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Written about Thursday 2004-04-01
Written: (6181 days ago)

 The following is a poem and since I am horrible at writing poems I won't mind being laughed at.

I am feral.
I let reason guide my soul,
I trust my heart before my mind,
I give passion full reign with my spirit.

I am feral.
You cannot drain my inner strength,
You will not change my sense of morals,
You wonder at the simplicity of my judgments.

I am feral.
The capacity of my opinions are endless,
The comprehension of them limited,
The acception of them hardly existant.

I am feral.
My restrictions are not the obvious,
My opportunities different from the normal,
My theories imaginative to even the dreamer.

I am feral,
For I am free from society.

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Written about Thursday 2004-04-01
Written: (6181 days ago)

Someone once said "I think therefore I am" (actually it was Rene Decartes), and I do see that holding some truth but what about "I am therefore I think". I know some people that that won't apply to :)

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Written about Friday 2004-02-27
Written: (6215 days ago)

I would follow you to the ends of the earth which, coincidentally, will lead us right back to where we started and a fresh new start.

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