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Written about Tuesday 2005-09-06
Written: (5988 days ago)

What did I do that was so wrong,
Somehow I can still remain strong,
Why is that I am never good enough,
I have been able to be so tough,

You always tear me down,
I am tired of always being the one to frown,
I have always tryed to make you proud,
To you I am just part of the croud,

All the rude and untrue things you said,
For all the times I cryed in my bed,
All the times you yelled at me,
This will no longer be,

It won't be like this for long,
Maybe oneday you will realize that you were wrong,
I am going to leave this dark pit,
I will be free from all of your shit,

You will always mistreat me,
Oneday you will see,
At least this way I don't have to put up with you,
I won't ever have to be blue,

I did everything I could do,
I will be glad to have you out of my life too,
I was a good daughter,
Sorry you weren't a better father,

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Written about Monday 2005-09-05
Written: (5989 days ago)

I will always love you,
Once I gave you my all,
Then I realized that I would just fall,
Sometimes I didn't feel like you did everything that you could do,

You did do alot for me,
but I treated you like my prisoner,
I know now that I wasn't very immature,
Memmories of us are all I see,

I know I was very jealous,
I just didn't want you to go away,
Look what I did anyways,
We could have been marvelous,

I know I pushed you away,
Forever I will have this empty place in my heart,
I wish so much that we weren't apart,
I regret this everyday,

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Written about Friday 2004-04-02
Written: (6510 days ago)

              Vampire Lover

          I look into your vamperic eyes,
            I see a soul that hides,
          You fill my body with lust,
         Your teeth in my neck are a must,
      I want to feel the intoxication of your bite,
      Make me your mate to have for all nights,
         Your body so fit and beautiful,
         My want for you is uncontrolable,
          When your skin touches mine,
          I get shivers all down my spine,
            Our souls are intwined,
           Forever like no other kind,
      Together we make a perfect pair of lovers,
        You and I the most powerful vampires,
        We retire each daybreak in our couffins,
          Filled with all of our devilish sins,
               For now we sleep,
        But watch out for when we come to creep.

                      By : Erica Sparks

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