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Written about Tuesday 2006-02-14
Written: (5259 days ago)

Well, I changed up my house finally. Spent some hours in the process but I must say, it's a pinch better! Plus I look like a BAMF on my pic. Yeah...

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Written about Friday 2006-02-10
Written: (5263 days ago)

Birthday in less than a week! Yay!

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Written about Friday 2005-12-23
Written: (5311 days ago)

I finished my website! Yes!


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Written about Sunday 2004-03-28
Written: (5946 days ago)

Well, i came to work to late and now I got to raise the flag at 5:30-6:00 every morning for a week!

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Written about Monday 2004-03-15
Written: (5959 days ago)
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I asked my German girlfriend to marry me today and she said YES! and she really loved the ring

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