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Written about Thursday 2004-07-15
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I made this poem up last night so, I hope you all like it!

I'm sitting here in the pouring rain,
Shaking from the cold and the pain.
A mysterious figure appears in the night,
And wraps its arms around me tight.

I turn around and see that it's you,
And I wrap my arms around you, too.
You lean in and give me a kiss.
I realize that it's you that I miss.

Our lips part and I close my eyes.
I start to think of all your lies.
How could you do that to me?
I tell you to let me be.

You hug me and go inside the house.
I watch you quietly like a mouse.
I begin to cry as the storm begins.
Just then the midnight bells begin ringing.

I lay there, drowning in my thoughts.
All of the demons I have fought,
Come back, making me beg for mercy.
I pray for my soul to be free.

The storm stops as I lay there.
You run out and stroke my hair.
As you pick me up and put me in our bed,
You realize that something's wrong, I'm dead.

You hold me in your arms and gentle touch my face.
You realize my love for you was never erased.
You sit there, trying to hold back your tears,
Because you lied to me all of these years.

Let this be a lesson to all the people who lie to their loved ones.

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