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Written about Friday 2015-01-30
Written: (2667 days ago)
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Thank god my roommate is finally moving out. It only took her running up the power bill to 600 dollars and her dog destroying half the house before we got into an argument. I mean seriously? If someone offers you a place to live and says your dog has to be neutered because I have female dogs, you can't have guys over for sex and pay half the bills (not rent, 50% of bills. That's it!) Would you like it? Because all I got was half excused as to why she can't pay half the bills, a dog that got my dog pregnant and a subsequent DNA test for the puppies because she claimed it wasn't her dog, her dog busting through 2 windows and destroying the frame of a third and destroying a door and every weekend her bf is at my house where they fuck so loud it wakes us up. I finally snapped though when she started bad mouthing Cody. By god my husband may have a shit ton of issues but I am TIRED of her trying to play us against each other so she can do what she wants. I flat out told her that she has no room to talk about anyone in the house when she causes more problems on a daily basis than anyone else in a week.

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Written about Tuesday 2014-12-09
Written: (2720 days ago)

Nothing like having a dog sit outside your bedroom and whine because your roommate kicked him out of HER room because she couldn't take the noise. Then, when she finally wakes up and starts getting ready for work and you start drifting into glorious sleep, you are jolted awake by the sound of your rabbit screaming and realize your roommate has let her dog out into the yard unsupervised and it is now doing its best to turn Ms. Bunny into breakfast... Again. Looks like my daily heart attack happened early today >_>

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Written about Saturday 2014-11-01
Written: (2758 days ago)

Yea.... I'll post in the morning. I'm drunk, sleepy and creeped out. Night everyone!

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Written about Friday 2014-10-31
Written: (2758 days ago)
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Soooo.... The just pulled a dead body out of the creek right next to my house. Its the whole 9 yards, crime scene tape, infestation of cops and dogs and everything else. Apparently the guy was shot and its creepy as hell, I had to bring my dogs in to make sure the police didn't shoot them.

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Written about Wednesday 2014-10-22
Written: (2768 days ago)
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Well... This morning was seriously out of a comedy. This morning I woke up to someone trying to turn off my power. This was shocking to me since I had paid my bill. Before running out I had to stop to grab Arya out of the crib... She was completely naked. I put some pants on her and went to confront the lady. Turns out she at the wrong house. While I'm talking to the lady Arya comes running out the front door waving her pants above her head and once again completely naked. Thankfully once the lady sees a naked squirming baby tucked under my arm we resolve the issue and I take my irritating child inside. I manage to get diapers and on my daughter when I suddenly hear my dogs go ballistic again and so I walk out to find Animal Control outside at my neighbors house.
Apparently my city not has a leash law against cats since one of the officers is chasing my cat around and trying to shove her in a carrier. I'm sitting there trying to get them to release my cat when Arya comes shooting at the back door and running across the yard... Completely butt ass naked. Now at this point I have 4 dogs in my yard, all who are running around my naked daughter while I'm trying to catch her and convince AC to give me back my cat. Finally the office decides to give me my cat so I walk over to the fence, momentarily giving up on catching my wild child, to receive my cat. One of my dogs (Lady) follows me to the fence. While there the officer compliments my dogs. Lady, being a complete idiot, takes that moment to jump the fence and run up to the officer before turning to jump back into my yard. Now I've officially reached a breaking point. I finally grab Arya and tuck her under my arm. She starts kicking and screaming, like only a 2 year old can, and I finally just start yelling. "Everyone shut up and get inside!" almost instantly every single dog stops barking and my entire pack files up the stairs and into the house, followed by the cat. Even Arya has gone quiet as I turn and look at the officer, apologize for the craziness and turn and carry my child inside. I swear the officer looked like she was going to roll in the grass with laughter.

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Written about Friday 2014-10-17
Written: (2772 days ago)
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I so want to murder my neighbor. His damn dog got loose today and knocked me down some steps. My ankle is now broken. :(

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Written about Wednesday 2014-09-24
Written: (2795 days ago)

Sitting in class of my mom's beauty school.... I hate this sensation that I've signed away my soul to the devil >_>

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Written about Monday 2014-09-08
Written: (2812 days ago)

Went hiking and found a huge deposit of oyster mushrooms. Managed to get bit by a spider so now my arm is swelled up and hurts like a bitch. :(

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Written about Sunday 2014-08-31
Written: (2820 days ago)

That awesome moment when a random drunk man shows up on your doorstep at 11:00 pm and asks if you and you're roommate want to get drunk. Then after the standard "oh hell no" reaction and he has left you realized you DO want to get drunk and make a booze run right after >_>

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Written about Thursday 2014-08-21
Written: (2829 days ago)

Feeling really down today. I haven't had a bad day with my depression for a while so I guess its about time. Just feels a lot worse than usual... I'm so tired of it all. I wish I could go to sleep and never wake up again.

