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Written about Saturday 2004-09-11
Written: (5970 days ago)

Hey everyone I'm sorry I haven't been on lately to respond and stuff this is what happened.....about 2 weeks ago or something there was a big lightning storm, and lightning hit one of the poles in front of my house.....(really scary) anyways....so because of that it blew 2 phones, 2 T.V.s, an answering machine, and my computer which we got like 4 months ago....so we have to fix the computer.....so we have to send the hard drive all the way to Texas....which will take like 2 weeks or something...and then they have to fix it....so it will all take like a month or longer....now I'm at the library so I wrote everyone back and I'll try to come back soon if I don't then I DEFINITELY will find a way 2 get on the computer!!so I miss everyone and I'll cya later...bye bye

Peace out, luv ya and bye!!! ^_^


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