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Written about Thursday 2004-09-30
Written: (5951 days ago)

um..ya...i dont have much to write in here lol

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Written about Tuesday 2004-08-31
Written: (5982 days ago)

hi peoples, I'm being continuously bothered by annoying idiots

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Written about Sunday 2004-08-29
Written: (5984 days ago)

hi everyone, had a really lovely dream last night. I was so sad this morning when i woke up. I thought it was real :(

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Written about Thursday 2004-08-26
Written: (5987 days ago)

ok, I thought Imight actually start writing in this thing. Not much goin on right now, camp is over and I'm back from Texas :(. I start school next week. I guess I kinda want to to go back.....a little. Anyway, My grandparents and my cousin Kelly have been visitng with me for the past week or so. Kelly left to go back to NJ this morning and my grandparents are leaving for Illinois tomorrow morning. Other than that, nm goin on. I'l write more later whne somthing interesting happens lol

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Written about Tuesday 2004-06-15
Written: (6059 days ago)

umm, ya I'm out of school...and I'm really bored....but Sunday I get to go to camp, YAY!!!!!!!! :-D

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Written about Saturday 2004-06-05
Written: (6069 days ago)

Hello people, I'm still a little confused about how this website works, but I'm learning lol, well, gotta go figure more stuff out, c-ya later! :-D

~ Hannah

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