently giving me a lecture on why I should raise my daughter in church and why I should also start attending. Somehow all of her reasoning make me very glad I am not going nor will I allow my daughter to be raised in such an environment. While my mother-in-law isn't as bad(she is one in a million), I refuse to raise my daughter in the hateful, bigoted and hypocritical environment that is a Southern Baptist Church. I will do my best to raise her with a healthy respect for ALL life and the world around her and I will hope that she follows a similar Path as my own, but I hope I never forget to respect her choices especially when it comes to Religion regardless if she becomes a Druid, like me, or a christian or even an Atheist. End of Rant :p

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Written about Thursday 2014-03-06
Written: (2392 days ago)

Sitting here doing researching on the effects that losing one's memory takes on a person's behavior and personality. :p

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Written about Monday 2014-03-03
Written: (2394 days ago)

Ugh I'm a bit irritated. I went to visit a neighbor last week and take a look at some livestock I wanted to buy. Well I told them I would think about it and came home. The next day my mother in law was taken to the emergency room. I told them not to hold the animals for me because I did not know if and when I would be able to get them. Well they insisted on holding them and kept telling me they would hold them until one day and then the day would come and once again I would tell them to go ahead and sell them because I didn't know when or if I could even get them and they would simply insist on holding them. Well today after finding some problems with one of our rental houses we're going to have to use the money to fix the house. Now the owner is accusing me of wasting his time and claiming I asked him to hold them for me. I'm just irritated because I have a good reputation in the animal community in my area and he is slandering my name and talking about how I purposely led them on. I have the msgs where I repeatedly stress that I have no clue when or if I'd even be able to get them and where I tell them over and over to sell the damn livestock to someone else. If I was able to get them before they were sold I wanted them but otherwise not to hold them for me. Am I in the wrong here? I thought I made things pretty damn clear

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Written about Sunday 2014-02-23
Written: (2403 days ago)

It seems this year has it out for my family. My husband is home and safe but now his mother has been rushed to the emergency room. She and I were sitting in the living room talking, she'd taken a pain pill for a kidney stone she had and then suddenly she started screaming hysterically in pain. My husband and I have notified the rest of the family are waiting for news. This woman is one of the best people I know, she is the best mother-in-law a person can ask for and I am praying that everything turns out alright. Sadly, she has only one kidney left due to a similar problem so everyone is just really worried right now.

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Written about Thursday 2014-02-13
Written: (2412 days ago)

So I have been staying in the hospital for the last few days. My husband had to have emergency surgery and we have been staying here for a week. I am going out of my mind with boredom and so is he! He's doing great! And we were supposed to go home yesterday but due to this snow storm we're having the doctor can't find a nurse willing to come to our house until after the snow clears which means we are probably not going home until Monday.... ugh!!!!!!!!

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Written about Saturday 2014-02-01
Written: (2425 days ago)
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Ok, just a rant because I can't post it on fb or tell anyone. Feel free to disregard. I am just getting really really sick of people bringing up God to me. I am not Christian, I don't usually have a problem with Christianity but I can't stand those fake ass southern Baptists!!!! I have people posting bible verses on my page and condemning my religion (I follow the Druid Path) and one man has gone so far as to tell me "Maybe now I will start going to church" and then spouted off some bible verse about false idols. Ugh. No offense to any REAL Christians out there but I am getting really sick of it. I am on the verge of snapping at the next person who tells me to I should pray to God.

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Written about Friday 2014-01-31
Written: (2425 days ago)
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Well we finally know what is wrong with Cody. He has a rare type of infection that is INSIDE his bone. He has been referred to a specialist and is likely going into surgery next week, apparently the infection is on the verge of leaking into the rest of his knee and that would be very very bad. So feel free to send healing thoughts his way, I know we'll get through this but I hate I can't do anything about his pain.

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Written about Thursday 2014-01-30
Written: (2427 days ago)

So what does this girl do when she's incredibly stressed out the night before her husband's MRI?? Apparently she goes on an online auction site and buys herself a mule.... Yea...

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Written about Monday 2014-01-27
Written: (2430 days ago)

Well. Cody's MRI has finally been scheduled for this Thursday. We'll finally find out if the growth is cancerous and if he's going to need surgery or not. We'll also get some final paperwork for his insurance. Keep your fingers crossed and send healing thoughts our way :)

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Written about Wednesday 2014-01-22
Written: (2434 days ago)

I officially hate insurance companies. My husband has been told not to work for a minimum of 2 weeks and probably more, that's just when he gets the MRI. He has an insurance policy to cover temporary disability when he's hurt. The insurance company is sending us in circles which is just frustrating.

