[mrs. Paridise]'s diary

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Written about Wednesday 2007-09-26
Written: (4528 days ago)

need to study way more
dose anyone know how to use the fccj website
im confused

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Written about Thursday 2007-09-06
Written: (4548 days ago)

im a little bit frustrated and lonely at the same time
probally wont be logging on to this site for a long time
i am getting off all internet chatting
need to think
get my thoughts straight
to day at Lee was totally akward
thats all i have to say
man im confused right now
you can send me a message but i wont promise you that i wil be reading it any time soon

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Written about Sunday 2007-01-21
Written: (4776 days ago)

today i have to decide to disapear from the world
i will still go to school but i wont talk to anyone
i finish anything i have scheduled but nothing more
i need time to think
get my thoughts together
nobody knows how long that will take
maybe two days
or maybe a week
or maybe even longer <img:44166_1164145230.gif>

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Written about Thursday 2007-01-11
Written: (4786 days ago)

stupid doctors
god i feel violated now
im so lonely
i cant go anywhere for a while but people can come to me
thats my 4th visit to a doctor

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Written about Thursday 2007-01-04
Written: (4793 days ago)

people that care about me
i was in the hospital on new years eve
i gotta go back on the 9th and then i have a doctors appointment on the 8th
some terrible things happened in my home yesterday
cant even talk about it to people cause i get upset
i just feel really lonely right now
just wanna be held and shown some love rather then pain and suffering for a little while
thats all i want

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Written about Thursday 2006-12-14
Written: (4814 days ago)
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Written about Friday 2006-11-10
Written: (4848 days ago)

im going to my boyfriends birthday party. i dont stay single very long for some reason. would like to every now and then but im happy so its okay. im his vip guest .... dont ask me why.

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Written about Friday 2006-11-03
Written: (4856 days ago)

well im going to the fair tomorrow with a friend not sure what for but someones paying for me so why not it should be fun going to midnight madness and eating a funnel cake bigger then my head

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Written about Friday 2006-10-27
Written: (4862 days ago)

hello my name is Vixen. My friend is writing in my diary for me since I cant find nothing to write something my damn self. Last night I watch my dogs mutilate the niehbors' cat hehhahheh... MY DOGS RULE!!!! I was so tired as they grotuestly slain the kitty I just put on my head phones and went to sleep.The next day my sis almost had a heart attack when she saw the cat lying there lifeless and no back legs.So now as we sit here and laugh inbetween the cat' my sister' and my friends typing skills we think back and I make sound effects(meowwww) to the grusome cat horrifing long and drawn out painful death(bark bark woooolf) we chuckle...Poor Kitty(merrrrrow) and sign...KBLAH!!

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