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Written about Thursday 2005-09-01
Written: (5211 days ago)

damn i feel like theres a part of me missing... its like a longing... i dont know how im goij to cope wen hes at uni.... i dont want to fall for him because i dont want it to end in tears. this time things are different. this tome i dont know wht i would do without him. He is everything ive ever wanted and i dont want to loose him. It hasnt been very long but already hes become part of me, my happiness. I know to all you guys this sounds like a pretentious teenage puppy love rant, and most of the time id say u were right... but i dont know... theres something about him i wouldnt ever want to let go of.... and i hope he feels the same way....
with all my heart i hope he does.
i cant wait to see him on sunday i really am cvounting down the hours,... ive nevrr missed anyone as much ever....
what am i getting into...?

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Written about Monday 2005-08-29
Written: (5214 days ago)

To see you when I wake up
Is a gift I didn't think could be real.
To know that you feel the same as I do
Is a three-fold, Utopian dream.
You do something to me that I can't explain.
So would I be out of line if I said,
"I miss you"?
I see your picture,
I smell your skin on
The empty pillow next to mine.
You have only been gone ten days,
But already I'm wasting away.
I know I'll see you again
Whether far or soon.
But I need you to know that I care,
And I miss you.

(this song now means something else to me so i can lisen to it again, cus now it hasd good memories :))
reading was fun... cold.. dirty tiring... slightly piiled up.... a lil trippy (dance tent glow sticks you know the rest) meh had a good time
bring on reading festival 2006!!!

all the ducks are swimming in the water lalalalalalalalalala

but the biggest question to be asked was......"caz and esther drunkenly chanting.......Who put the moshers in the dance tent... *look over at unexpecting passer b* Did you put the moshers in the dance tent????Was it you?>???"

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Written about Sunday 2005-08-21
Written: (5222 days ago)

gaaaaa spent most of saturday at a family barbecue surrounded by old overly religious types and small hyperactive dribbling children. and the stange thing was thew all wanted to be around me but me not around them!!!!! found out some sad news, from my dad its not good but my dads strong he'll get throught it. im happy though... things with me and rich are jhust so right,.... hope for my own sanity it stays that way...
wooooo reading!!!!!

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Written about Friday 2005-08-19
Written: (5224 days ago)

things are all good... ok, i didnt do so well in my as levels a b a c and 2 d's but uknow what i dont care and theres always retakes. not much could upset me now.. i feel so loved up!!! (sorry to all those who hate couples, i now admitim one of the worst now) hehehe im so happy met the nicest guy in the entire world... :) very much an improvemnt on past attempts. we just get along so well... *yay*
anyway none of you want to hear this for all those who have just got results congrats if you did well, if not hey welcome to the retake group we'll have fun and get where we want in the end!!!!
smile people :)
toodles xxxx

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Written about Tuesday 2005-08-16
Written: (5227 days ago)
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hes such a cock!!!!! i tried to be nice and be friends... i thought we'd been together too long for it to end in arguments and tears but it did. He said some awful things to me so our history meens nothing. Somepeople ive asked didnt even know we were together cus he just ignored me... i know im goin to come to your party and spend all evening playing on the xbox and ignore you completly... but wen im ready ill come up 2 ur room wake you up and expect a fuck and half of your bed... erm no!!! i am a human being with feelings ... and for once things are on my terms and he just cant except that, pride is a strange thing ohhh and another message " one more thing ur da one thats always horny. U wouldnt get a fuck otherwise." ohhh classy jim real classy.......... never mind im happy now with someone who makes me feel special.. something i never felt with him... cus of course its all my fault well according to him. if he treats all girls like he has me hes goin to be single for a long time..... never mind he was crap in bed anyway.... for things to work for a girl u need more than 10 mins hunny!!!!! hehehehehe if hes goin to get all defensive and feel all full of pride fine.. but im goin to have a go at denting it...!!!!!oh and u cant draw for shit give up while your ahead and squeesing the spots on ur back in the presence of your gf is not a turn on!!!!!!!!
feel better now :)

