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Written about Tuesday 2004-09-14
Written: (5806 days ago)

i hate people thinking you have to be a stereotype teenager! argh just because im not skinny and i dont wanna wear the gay ambercrombie and fitch, american eagle, and holister clothes doesnt change me for being me! wow people are goat fuckers when it comes to thinking that they're cooler than someone!!! (cough kacie, jenna, amber, sammie!! dont treat me different from last year it pisses the hell outta me and you make yourselves look like ass peels!!!!! fuck you if you hate me!!!)

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Written about Friday 2004-09-03
Written: (5817 days ago)

haha i decided to make a diary haha! but any ways! today was gay cuz i got yelled at by me mom like a hundred times!! haha wuts new?!

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Written about Saturday 2004-04-24
Written: (5950 days ago)

Yeah! Today is been such a fun day! lol! I don't even no why! I've been like cleaning! wow! sounds like fun! jk! but yeah its crazy! probably cuz mtv is playin some good good music! hehe! see ya later!

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Written about Saturday 2004-04-24
Written: (5950 days ago)

This is my first time on elftown and its pretty cool! lol! yeah there was this really hot guys so that always makes things good! hehe! but yeah!

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