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Written about Tuesday 2004-12-28
Written: (5573 days ago)

She cried a tear last night
Not from fear, not from fright
As her soul grew dim, her eyes grew bright
A memory flicker to her mind, a wrongly forgotten sight

A truthful scream held away,
Hidden beneath what she could say
Fought back for a price she couldn’t pay

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Written about Saturday 2004-12-25
Written: (5576 days ago)


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Written about Monday 2004-12-13
Written: (5589 days ago)

A tear and a scream is all she remembered
It was what she had always feared
The pain she caught, burnt and seared
And one last time, into those cold eyes, she peered

The pain wasn’t what broke her down
It was that she knew she couldn’t stay around
That voice was a defying sound
She couldn’t bare the truth she’d found

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Written about Monday 2004-11-29
Written: (5603 days ago)

A Heartless Past

One single tear for the lost
A silenced cry for the lonely
A drop of poisoned blood for the broken
And crimson stitches for the hearts that shattered

Cry for the ones you’ve lost
Give a silent scream for the one you left alone
Bleed a little for the way you broke them down
Stitch up that heart that you unmercifully broke

Weep while you say someday you’ll be back
Feed them another lie, say your only gone for a little while
You can always say the blood for the broken wasn’t real
And that the stitches and broken hearts were never you fault

Don’t remind yourself of your forgotten past
Stash away a picture of that one you never came back to
Wash the blood away, and pretend time heals what’s broken
Watch as they pull out the stitches, and their heart slowly dies

On the day the blame will fall on your death.

Crying to the Sky

A single look at the sky
Can make a lonely person cry
and tell a story of a forgotten “why”
It can make your last wish to die

A wish on a star
Can make you admire from afar
And realize how truly blessed you are
Or wish that death wasn’t so very far

A walk in the rain
Can make the insane suddenly sane
Can give or take away the pain
Even make suicide seem tame

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Written about Saturday 2004-11-27
Written: (5605 days ago)
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Time and Time Again

With time I start to wonder
And I know he’s started to ponder
The feelings are no longer growing fonder

I’ve asked all the right questions
But I took all the wrong suggestions
We are the forgotten ones

The last bits of love have died
We may leave, still with pride
Because no one knows, how we once cried

We will, of course, miss the past
Our memories cannot fade fast
But in the end, we will move on at last

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Written about Friday 2004-11-26
Written: (5606 days ago)

I’ve been thinking quit a lot
My mind keeps turning back to
Those few words that haunt me nightly
Those days we once lived together

I have begged for the past
So many times, I’ve lost track of reality
My spirit still lives there
All my time spent remembering

I know you have seen the tears
But you refuse to believe
Just as I once did
I took my time, but I came to my senses

I’m almost ready to give up, to let go
Time is only hurting us more
I know you playing pretend with yourself
Maybe you think its best to lie

One thing will always be true
When all else has left
Those memories will still hold
One first true love

I know the pain I’m feeling will become worse
But waiting is slowly tearing us apart
We talk out of obligation, nothing more
We say those hollow words, that once held so much meaning

So this is how it will end
I should have known, but its much too late
Love put us together, time tore us apart
Now we’ve loved, now we’ve lived

And now its time to leave
Just move on and hide the pain
Its too late to try and change
It started by luck and will end with fate

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Written about Thursday 2004-11-18
Written: (5614 days ago)

have you ever wondered
why my smile is always
lined with tears?

have you ever thought
about the pain that tears me down
and crushes my heart?

have you ever sensed that
every night i soke my pillow
with the tears of that day?

have you ever cared that
im holding our pain together
for your sake?

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Written about Saturday 2004-11-13
Written: (5619 days ago)

This page will be for pictures of me and my friends and maybe some pets.

pictures of me, they were taken with my crappy computer cam. bad quality.

<*img:http://elftown.lysator.liu.se/img/photo/49532_1099850001.jpg> <*img:http://elftown.lysator.liu.se/img/photo/49532_1098537821.jpg>

<*img:http://elftown.lysator.liu.se/img/photo/49532_1099073226.jpg>  <*img:http://elftown.lysator.liu.se/img/photo/49532_1100136156.jpg>

 <*img:http://elftown.lysator.liu.se/img/photo/49532_1100158300.jpg> <*img:http://elftown.lysator.liu.se/img/photo/49532_1100158219.jpg>

<*img:http://elftown.lysator.liu.se/img/photo/49532_1100140108.jpg>  <*img:http://elftown.lysator.liu.se/img/photo/49532_1100140950.jpg>

<*img:http://elftown.lysator.liu.se/img/photo/49532_1100192571.jpg> <*img:http://elftown.lysator.liu.se/img/photo/49532_1100192715.jpg>

<*img:http://elftown.lysator.liu.se/img/photo/49532_1100193026.jpg>  <*img:http://elftown.lysator.liu.se/img/photo/49532_1100193615.jpg>

<*img:http://elftown.lysator.liu.se/img/photo/49532_1100195848.jpg> <*img:http://elftown.lysator.liu.se/img/photo/49532_1100201038.jpg>


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Written about Thursday 2004-11-04
Written: (5627 days ago)
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hello all you people. i need some help. i need you (if you havent aleady) to vote for me for sexiest elftown female all you have to is send a message to [Nevermore.] saying that you want me to win for sexiest elftown female.