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Written about Sunday 2005-08-14
Written: (5229 days ago)

summers been fun.. cant really type very well cus managed to slice my finger open last night wen i go a little over enthusiastic on the munch... (bad druggie *slaps self*) anyway its been good... a few down moments but hey thats only to be excpected but the best thing about it was *drum roll please* i havent seen my parentsfor a whole munth!!!! but there coming bac k 2morrow :( well its been nice while it lasted had myself some fun while they were gone :) holiday in spain was fun ... lost of cider and lots of drunken silliness with inflatable pool objects...... strange being on holiday with people other than my parents.... i got to smoke and not be lectured!!! these 2 weeks have been cool 2... lots of drunken stoned fun...... im very easily pleased.. good weather good company... good music and good drugs and thats summer to a t!!!
anyway the fun not over yet still got reading festival!!!! wooo!! but wait.......... shit!!!!!! RESULTS DAY THURSDAY... *STROPPY CHILD FACE* BUT I DONT WANNA GOOOOOO! ahh well theres always a down side to a great 2 munths.... sorry this is a bit long but not only have i not written in here for apsolutly ages but im trying to avoid doing any form of art coursework so....
well hope you guys have all had a great a summer as i have
i bid u all adieu xxxxxxxxx

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Written about Monday 2005-05-30
Written: (5305 days ago)

you cant decide who you fall in love with.... its the most difficult thing to come to terms with.... you can change any other imaginable situation.. but love?.. well you're fucking stuck with it, want it or not.

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Written about Sunday 2005-05-29
Written: (5306 days ago)

iburofen!!!!!!... i woke up this mornign with my mouth tasting of an ash tray and a thumping located somewhere in my head... sign of a good night, involved lots of pulling, buyt not on my part but hey *scandalous* and i wasnt the most pissed there...lol ie ginger guy who had temporary facination with my silk skirt hehehehe .. well it was good, and we did come up with an ingenious plan to foil the over 18 stamp rule!! woo!! blagardness!!!
Oh and by the way everyone looked fan-bloody tastic!!!
ill leave you with a last note
"lets do the time warp..." and boy did we!! lol!!
chow xxx

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Written about Friday 2005-05-20
Written: (5315 days ago)

arrrghhh!!!! revise revise... well there goes my weekend!! got so muc revision got oil pianting to finsih have ceramics sketch book to do... *throws up with exam/coursework sickness* ah well leavers ball next weekend and house party after ... wooo drunkeness in a corset with restricted breathing!! wooo!! ahh the lengths we go to make ourselves pwetty.... technically should g and get on with some work.. but ah well.. i get off the computer in an hour....
chow peoples
love u luke ( will cu again in 2 weeks 2day!!!)

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Written about Monday 2005-05-16
Written: (5319 days ago)

owww sunburnn! damn!! ah well had a good weekend anywy.. well by good i mean great... ahhhhh! my english exams are a week friday... i know nothing!!!.. ahh dear oh well im screwed. Took time out this weekend... woo whoever thought vegetating on a sofa all day could be so much fun hehehe. im part of one of those annoying couples now.. hehe ive been moaning about them for months!! ahh im such a hypocryte!!! ahh well must go and do work now...
toodles xxx

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Written about Tuesday 2005-05-03
Written: (5332 days ago)

been in a strange mood today, but meh!! having a good day i suppose.. got an english essay to start in a min though damn... all well oh and yay 8 hour exam monday and tuesday *jumps for joy and breaks leg in process* lol

didnt get to talk to my baby today tho... rhh!! maybe tomorrow... woo house tyo myself for a while ... nice to get a lil space... ahh well gotta go am being harrased by other computer users within the household.
love you luke
bye people
chow, adios, like yeah wotever

(wow this diary entry contained no actual information wotsoever, impressive for that amount of typing effort!!)

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Written about Thursday 2005-04-28
Written: (5337 days ago)

well another crap day at the end of a crap week,only made uncrap by sitting rite in this very spot nearly everynite talkin 2 my sweety. ill be online all weekend ... am at my dads got nothing better 2 do. luv u [Wrath of the phoenix] xx bye people if i dont cu b4 have a good weekend and il cu tuesday
chow mes petite bambino's xx

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Written about Wednesday 2005-04-27
Written: (5338 days ago)

yay!! im not single anymore!! hehe its so cool... hope it will be better than some previous experience with guys... *cough8 wankers*cough* lol... miss u much [Wrath of the phoenix] will cu again very soon.. damn distnnce.. ahhhhh!! so much work all in for next week im goin to drown in a see of paper... oh well there goes my weekend,..... damn ...... argh ..... stuff is not good around here at the moment.... im doin my best to sort it out... but what happened if it cant be sorted what then...

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