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Written about Friday 2006-10-27
Written: (4872 days ago)

hello my name is Vixen. My friend is writing in my diary for me since I cant find nothing to write something my damn self. Last night I watch my dogs mutilate the niehbors' cat hehhahheh... MY DOGS RULE!!!! I was so tired as they grotuestly slain the kitty I just put on my head phones and went to sleep.The next day my sis almost had a heart attack when she saw the cat lying there lifeless and no back legs.So now as we sit here and laugh inbetween the cat' my sister' and my friends typing skills we think back and I make sound effects(meowwww) to the grusome cat horrifing long and drawn out painful death(bark bark woooolf) we chuckle...Poor Kitty(merrrrrow) and sign...KBLAH!!

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