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Written about Thursday 2004-11-04
Written: (5628 days ago)

refused to cry another night away
she couldnt begin to find the right words to say
that she didnt think she could make it through another worthless day
and didn think there would ever be another way

if only she could find the thoughts of her long nights
maybe she could demand a few rights
as she closed her eyes, she promised, there wouldnt be another fight
he had taken away the only thing he had gave her, light

se faught back fresh tears as she dremt up new memories of him
as the dream faded, her hope grew dim
she new the future would be grim
she held a spark of hope, on a fearful whim

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Written about Tuesday 2004-11-02
Written: (5629 days ago)

im tired of cryng for you. im beginning to think that its just not worth the fight. ive had to fight for every thing ive ever had, why should i have to fight for you too? its not fair. i cry myself to sleep every night. im tired of crying. i dont think i can do thin much longer. i really dont.

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Written about Sunday 2004-10-31
Written: (5632 days ago)

if i told you..
i cried a million tears for you
i might die without you
your making me feel the pain you promised you wouldnt
my heart is breaking right before your eyes

if i asked you...
why are you leting me cry?
do you even care if i die?
why are you breaking all those promises?
you said youd never break my hear, why did you lie?

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Written about Saturday 2004-10-30
Written: (5633 days ago)

hey people please vote for me for sexiest elftown female sexiest elftown female thanks!! ill love you forever if you do...lol
thanks again!!

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Written about Thursday 2004-10-28
Written: (5634 days ago)

another day spent stareing at these walls
another night, a couple more falls

takeing my time, to try and find
a way to see, a saner mind

crying for the pain i once felt
for the heart that was once held

desprate cold and lonesome
just trying to wait, morning will come

one more night, one thousand more tear drops
blind to the world, numb to dreams and hopes

falling hard, sliping fast
watching silently as my life dies in the past

another breath, another scream
one more nightmare, one more broken dream

calling my last cries
seeing the finnal lies

not one more day, not one more night
not another word to say, not another battel to fight

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Written about Tuesday 2004-10-26
Written: (5636 days ago)

Thursday, October 27, 2050

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Written about Monday 2004-10-25
Written: (5637 days ago)

You are worth exactly: $1,812,542.00.

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Written about Sunday 2004-10-24
Written: (5638 days ago)

this is no longer a new poem...but i still like this one, tell me what you think, please.

Deathly beauty
your scared to take one more step
because you fear that you might fall
your hesitating to take one more breath
for fear that it might be your last

as the night slowly passes
you start to tire and become faint
her voice swims in your mind

reminding you that your not alone
and might not ever be again
your wish was granted
in such a terrible way

your crime cast out upon
the just rising sun
for you to see in all of its dreadful beauty

this is not the time for regrets
you have to move quickly now
don't wait until she wakes
the morning sun has started to stir

the hill rises beyond you
against the pale moon
where the barely there stars loom above
your grave for her to rest

she lies there so peacefully
it seems almost as if she were merely sleeping
not one thought clouds her mind
and now her face appears as you have always wanted it

ice cold, smooth as the stones
that washed ashore this morning
lifeless, but yet more beautiful than ever
she is finally your, truly yours

another poem i like...

My Chamber of Thoughts

I dream of a time
When I ruled my mind
And you were no where to be seen
Where I could not hear your screams
And I did not frighten easily
At the mention of your name
I wish of times
When only I knew myself
And you didn't have my secrets to hold
The key to my hopeless days
I unlocked your terror
And set it free upon the world
So they could suffer just as I had
And I could hear their silent screaming
Just as they had once heard mine
But refused to listen
I tried to warn you
I told you it would not be forever this way
But you chose not to hear my words, so brave
And marked me off as just another lonely child
Of the dark lies of tomorrow
Maybe now you will spend your days
Dreaming of your free thoughts
And regretting the things you fought not to say
You will wish you had been the one who turned against
The power that is held within
These closed walls of a future gone away
To a controlled system of
Beliefs that you don't really have
And things that you won't ever see
Once more I will speak a brave thought
And show you what my strength has finally brought.

i did not write this poem, [Annie T.] did. i wanted to paste a copy here because i love this poem. its great.
A sad, lost lover
like no other.
night after night
dreams full of fright
did you really believe her death
would satisfy evil under breath?

A blow to cause you pain,
she'd not even try to bring in vain.
but the reflection shows.
torment you're mind only knows.
A sword of dismay
is your hands' great display.

Perhaps her soul still makes sound,
but her body lay on the ground.
death, you answered at dawn
love, your answer long gone.
did you really believe her death
would satisfy evil under breath?
-[Annie T.]

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Written about Friday 2004-10-22
Written: (5640 days ago)

Song Of The Week

We Believe

There's a women crying out tonight Her world has changed She asked God why Her only son has died and now her daughter cries She cant sleep at night Downtown another day for all the suits and ties Another war to fight there's no regard for life How can they sleep at night, How can we make things right Just want to make this rght We believe in this love We are all the same Human in all our ways and all are pain So let it be, There's a love that could fall down like rain Let us see, let forgiveness wash away the pain What we need, And no one really knows what they are serching for We believe, This world is crying for so much more We believe In this Love So this world, is too much for you to take Just lay it down and follow me I'll be everything you need, In every way We believe in this Love


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Written about Sunday 2004-10-17
Written: (5645 days ago)




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Written about Sunday 2004-10-17
Written: (5645 days ago)



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Written about Sunday 2004-10-17
Written: (5645 days ago)


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