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Written about Thursday 2005-08-11
Written: (5557 days ago)

iippo: It's not proper to tell someone that they are sexy just like that.
-I'm not saying you are sexy just like that. I'm saying you are sexy just like me.

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Written about Sunday 2005-08-07
Written: (5561 days ago)
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Written about Friday 2005-08-05
Written: (5563 days ago)
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Written about Wednesday 2005-08-03
Written: (5565 days ago)

-Hnnggg, why can't you download it for me?
iippo: the page is still down.
-So, Elftown is constantly down and it works again.
iippo: Well, Elftown has [Hedda].
-What's that?
iippo: *glare*

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Written about Tuesday 2005-08-02
Written: (5566 days ago)


Hmm, do I bother making a proper art wiki in additon to my nudie one and new cartoon one...? Because these avi-arts don't fit into neither.
Shiiit, I have too may wikis as it is...

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Written about Sunday 2005-07-31
Written: (5568 days ago)
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w00t, another of these!

DaisyPusher -- I visited the house because the name is uber
ally    -- the ally!!! My friend!!
RiverStar  --What if-wiki friend!
Mr. Pan man --Hats...
Blood Raven  --RP-buddy
lordzepher   --a friend, linn's hubby
Adamo Luna   -- A friend from an rp
Linn Scarlett  --Linn, rp-bud
Veltzeh     -- another Finn
-.x.- Quiet Rainstorm -.x.-  -- a forum talker person

Everyone in my list I knew!

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Written about Sunday 2005-07-31
Written: (5568 days ago)
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Hedda          <---
Sunrose         <---
True, plain and simple  <---
pixie_shimmer      <---
Cat Demon Jenny
_Dilandau_        <---

A lot of important people are visiting... I should buy a coffee-machine insted of always serving this instant shit... :P
I am also apparently attracting a lot of attention from guards, council members ect... I'm in trouble... :P

This post was brought to you by iippo's Good Humour Inc, specialising in jestivities and festivities. Give us a call if you're in good humour.
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Written about Friday 2005-07-29
Written: (5570 days ago)

*copies ally*
Contests to enter:
AUG 31 Creature Feature Contest
END OF JUL Fables & Fairytales Contest maybe won't have time
END OF AUG Art of the Natural Nude Contest erk, haaard
NONE YET Done in Paint not yet sure if I should be the judge of this contest instead.
OCT or 30 ENTRiESArt A Story Contest
AUG 20art corner Not a contest per se
AUG 9 tentacles of insanity contest
AUG 20HeraldContestArena - A Heralder Wedding
AUG 15 What if...
NOT OPEN YET Pokemon Fanart Contest

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Written about Monday 2005-07-25
Written: (5574 days ago)

2005-07-22 ally: *hugs* :p

2005-07-23 Sitting under a tree: *tickles*

2005-07-23 ally: *pokes*

15:35:03 iippo: *eye bleeds* >.O

16:28:32 ally: :o Who poked iippo in the eye? ><

16:57:20 pixie_shimmer: omg you!

17:38:58 ally: Nooo ! I didn't! I poked Tree

17:46:01 pixie_shimmer: you must have missed :P

17:49:44 Sitting under a tree: *pokes ally*

19:46:39 ally: Haha missed! Now iippo's other eye is bleeding too O.o

22:47:46 pixie_shimmer: :-O poor iippo!

10:12:30 Sitting under a tree: ow, sorry iippo *hands cookie*

10:16:48 iippo: ><; Muahaha, this is one classy conversation! *copy-pastes*

10:20:16 Sitting under a tree: *licks paste*

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Written about Saturday 2005-07-23
Written: (5576 days ago)

True Self is voting for the winner. Some really amazing submissions there, go and vote.

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Written about Friday 2005-07-22
Written: (5577 days ago)

'Nother o dese stupit dingses. Argh.


