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Written about Friday 2007-04-27
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Alright, so this is my first diary entry in a while, first ever on elftown. I've realized lately that even if you believe the journey is more important than the destination, you still have to have a destination in mind. Lately I've been wandering and traveling for the sake of traveling. I have a preconceived notion of where every person's journey is supposed to take them, but I don't know that if I was given a concious decision if I would have chosen the same path.
Sure I've seen those who followed a less conventional dogma for life, but in essence, their lives turned out the same. There just isn't enough time to live all the lives that one can craft for oneself. I can never reach my full potential in any of my options because I'm always distracted by all the possibilities that life has to offer.
Sorry to start my diary on such a pretentious note, but this is a concept that's been bothering me lately and it does feel good to express it without having to worry about someone giving me unwelcome commentary. *co(jessie)ugh*

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