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Written about Wednesday 2014-08-13
Written: (2838 days ago)
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Written about Wednesday 2014-08-13
Written: (2838 days ago)
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Starting to avoid Facebook. A friend of mine is trying to convince me to give her one of my horses. I'm starting to get really annoyed. I have two horses both at the same boarding place where I pay 30 a month. She wants me to move my gelding to her house so she can charge me 150 or just give her the horse. Seriously... If you want another horse BUY one, if you want I may SELL Morgan to you but no matter how much you beg and ignore my refusals, I won't give him to you

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Written about Monday 2014-08-11
Written: (2840 days ago)

Just found out some really bad news. I honestly have trouble imagining how it could get worse. Right now I think I may actually hate the person who put me in this position. I've just realized that I will be unable to go back to school this fall like I'd originally hoped. Please excuse me while I go curl up on a corner and cry while I plot my soon-to-be exhusband's demise.

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Written about Thursday 2014-08-07
Written: (2844 days ago)

I'm having a distinct "fuck life" moment... I woke up still drunk. I've had my coffee and Arya is running around like she's ingested several shots of straight caffeine. Oh and after going through some text messages I'm seriously contemplating an emergency trip to Florida and confiscation of a phone before they get read :P

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Written about Tuesday 2014-08-05
Written: (2846 days ago)

I'm feeling so loved right now it makes me want to cry. My friends and family are amazing and I'm so glad to have them while going through a rough time. :3

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Written about Monday 2014-07-14
Written: (2868 days ago)

Omg.... We have the best cats in existence! Arya has a special coffee table where she hides stuff. X box controllers, tv remotes, keys and basically anything else she wants but isn't supposed to have. Anyways, you know those two kittens I mentioned in a previous post? Well they've become permanent additions to the household and Arya's favorite pets but she's not supposed to be picking them up (they're older kittens not tiny babies). Just a few minutes ago I walked into the living room and caught Arya hiding both cats in her coffee table lmao! She jumped 3 ft in the air when I walked in and called her name! XD

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Written about Sunday 2014-06-29
Written: (2882 days ago)
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So I brought home a pair of kittens over the weekend. They're both solid black. XD Today my neighbor showed up with a kitten that was the exact same color as the two I had. In that moment of awesome clarity, my neighbor decided to let me borrow her cat for a few hours/days. Basically we wanted to see how long it would take my husband to figure out that we have 3 cats instead of 2. So far all three of these cats have been in his lap (no more than two at a time) and he's been talking about how fast these cats move. XD I swear he's starting to think he's going insane

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Written about Friday 2014-06-27
Written: (2885 days ago)
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That moment when Cody is playing a game on the X-Box and returns to the home screen before walking out to the front porch and I'm left sitting in the living room fighting the urge to grab the controller and pop in my game.... >_> I may have a problem XD

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Written about Thursday 2014-06-19
Written: (2893 days ago)
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I'm currently feeling like a total bitch. My 17 year old brother stopped by my house to beg for a lighter. He'd snuck out of my parents house (with a friend) and had a pack of fireworks that he was planning on setting off under people's cars. I told him no and offered to set up a bonfire or engage him in some video games but he refused and they left. I ended up calling my mom and telling her to check his bedroom... Ugh my husband says I did the right thing, my sister thinks I overreacted and am just causing problems between him and my parents. We live in SC... Hearing gunfire in our neighborhood is not uncommon. I could seriously see him getting shot or arrested.

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Written about Tuesday 2014-06-10
Written: (2902 days ago)

Welp my husband lost his job today. He forgot some equipment to take to a job site and was fired on the spot, not even a warning. Meanwhile, other employees show up to drunk to work and even drive the company cars. And no, this isn't a common thing for him, he has been employee of the month almost constantly for the last year. Apparently the place is in an uproar with people threatening to quit if he isn't hired back and his manager was crying when he told him. (The owner is the one who ordered him fired) I don't want him to go back there though, I have watched him work his ass off, sometimes not getting home until 5 am of the next day. I'm just ranting because I don't want this on Facebook, to many people on there who would just LOVE this sorta thing

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Written about Sunday 2014-06-08
Written: (2904 days ago)

Well... my rough week has turned amazing. My German Shepherd puppy (5 months old) killed my rabbits including my best doe and my daughter's pet. My husband gave me an ultimatum and said I had to either shoot her, give her away or get rid of all my farm animals so she wouldn't kill anything. Self-sustaining farming is my dream and goal so I'm not willing to give up my animals and I'm sure as hell not going to shoot her so I sold her. I have to say though... the farming community in my area is amazing. I had been talking to a local rabbit breeder to purchase on of her bucks for 30 dollars, I had to cancel our appointment today due to the carnage I woke up too. This lady, whom I have yet to even meet face to face and is renown in our area for some of the best quality rabbits available, has been a godsend. She gave me 5 rabbits, 4 does and the buck I wanted for 50 dollars... These are rabbits I've seen her sell for 45+ each(the does). Another lady gave me a bunch of wire and fencing supplies to help me repair my pens so that I can bring the new bunnies home. Honestly, I'm a bit stunned about how easily this community I'm part of came together and it cemented my desire to remain a part of it.

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