Sing the alphabet backwards?:: No way
Stand on your tip toes without wearing shoes?:: Like the lady in Titanic? Nope.
Speak any other languages?:: Yes, a few
Go a day without food?:: Sure if I must
Stay up for more than 24 hours?:: Done
Read music, not just tabs?:: Yes I can, piano lessons when I was 7
Roll your tongue?:: Which way? I can one way but not the other
Eat a whole pizza?:: What, just one?
Have a plot plant without killing it?:: Sorry... T_T No.


Snuck out of the house?:: Like the house where parents live? No.
Cried to get out of trouble?:: I cry when i am in trouble, does that count?
Gotten lost in your city?:: All the time, every city I go to. But as my defence, my home town has a very rare circular plan and there is a saying that "head spinning like the town of Hamina (=my town)" so it's ok. But let's just say I'm lucky I'm not a migrational bird.
Seen a shooting star?:: Yes. Although last time it was slightly lame because my friend was saying "It would be cool if we saw a shooting star now" and then we did. Sort of... lost the element of surprise.
Been to any other countries besides your home country?:: ((fixed stupid American survey to be international)) Yes. Some.
Had a serious surgery?:: Yes. I don't want to go into deatail.
Stolen something important to someone else?:: I stole something that was important to someone or I stole something for someone who thought it to be important that I stole it to him/her?
Solved a rubiks cube?:: Want to say yes but that would be lying.
Gone out in public in your pajamas?:: Hmm, I avoid public places anyway.
Cried over a girl?:: My dog was a female dog. And maybe I have been made cry by girls, but not in the romantic sense no.
Cried over a boy?:: Just ask how many times.
Hugged a random stranger?:: Hmm, does close-dancing count? Not lately, no.
Been in a fist fight?:: Want to say no, but that would be the truth.
Been arrested?:: They can't catch me.
Done drugs?:: Never.
Had alcohol?:: Bah. I'll never admit! *hic!*
Laughed and had milk come out of your nose?:: Milk? No.
Pushed all the buttons on an elevator?:: ^_^ Indeed!!!
Gone to school only to find you had the day off because of a holiday/etc?:: Yeah. And once i went an hour too early.
Swore at your parents?:: No.
Been to warped tour?:: I suppose I would know what that means if I did, so no.
Kicked a guy where it hurts?:: By accident only.
Been in love?:: Been? Am.
Been close to love?:: Well if "love" is a noun here or an euphenism to lover then yes. What the hell is close to love any way?
Been to a casino?:: Hmm, never have.
Ran over an animal and killed it?:: Ran over a dead animal with a bike. But no.
Broken a bone?:: A surgeon broke my jaw bone, but he fixed it again.
Gotten stitches?:: A few.
Had a waterballoon fight in winter?:: Don't give me ideas.
Drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour?:: What is a gallon?
Made homemade muffins?:: Yes. I was good at that until i developed my fear of ovens.
Bitten someone?:: I have a habit like that. when I'm bored I want to chew on my boyfriend's hand...
Been to disneyland/disneyworld?:: Never.
More than 5 times?:: Ne-ver!!!!
Been to niagra falls?:: No.
Burped in someones face?:: No, don't think so.
Gotten the chicken pox?:: Yup, I was a kid obviously.
Pwned someone?:: Just ask how often.

funny?:: Yes. I'm a ball.
pretty?:: Surely.
sarcastic?:: I really suck at it and am cutting down so no.
lazy?:: Erm, it varies. I don't like just lying around doing noting.
hyper?:: No I despise hyperity.
friendly?:: Yes.
evil?:: Never. Well, not on purpose.
smart?:: Extremely :P
strong?:: *lifts that fetaher* Pooh, pooh.. Graah, no way.
talented?:: Very.
worthy?:: Yes.