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Written about Thursday 2014-01-16
Written: (2441 days ago)
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I took my husband to the doctor today over some pain in his knee. Turns out he has something growing in the join and since he hasn't been hurt at all they're worried its cancerous. I'm really, really hoping its not... But we'll know for sure after his MRI this weekend.

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Written about Wednesday 2014-01-15
Written: (2442 days ago)

So I'm super excited. Valentine's day is the day that Cody (my husband) and I went out on our very first date so of course I wanted to do something special. Well it finally hit me! I'm going to make a whole roasted suckling pig and surprise him. He LOVES suckling pig but has only had it once and has been begging me to make it since we started dating. Only problem is I don't have any pregnant sows and my feeder hogs are to old/heavy for that particular use. I'm hoping I can find someone who will have some ppiglets on the ground Feb 10 and is willing to let one go early. Combined with butchering and cleaning the carcass it could take 4 or 5 days especially since I will have to try and keep it a secret. And before anyone starts.... Pigs make yummy meat... I like butchering/raising my own meat. I don't think my family could survive as vegetarians lol

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Written about Monday 2014-01-06
Written: (2451 days ago)
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Well.... I'm not posting as much with most of my characters (except Silera) mostly because I'm feeling really uninspired right now. Plus have an insane amount of stuff to do so that makes it difficult lol

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Written about Wednesday 2014-01-01
Written: (2456 days ago)

Guys my husband's grandma had a heart attack this morning and we're heading to the hospital. I probably won't be posting for a little while.

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Written about Tuesday 2013-12-31
Written: (2456 days ago)

I have realized I am a horrible host. My cousin doesn't like dogs inside... I have 3 very large indoor dogs. I caught my cousin putting them out into the backyard. I made it clear that the dogs live here and he does not. They have priority over him and he can deal with it or leave. He left and I feel much more relaxed.

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Written about Friday 2013-12-13
Written: (2475 days ago)

Today is a very sad day. Honestly, (and strangely) I want to cry. My sister-in-law is with my husband's brother who is the white trash, loser of the family. He beats her... Bad. Last week she came to our house covered in bruises at 2 in the morning. She is mostly blind in one eye because he took a bunch of cleaning chemicals and alcohol and poured them on her face while she was asleep. Not to mention he has actually pulled a gun on her. This is the guy my husband beat with a baseball bat after he came to our house chanting "White power" and told him I should be run out of the country because I'm "Mexican". Anyways, she stays because of her daughter but this last time I finally convinced her to leave and even offered to let her stay in one of our rental houses for free. Today she found out she's pregnant again... She's decided to stay with him.

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Written about Monday 2013-12-09
Written: (2479 days ago)
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Soo this may sound weird but... One of my dogs has it out for my husband... LOL Rika is a low content WD, I have had him for over 6 years and he's been the only constant male in my life that entire time. When we lived with my dad he would act like my dad (and really anybody else) was put on this earth to serve him and nothing else. He has a way of looking at you that makes you feel like he's a 100 ft tall and could squish you like a bug. He has recently moved in with us after staying with my parents for the last year and seriously he and my husband are clashing. My hubby claims Rika is "looking down" down on him and that Rika thinks he's stupid. Rika isn't being aggressive but he is going out of his way to make Cody look like an idiot. Is it wrong that I'm finding the whole situation hilarious??

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Written about Sunday 2013-12-01
Written: (2487 days ago)
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Ok everyone, I'm going to need all the luck you can throw at me. I let my dog Blue out to use the bathroom and got sidetracked. We heard someone outside and now she is gone! Please, please, please pray that she has fallen asleep somewhere we can't find her (she's deaf so she can't hear me). I don't know what I'm going to do if someone stole her but I know it won't be good!

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Written about Friday 2013-11-29
Written: (2489 days ago)

3 am in the fucking morning and I'm taking food to my sister who is working all night.... I'm going to shoot the person who dares say I'm not a completely awesome sister

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Written about Thursday 2013-11-28
Written: (2489 days ago)

Happy thanksgiving!!! I hope everyone had a good day with family and friends!!! My husband and I went to see his parents and my sister-in-law and I skipped out after the meal for some horsey time XD We had a small photo shoot with Keme and I'm waiting on the results lol

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Written about Tuesday 2013-11-26
Written: (2492 days ago)

Yes, I am gushing but I have the most adorable daughter/dog package EVER!!! I'll be honest, Blue acts more like an older sister to Arya than she does a pet. Considering Blue is about 3 weeks older, it's funny. And Arya just adores Blue! Her first word was Doggy!! Today during breakfast Arya ate until she was full and then started feeding pieces to Blue and Blue, who just last week turned a year, took each piece so carefully that Arya's tiny fingers never touched her teeth. I'm so happy that they love each other so much... I hope Blue is to Arya what my dog Kougra was to me when I was growing up.

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