suicide:: How can you be for or against this?!?! Someone would say "I'm all for suicide!" Bull. It's a desperate, weak thing to do. Does that answer the question?
love:: All for love and love for all!
drunk drivers:: Jail 'em.
airplanes:: For aeroplanes? Well, they take me to my love so I'm all for. But they also took me away from him...
canada:: What, it's a country for crying out loud! *refuses to have an opinion*
united states:: *see above*
rock music:: Erm, for. o.O
gay marriage:: Don't care, doesn't involve me.
school:: Education is important. All for.
surveys:: I am against these surveys from hell!!!
parents:: For.
cars:: Don't care yet.
killing:: Of what? Against.
britney spears:: Don' care, she is as useless to my life as a wire for my wireless mouse.
coffee:: For. It's far better way to take care of digestion system that smoking is. *glares*
pants:: For. ¨
skirts:: Erm, turning for. I look lovely in a skirt.


Sky dive?:: Fraid of heights a little.
Play strip poker?:: Hmm, not really. Dear wouldn't want anyone else seeing me clothless, and if he wants to see me clothless he doesn't have to beat me in poker (not that anyone could :P ) And I don't feel the need to see anyone else clothedless.
Run away?:: T_T I'll try to stop it, I really will. It's just so... easy...
Curse at a teacher?:: No.
Not take a shower for a week?:: Extreme circumstanses, but I wouldn't enjoy it. Still possible.
Ask someone out?:: No need for that.
Lie to someone to make them think better of you?:: I suppose it happens.
Visit a foreign country for more than a month?:: Done.
Go scuba diving?:: Erm... maybe not. If it was for free to try, then ok.
Write a book?:: Sure. Not anytime soon, but never say never. Different story if it would be published.
Become a rockstar?:: If given the chance, yes. And anyone who says no to this is a liar. :P
Have casual sex?:: Casually have sex with my dear but not with anyone casual. o.O
Learn to do something just because someone asked you to?:: Hmm... No. But after the situation i would think about it and if I thought it would be a good thing to learn, I could consider learning it. But not just because someone asked.

I AM: you
I LOVE: you
I HAVE: you
I HATE: you (but such an unfenomenally small amount and not very often)
I MISS: you
I WANT: you
I FEEL: you o.O;
I LIKE: you
I EAT: ... fine, you.
I SAY: "you"
I THINK: about you
I TRY: to come back to you
I TALK: about you
I CARE: about you
I ASK: about you
I NEED: you
I WISH: you were here.
I FEAR: you (very rarely, or maybe not at all)
I HEAR: your breathing
I SEARCH: for you
I REGRET: going away from you
I CAN'T HAVE: anybody but you

Are You-
Understanding: Yes
Arrogant: Only online
Insecure: Not very often
Interesting: Very.
Hungry: A little
Friendly: Yes.
Smart: Extremely.
Moody: Rarely.
Childish: Very
Independent: A little
Hard working: Sure.
Organized: Not often.
Healthy: Suppose.
Emotionally Stable: Yes.
shy: Ok, got me. Yes.
Difficult: Some would certainly think so.
Attractive: Yes.
Bored: No.
Thirsty: no.
Responsible: It can be seen either way.
Obsessed: ^^; Erm...
Angry: When provoked. But not in public.
Sad: Very. :(
Happy: Also.
Trusting: I try to be.
Talkative: HAH!
Original: Yes.
Different: Same as you.
Unique: Who isn't?
Ignored: I wish to be.
Reliable: Yes.
Content: Hmm, yeah ok.
Optimistic: Very.
Deep thinker: Too much.
Self-disciplined: At times.
Sleepy: Rarely.
Lonely: A little now.
Loved: Very.

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Written about Thursday 2005-07-21
Written: (5578 days ago)
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Written about Wednesday 2005-07-20
Written: (5579 days ago)

Isabel / AT WORK sanoo:
not so well...
Exapno Mapcase -- Harry Potter is a forbidden subject sanoo:
Isabel / AT WORK sanoo:
 was up till 3am last night because my new room is full of spiders 
Exapno Mapcase -- Harry Potter is a forbidden subject sanoo:
Isabel / AT WORK sanoo:
and not only little ones that I can handle...
Isabel / AT WORK sanoo:
but HUGE one!
Exapno Mapcase -- Harry Potter is a forbidden subject sanoo:
oh poor you!
Isabel / AT WORK sanoo:
LAst night I was in bed and saw something black move with the corner of my eye, then I turned to see but couldn't actually see anything...
Isabel / AT WORK sanoo:
10 minutes after (as I was still playing video game) then I saw IT!!!!!!!!!!!
Exapno Mapcase -- Harry Potter is a forbidden subject sanoo:
I am getting the creeps here...........
Isabel / AT WORK sanoo:
it hid under my bed when I first saw it that was the reason i could not see it first time, Inari it was huge!
Isabel / AT WORK sanoo:
smaller just a little bit of my hand size 
Exapno Mapcase -- Harry Potter is a forbidden subject sanoo:
Isabel / AT WORK sanoo:
I toop a picture because I had approached my landlord before and he said he couldn't do anything about it...
Isabel / AT WORK sanoo:
i will send you the picture tomorrow
Exapno Mapcase -- Harry Potter is a forbidden subject sanoo:
ok good.
Exapno Mapcase -- Harry Potter is a forbidden subject sanoo:
so did you kill it?
Isabel / AT WORK sanoo:
so you can see by yourself as well...
Isabel / AT WORK sanoo:
no, i hoover it
Exapno Mapcase -- Harry Potter is a forbidden subject sanoo:
Isabel / AT WORK sanoo:
but after cornering it for 3 hours!
Isabel / AT WORK sanoo:
Isabel / AT WORK sanoo:
Then i was so scared that i could not sleep anymore...
Isabel / AT WORK sanoo:
and today i had to work 

^^ Dear, you really rock!

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Written about Tuesday 2005-07-19
Written: (5580 days ago)

Ever since the ASCII art ban, I've been dying to make some, since now everybody can't copy it for themselves... ^^

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Written about Sunday 2005-07-10
Written: (5589 days ago)

I would like to take a moment to remember a great person. He was my friend, but more over, he was my lover. I met him when I was 12. He was 38, but he was already in that special place, where only balding, middle-aged men can go to; where their love of children is only exceeded by their own quest for pleasure, which they combine by getting the pleasure from loving children. He wasn't aware that I would grow up and become a woman, which I did 6 years later. He was saddened by this fact when it became obvious to him, and we lost contact. I hadn't heard from him in a year, when I found him again. Now, I have lost him again. So, in tribute to you, [Gosu] my friend, I will tell the world what a great philantropist you were. Cheers. 

Now, for all those of you who aren't aware of all the facts, this is a joke. As was [Gosu]. But funny thing he got banned, so his jokey existance has gotten an appropriate ending.
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Written about Saturday 2005-07-09
Written: (5590 days ago)
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Written about Wednesday 2005-07-06
Written: (5593 days ago)

Things that lack in England
Now, these are on no account England's fault, but on my experience about England, these following things are missing from England.

-Donald Duck every Wednesday -- This is, and I am not kidding, the most popular magazine in Finland. everybody reads Donald Duck. And for a reason. They are hilarious! Not to mention my favourite cartoonist Don Rosa is the greatest cartoon genius ever!

-Late Night with Conan O'Brien -- I just love him, and they don't show him in England. Well, maybe on Sky, but since when have students been able to afford that? Then again... if I did have Sky, I could watch Conan and Darling would never leave my house... Perfect... :D

-My new über-computer -- I know, i can access computers in uni and in England, but this one at home is a real gem. I love it.

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Written about Tuesday 2005-07-05
Written: (5594 days ago)

I have PhotoShop. w00t.

I have also a favourite pizza: Pepperoni.

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Written about Monday 2005-07-04
Written: (5595 days ago)
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